The ending of All

10. Unexpected reaction.

ve a plan to get to them. She can be a headache sometimes but she is strong and she won let her emotions get the best of her. She knows where to put others and still know how to respect them. And I…. ” I paused, realizing something SHE pointed out and I said it out loud, ”I see myself in her and that is why I… ” I immediately stopped after I saw myself drifting away with words.

”AND THAT IS WHY YOU LOVE HER! ” Zaein exclaimed in awe and I half smiled. The contextual conclusion may have been different for both of us, for me and Zaein, but whatever I uttered was also…the bare truth…. ”GOD! Luka I never knew that….. ” Zaeins voice died down as she kept on rumbling while just one thing hit my brain….Jihha let her emotions get to her today so that means I must have judged way too quickly. I must apologize as well!


”Little human? ” I called out before turning on the lights of her penthouse. ”sorry for intruding but I- ” I shut up quickly when something crunched under my feet. The glass bottle that was shattered this morning was still in pieces and everything from the morning remained untouched. The time was 11:03 pm. How is this possible? Shouldn she be home by now? Should I wait then? I looked over to the glass bottle and whispered, ”get together again! ”. The shattered pieces all came together and formed the bottle again as if it was never broken. I picked it up and set it on the table. Eight minutes later, I checked the time and it was 11:11 pm. ”My human, where are you? ” I whispered to myself. Maybe she is another country? Is it possible? YES!

I looked around once again and thought of going back. Screw apologizing! Let me just check on her! ”My little human, where you are you, exactly? ” and with a bare flick of my finger, I heard her voice;

^ ”is this how you are taking your revenge on me? ”^

Her voice, it was weak and dejected! What the hell happened? Who is she talking to? AGH! Stupid LUKA! Just f*cking go to her rather than wasting your time.

It took me less than a minute and here I was, standing in front of a car, parked on the side of the road. The windows were foggy so it was not possible to see anything! I touched the door of the car and it was freezing. A slight tug and the door flew open, revealing a dejected, withering and pale human….my human! She was barely moving and had blood all over her. ”What the f*ck did you do?!!?!?! ” I whispered before tearing her away from her seatbelt and pulled her out, she was cold as ice and her body temperature stopped dropping as soon as she slipped in my embrace. All of her bodyweight shifted on me as she stayed still as if she is…..nope…I can not even bring myself thinking about it! Her cars steering wheel and many surface areas were sprinkled with drops of her blood. ”Human? My little human? Just focus on your breathing okay? You are not dying so do not think about it! You still owe me an apology. ”

”So….you did not do it? ” she weakly whispered and I shook my head, ”I would rather have you begging for my forgiveness to ease up my bruised ego! ”

She just took a heavy sigh on my comment. Before completely going unconscious, she dedicated one single word to my grace, ”….jerk! ”. Although the situation was not ideal, I found the answers of my two anticipated questions;

1. Why did I not hurt Jihha before? Because I can never bear the thought of hurting her.

2. Do I actually HATE her? …..







…. I don think that is possible to do so.

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