The ending of All

1. a beginning to end.



We always walk by the roads, streets or buildings no matter how hard our day was, but we never show it clearly to a stranger on the same path as ours because who knows what they are going through or what chaos they have caused…but without any expression of thoughts, we just go our own way because we know that our day and misery is coming towards its ending.

”Tumour…..your aunt have brain tumour ….Jihha….it began a while ago. I have no idea why she never told you but, she is going to her afterlife journey soon. ”

Sitting there in silence as the only noise I hear is the footsteps of people in the lobby of my office. I can hear that noise faintly but those horrifying words about my aunts diagnoses still lingers in my head as if someone is repeating them on a phone call. I never knew that just because of my own life, my aunt would hide such a significant matter from me. I was her sunshine and she….she hid that from me. Lost in my thoughts, sorrows and pain I did not even feel my phone going crazy and tears running down my face. That can be happening right? I can give up on my only family…that thought lingers in my head all the way as I came back to my reality. I quickly wiped away my own tears and check the caller ID, it was my lawyer, Craise. I cleared my throat and grab my hair catcher of tie my hair properly and then attended the call.


on the phone


”Jihha Lusik speaking. Mister Craise! How may I help? All good? ”

”Ms. Lusik, Craise Delford speaking and I- Well….. ”

”Is everything all right? Mr. Craise I- ”

”It is better if you come to the central detention center as soon as possible! And please my child, do not get worked up! ”


I found myself sprinting in full speed towards the gate of the detention center. I barged inside and searched around for my lawyer. I spotted dark grey haired man with an average height. I was out of breath when I finally reached him. He turned around to face me. His expression held a look of anxiety and worriedness. ”W-what happen? why did you call me here? ”. He looked down and then nodded towards the gate in front of us. Just then, on the cue, a middle aged woman came outside, wearing the jail uniform, without any handcuffs but guards had her under their surveillance. Her features were worn out due to the harshness of time. Wrinkles were laced on her face and sins swirled in her expression while she had no ounce of guilt visible in her gait, instead she walked as if she owned the place. She passed by me by giving me a sinful and disgusting smirk while having her head high. No, n

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