nder Shengshi Entertainment.
In fact, Lin Si was not particularly familiar with them.
After barely touching a few glasses, he excused himself and said that he had activities tomorrow.

“Brother Si, I heard that you signed a contract with a movie, I was wondering if the theme song will be sung by you?”

The one who asked Lin Si was also a singer and dancer named Bai Fan, an Omega.

Lin Si remembered him because he was about his age.
The former head of Shengshi Entertainment Li Zhong also explicitly hinted to Liao Ji that he hoped that Lin Si could help Bai Fan, but for some reason, he was rejected by Liao Ji and ended up unhappy.

“The management didn’t say anything about the theme song.”

Lin Si slowly scraped the dessert with a small spoon, wishing to eat the whole piece in his stomach, but after all, he had used up his dessert quota this month.
Liao Ji will definitely deduct his quota for the next month, so he got up a little arrogantly: “I’m going to the toilet, everyone, enjoy your meal.”

Bai Fan also got up, stopped, and the two bumped half of their body.

“Sorry, sorry…”

Lin Si took two steps back and distanced himself from him: “It’s okay.”

The reception was a great success.
Lin Si snatched his mobile phone from Liao Ji and slipped back into the nanny’s car.
Closed the door, pull down the curtains, and lie down without waiting for the driver to turn on the lights.

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He pulled the tie very loosely, and the button was unbuttoned one at a time, Lin Si finally let out a comfortable sound.

The train only brought him shards of glass.
Lin Si was a little unhappy, so he turned off the game after sowing seeds in the field.

44 still did not reply to him.

Lin Si scrolled down the chat interface, lowered his eyes, and tapped his finger on the back button to turn the chatbox between him and 44 into one continuous line, but somehow, he ends up clicking the exit page and left it there.

He was probably hooked to the number of 94.800%.

He really wants to know what kind of person matched with him to this level.


At the end of the annual meeting, Lin Si rested for six hours at night and took the early morning flight to South City to cut the ribbon at the new store where he was endorsing.

Even in the morning, the shopping mall was crowded with people.
He was in the backstage, dressed in a long black down jacket around his suit.

“There are so many people, can you confirm if it’s safe?” Liao Ji was still coordinating with the organizer and intends to cancel today’s ribbon cutting and instead, have Lin Si recorded a video message.

There crowd outside was very loud, Lin Si put away his phone: “Let’s start early and end early.
Fans have been waiting all morning.
Don’t let them wait any longer.
It’s easy to catch a cold in this weather.”

Liao Ji had no choice but to repeatedly instruct the person in charge to be sure to take security measures.

After learning the news that Lin Si would appear, the shouts in the mall became louder.
Lin Si took off the down jacket on his body and handed it to Liao Ji.
After straightening his suit, he went out surrounded by security guards.

“Si Si”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Ah-ah-ah-“

“Lin Si! You’re so fucking handsome! I love you so much!”

After the hand-shake interview, Lin Si cut the golden silk with scissors, The process was officially finished.
The host was giving the closing remarks, Lin Si then nodded: “Everyone, don’t walk too fast, watch your feet, and don’t fall.”

He left under the escort of the security guards.
The fans kept running after him, and the crowd became more crowded.
With all the crazy confessions he can hear in his ears, Lin Si can only walk as fast as possible with his head down.

Suddenly, his foot was held down by someone, and he was instantly immobilized.

The first to notice that something was wrong was the security guard on Lin Si’s right.
He quickly pounced on the boy on the ground.

“Help!! Someone fell!”

“Lin Si -I love you!”

“Don’t squeeze! Can you stop squeezing?!”

The boy was holding the upper body of the security guard, still struggling, his hands and feet trembling, Liao Ji had planned to drag Lin Si away and didn’t want Lin Si to forcefully grab the security guards on the ground.

A scent exploded on the tip of Lin Si’s nose.

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Lin Si closed his eyes tightly, grabbing the security guard, he yelled: “Don’t move him!”

The boy underneath was half-conscious, but he probably heard Lin Si’s voice and quickly followed Lin Si’s voice.
Lin Si’s calf was grabbed, and the boy hugged his waist.

“What are you doing!” Liao Ji shouted directly.

The scene was chaotic for a while.
Lin Si pulled the boy away from his waist, pinching only his arm, and quickly yelled at Liao Ji: “He’s not alright! Both are not alright!”

Liao Ji didn’t care much and first took both the boy and the security guard away.
Commanded the team to leave as fast as possible.

The medical staff was already in the lounge, and the smell of Omega pheromone filled the whole room.
Lin Si felt that his whole nasal cavity was filled with an unknown smell.

It’s kind of like tiramisu.

“… Is he in heat?” He asked Liao Ji.

Liao Ji nodded and watched the nurse inject a powerful inhibitor into the Omega.

“What about the security guard, what’s going on?” Before Lin Si can finish speaking, the Omega was sweating on the sofa, his entire face was red, and he was still half-conscious, and kept making noises with his mouth open.

Lin Si was stunned.
It was the first time he visually watched an Omega in heat.

Not only the picture, the smell, but also the sound was… embarrassing.

The organizer knocked on the door, saying that one of the security guards was an Alpha who had been injecting inhibitors for a long time.
He was suddenly induced to his rut, so he lost consciousness at that time… and made some reckless actions.

“Does your security do not undergo physical examination?!” Liao Ji was very angry.
“I told you before we started, there are too many people, and this event needs to be canceled.
You insist that you can control it.
And the result? If not for not Lin Si finding out, there’s no telling what this Omega and that Alpha in heat would have messed up-“

Lin Si was the first who couldn’t stand it and pulled Liao Ji’s elbow: “I want to go back to the car first.”

Liao Ji took a deep breath.
Gave up for the time being and send Lin Si away with a few security guards on the side.

“Did the pheromone smell disgusted you?” he asked Lin Si.

Lin Si hid in the car and shivered.
After rubbing his palms, he said, “No, he smells so good, making me so hungry.”


Lin Si put on his down jacket and smiled coquettishly.
“Handsome and kind-hearted ‘Father’ Liao Ji, I performed well today, can you reward me a piece of cake, it doesn’t need to be too big,” he squeezed half a fist, “This big will do.”

‘Father’ Liao Ji ruthlessly rejected him.

On the way to send Lin Si back to his house, Liao Ji received a call from the top-floor office of the Shengshi Group.

The author has something to say: Some people look handsome, but doesn’t want to admit when he goes the wrong way 


[1] ‘Freesia’ – like this.
(I can’t explain it in words.
Hehe sorry XD)

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