ly not bad for us.”

Lin Si closed his eyes, then opened them, and sat cross-legged on the bed: “What the hell is going on?”

Liao Ji repeated what happened last night.

The head of Looking magazine contacted Li Zhong, and the two decided that the cover of the opening year would be changed from just Lin Si to Lin Si and Qin Xiao pair, it was said to be in line with the public’s opinion to engage in a Double A pair [3].
Liao Ji had no intention of promoting the CP, refused directly after, and Looking’s response was still unclear.

Liao Ji could only call Li Zhong again.
Unexpectedly, just as he was about to convince Li Zhong and as soon as he woke up, Li Zhong was already transferred to “World Fashion”.

Lu… I mean Lu Shaoming,” Lin Si asked, “Is it impossible for him to wake up?”

Although no one said the word “death”, from Lu Wei’s attitude, everyone can see that this word is involved with Lu Shaoming and cannot be separated.

“The media reported that Lu Wei went to the hospital to see Lu Shaoming once.” Liao Ji clenched his fists, clapped his palms, and paced around the room, “Lu Wei is different from Lu Shaoming.
Shengshi Entertainment was Lu Shaoming’s hard work, but Lu Wei has his own cards.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to pull Li Zhong off his horse[4] with such a single sentence today.”

Lin Si lowered his eyes and thought for a while, but still said something to relieve Liao Ji, “Don’t worry too much, we are not necessarily that important in Lu Wei’s eyes.
I’m not Lu Shaoming’s lover, nor Lu Shaoming’s illegitimate son, so he doesn’t have the time to harm me.”

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Liao Ji laughed angrily at him, and scolded him in turn: “Maybe in Lu Wei’s eyes, you are his dead father’s lover!”

“Do I seem to have such poor taste?” Lin Si smiled and yawned, “Just change it, I’ll do my job anyway, and when the contract expires by the next year, we’ll leave.”

“When Li Zhong was there at least he was willing to give you a good one [5], now that he has been replaced by Zhang Tingxi, it’s really not possible anymore.”

The small episode in the morning did not affect Lin Si’s mood.
From his perspective, what kind of position and resources are secondary[6], his goal was still to make a lot of money, find a very comfortable place in the future, and live the rest of his life leisurely.

It would be even better if he can occasionally hear his own songs and see his own performances on TV.

So when he saw Qin Xiao on the set, he didn’t feel very bored, and just, as usual, he nodded at him.

On the contrary, Qin Xiao avoided him, not knowing what was the reason for his(QX) guilty conscience.

The (magazine) cover was still set and was shot by Lin Si alone.
Surprisingly, Liao Ji said that “Twilight” also left the first summer cover to Lin Si.

“Twilight” was a cover for actors, and there was almost no case of inviting singers or traffic idols[7], so when he accepted the invitation of “Twilight”, Liao Ji also repeatedly confirmed whether Lin Si was the one they were inviting.

The other party clearly expressed, and said that “Thinking of You Sixty-six” would be released in the summer, and it was not against the rules of their magazine that Lin Si to be on the cover.
Liao Ji wanted to ask who was behind this, but because they were not that familiar with each other he gave up.

“If I have to shoot, shoot ah.
Take it, and don’t you want the pie that fell from the sky?” Lin Si was warming up in the lounge when he heard sudden chaos outside.

“…It’s snowing!!”

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↑1 Like, among the bad ones, the least bad is better.
Or among the short ones, choose the taller among them.
↑2 Lackey, or a dog who follows orders
↑3 CP
↑4 Pull down
↑5 Resources?
↑6 He meant, no matter the position or resources, as long as he can earn
↑7 Referred to as “traffic stars,” fresh-faced Chinese idols have become attractive to beauty brands that covet their massive, female fanbases.

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