tood directly in the center of the elevator.

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Until he went back to his room, he still hadn’t recovered, and his sensitive sense of smell made the smell in his nose unable to dissipate.

He doesn’t feel right, his sense of smell seems to be too good lately.

The scent of pheromones varies from person to person.
Although Lin Si didn’t know what he smelled, if he was not mistaken, the person who entered the room with Qin Xiao was probably an Omega.

And he probably had smelled it (pheromone?).

As he was lost in thought, his phone lit up for a moment.

Bubble push alert- [Congratulations! You have a New Year’s gift to claim! 】

Lin Si was stunned for a while and suddenly realized that he forgot to say goodnight to Y today.

Ignoring the fancy membership discount information, he first found Y and asked: [Are you sleeping? 】

When Y did not reply, Lin Si glanced at the time, 1:56.

So late.

It was because after the last time Y said he wouldn’t return his (LS) good night messages, he (LW) didn’t show up for a long time, and not even a few “ums” or “don’t know” now and then.

Lin Si was running around for the crew, and he didn’t have any extra time to notice Y’s sudden indifference.
He (LS) just thought he was crazy about working overtime at the end of the new year and didn’t have time to contact him.

But despite this, he still used to say good night to Y every night before going to bed, a bit like clocking out after getting off work.

But today was much, much, much later than usual.

He was going to send Y good night directly, but he didn’t expect the page to actually jump (notification).

Y: 【Why are you still awake at this hour?】

Lin Si laid on his side of the bed with ease and said to him (LW): 【I was so busy that I just have returned to the hotel】

Y: 【On a business trip?】

Lin Si thought about it for a while: [Sort of]

Then he said: [Haven’t you gotten off work yet? ]

Y: [Hmm.

Lin Si asked him: [What time do you usually sleep? ]

Y: [Not sure.

Lin Si felt that Y was too miserable.
He (LW) was so busy at this point that he didn’t know when he would be able to get off work.

As if Y had read his mind, he added: [I decide when I want to leave work.】

Lin Si: 【Then you should go to bed early.
Anyway, you decide for yourself, you can leave your work until tomorrow.】

Y took a long time to reply: 【Hmm.

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Lin Si: 【So perfunctory, are you not going to sleep yet? ]

Y: [Waiting for someone.

Lin Si: 【It sounds very boring.
Would you like me to tell you the horror story I just read? ]

Y: [No.

Lin Si laughed at the same time, and said with the corners of his mouth bent: 【Are you afraid? ]

Y: [No.

Although Y’s words have not changed, Lin Si can only hear helplessness in his tone and doesn’t want to talk about any horror stories anymore.

He married his eyes and turned over on the bed: [Forget it, I won’t bully you, but I’ve read a lot of horror stories.
I can tell you during the day]

Y: [No need.

Lin Si: 【Can you speak without the word “no”, little old man.

Y didn’t seem to be offended by his “little old man”, but listened to his words and changed the subject: [Don’t you need to sleep? 】

Lin Si: 【You put the word “no” [6] in the second place, I was careless! 】

Lin Si: 【Can you not say the word “no”? 】

Lin Si: 【I can’t sleep, I feel nauseated.

Y: [Drink water.

Lin Si: […Okay, I’m going to drink water.
Aren’t you gonna ask me why I’m nauseous? ]

Y followed his (LS) words like a stream [7]: [Have you caught a cold? 】

Lin Si: 【Have you ever smelled A and O pheromones at the same time and then felt nauseated? ]

Y: [Not really.

Lin Si: 【That might be my own reason.
Today, I smelled two kinds of scents mixed together, and I felt like throwing up.

Y: [If you can’t accept the scent of AO pheromones mixed together, why are you still looking for an Alpha? ]

Lin Si: [I’m looking for an Alpha to fall in love]

Y seemed to be blocked by him, that he had nothing else to say, and it was likely to be understood from another perspective like : “Forget to Love ” (LS) wants to fall in love platonically.

Y: [Oh.

Lin Si: [I don’t know what’s wrong recently, but I can always smell the scent of pheromones.
The people with who I work together basically have pheromone scent inhibitors, so it should not be the case.

Y: [Perhaps the pheromone smells special.

Lin Si: 【How about you, what does your pheromone smell like? ]

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Y didn’t speak for a while.
In fact, pheromone scent was a very personal thing, and when an Omega asks an Alpha his pheromone, it will appear ambiguous and sexually suggestive.

Lin Si didn’t have such an idea, and Y seemed to understand his (LS) character, and after about ten seconds: [It may be the smell of wood, and I heard that it also resembles highland air.

Lin Si: 【What kind of air is highland air? ]

Y was speechless again and took a long time to chew out the words to reply to him: [The main components are nitrogen, oxygen, and rare gases, as well as other impurities.

Lin Si paused for a few seconds, then burst out laughing: 【You really sound like a 44-year-old old man, very…】

Y: 【Old-fashioned? 】

Lin Si: 【cover your mouth.jpg】

Lin Si: [Not my words]

Y: [You should go to bed.

Lin Si: [Okay, okay, don’t be angry, you’re so cute]

Y obviously has no feelings for this kind of a slap in the face and then be given sweet jujube. [8]

Lin Si saw that he didn’t reply anymore, and took the initiative to say: [Good night]

Y had replied to him for the first time in a long time with a very serious: [Good night.

The author has something to say: Real scent may be late, but never absent ;D



↑1 Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering, according to Wikipedia
↑2 I am not quite sure about it, but I guess Lin Si goes to charity works but never participated
↑3 In the recording world, it refers to covering songs that others have already sung.
The meaning of the word is derived from the meaning of “eat people’s water”.
For example: “The ace singer recently released his first saliva album.”
↑4 Chinese drama featuring singing and acting
↑5 I’m not sure but I think Lin Si is teasing Liao Ji, for being like a nagging mother.
Or he teased him just like how he did in Chapter 2, where he joked that Liao Jio was like a High School Teacher.
↑6 The original raw for what Y said was “【你不用睡觉吗?】” which has the character “不” which also means “no”
↑7 Like how rivers follow their course
↑8 Y had no reaction about Lin Si insulting him and then giving him compliments the next second.

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