The adventures of my isekai life

Chapter - 1 : A new beginning

The world is really a complicated place, if you grab an opportunity and works your way towards it than you can attain success. But if you fail to attain that opportunity then you fail at that very moment. It is true that life do give second chances but after that there are no third chances if you are unable to grasp your second chance then you have to live your whole life compromising. Of course it does not make your life over but what kind of life is that when you have to compromise for even a tinest bit of happiness.

So, actually i am saying all this because this all happened to me. My name is Dev sharma. I am 24 years old. And what i said is literally my life. I happen to miss both my chances and i was known as a failure by my relatives and my friends. Well actually i have the ability to succed but i have a mental disease from when i was still a child and it really limits what i can do. So after mustering up my courage i decided to do suicide. Yeah i know it is stupid thing to say but suicide do takes a lot of courage and i was actually trying to do it for last 1.5 years and today i am going to do it.

”Ha… Ha…. ” *Jumps*

”I am sorry everyone….. Mom…. Dad…. ”

*tears* *eyes closed*










*eyes opened*

”Damm my head, it hurts like hell, ** ”


”Where the hell am i ”

I see myself lying under a big tree. In front of the tree there is a wide grassland and at some distance i see a mud road. And there was also a river going from my back and intersecting the road in between. And on the intersection there was a bridge. And beyond that road there was a forest covered with huge trees.

”where is this place, i think i have never seen this place before ”

I said to myself. Then i tried to think the last thing i remember.


”the last thing i remember is going to the top of 50 floor building and….. ”

”Bleggh….. ”


I vomits as i realizes it is impossible to be even alive if i had jumped from that height. And i remember that i jumped from there.

”This place….., is it heaven or hell or some kind of afterlife spot where lost souls gather ”

I wondered but when i was thinking about that i see a wagon on the road approaching from the bridge on the river side. I tried to approach that wagon. The driver of the wagon sees me and stopped immediately.

”begahu heshu masuhasu latuma ratanika ma ki rati naka nisa ”

Says the wagon driver. And i definitely don understand what he said.

”Um… hello, its nice to meet you ”

I replied to him.

”Oh, so you speak *mothiro*, i thought you were a villager but you can speak local language so well. ”

Said the wagen driver. And if my assumption is correct mothiro is reffered to english lets go with it for now.

”Uh yes, but can you tell me where am i right now, i kind of lost my way ”

”Yes sure why not, you are on the outskirts of the town of the beginning rogerberg town of Cilicia kingdom ”

This is the first time i am hearing so many fantasy like terms, so i was a little confused, well whatever lets get out of here first.

”Um….., can you take me to this rogerberg town, i kinda don know which way to go ”

I replied to him.

”well why not my child, my name is walter roland and this is my wagon, come on get on in ”

said the wagon driver.

” Yeah and i am dev sharma, thank you very much sir ”

After that when i get close to the cart i see a strage bull like animal pulling the ca

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