The ending of All

3. so, a deal?

Luka (obliteration)


They say that a human life can be either way too miserable or way too short, they either live enough to experience the sorrow and pain that occurs due to my existence or they became an element to mark up my existence. Either way these humans are things that I control on the palm of my hand, I can be their ending and their destruction even if I want to or not. Yet still the people I hate the most are those who says that my cause of existence is also a new beginning. Beginning????? My existence? These words are the literal opposite of each other. What ends should stay finished like that…this way I do not have to tolerate these mere being. Now, what can I say, It is so fun to play with these mere beings. I know what is happening and where it is happening, anywhere and anytime.

sitting her in my lair, I listen to all the mere beings when suddenly I sense a strong disheartened desperation…..should I whisper to laugh at this humans misery? Definitely!

*Go on….wish for what you seek*

”What I seek? Ha! I SEEK THE END OF EVERY SINGLE BEGINNING!!!!! ”…whats that? A wish made by human for the end of all? A desperate one…….A painful one? This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! ”Looks like its my time to find this being ”

Sitting on a rooftop laughing like someone whose world got shocked by my existence, I stared at her while whispering things she kept delaying… ”People like you pleases me ” I said and within a few seconds she stood up to go inside but then I stood before her as she stared at me in disbelieve…big brown eyes, taller than average women, slightly olive tinted skin, pouty lips with a touch of rosiness, sun kissed blush, a good body features ration. This woman was better than most of those I have came across…../who is he?/ yeah thats normal to think, its confirmed now that she is just a mere human and nothing else…I told her who I am and she stared at me in a non-believing manner.

”Ah! Ending of it all, I get it look Mister Ending, I must say your timing for the promotion of your new local show is great because you came at the right time to match my thoughts but right now my answer is no…for now do your drama club fundraising somewhere else. ” She said in a very frustrated and joking manner as if she is teasing someone at something funny…yeah I can understand where this is actually coming from. She went towards the door to head inside but I decide to bomb her little bubble of disbelief.

”Your aunt…isn she a declared a patient of cancer so something like that, today? ” I said and looked in her eyes.

”How did you know…are you a…? ” /is he a doctor or con-artist? /

”Is he a doctor or con-artist? ”

/how did he know…its a coincidence lucky him…jerk/

”How did he know its a coincidence lucky him jerk ”

/how, this is creepy/

”How this is creepy… are getting scared? ”

”NO?!! NOT AT ALL ” she said in a questionable tone…/I should call the police/ she slowly took out her phone…

”I should call the police, well, technically, you should not! ”

Still she did not listened and I sighed then spoke, ”screen locked, software corrupt, contacts delete, body freeze, and phone into two pieces now! ” I saw it happening and her standing there in disbelief and terrified.

”Are you…..w-what are you? Con-artist or doctor? ”

”None ”

”I simply do not believe you! ”

”Oh there is simple explanation for that! ” I said while I moved towards her. She tried to get away but she was frozen in her place because of my spell.

”oh y-yeah? what?! ” She inquired while furiously looking at me with those big eyes of her. As much as I am intrigued, I also want to give her a destructive touch to end her stubbornness and well…her! I flicked her forehead that would have resulted in a minor headache and then I spoke, ”Because you, my love, are a true idiot! ”

”I am not your love and what are you seriously? Are you going to murder me? are you the actual death? You are not normal human for sure…not even a human I think ”

”Human……death…..ending. You are almost there my little stupid human! ”

Playing with her to get what I want, OH! this will be so fun with her.

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