de it sound untrue.

Lin Si sat at the table and turned his phone up and down.
After Qin Xiao finished speaking, he greeted several co-actors present: “Hello.
I’m Lin Si, this is my first time acting in a film, I hope you can give me more advice.

Perhaps because his voice was cold, that’s why people can’t say anything to “advice” for a while.
Most of them just smiled and echoed: “Dare not, we often listen to your songs.”

“Thank you.”

He tilted his head and lowered his eyes and did not look very enthusiastic.
He was used to saying words that were fit for “Lin Si” on such occasions.

It took two days for the script to be read.
It was a week after entering the group.
One-third of the film was shot before the year, and the rest was shot after the year.
The management hopes for the film to be released in the summer.

The rest of the time before Lin Si entered the group was spent almost on various music awards and award nights.
He received the music popularity award, and his speeches about the awards and other speeches flowed back and forth.
He was dizzy every day that he can’t wait to sleep at home and let Liao Ji receive the awards on his behalf.

“You can be more relaxed at the annual meeting in the evening ” Liao Ji flipped through the script in his hand without raising his head.
“At least you don’t have to walk the red carpet holding the hand of an old man this year.”

In previous years, when Lu Shaoming hosted the annual meeting of the Shengshi Group, he would like to drag Lin Si around.

This year was not necessary, Lu Shaoming should only be able to recall the past in the hospital.

Lin Si laid face down on the bed, his mouth pouted and moved: “It’s been so boring lately.
When the annual meeting is over, you can accompany me to play video games.”

“No time, I have only made one-tenth of your schedule for next year and there is a schedule to start work in the next year.
Also, the script for the next film…”

“Okay, don’t talk about it, Father Liao Ji, you really are becoming a high school class teacher.” Lin Si wrapped himself in a small blanket, ” The evening dress code is not black anymore, right? “


Lin Si closed his eyes reluctantly: “You can wake me up when you’re going to do the styling.”

As a result, when doing the styling, Lin Si was not happy.
As long as he smelled the wax, he felt sick, would frown, and would refuse to speak.

Lin Si opened his eyes when Duan Yang came over and knocked on the door, asking if the styling could be done faster.

Liao Ji asked, “Isn’t it still early, the event will start in an hour.”

“But President Lu had already arrived.”

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Lin Si squinted his eyes with his head held down, and asked Duan Yang in a daze, “President Lu is cured? “

Duan Yang froze and smiled awkwardly, “It’s Chief Lu.”

” Oh.

It turned out to be Lu Wei.

When Duan Yang left, Liao Ji looked at Lin Si.
He wanted to say something to him, but Lin Si didn’t care much.
He closed his eyes to make up for his sleep, so he didn’t say anything.

The stylist went to get the suit, Lin Si finally cheered up, seriously playing Dream Town on his mobile phone, collecting, and growing vegetables, and feeding chickens, ducks, cattle, and sheep.

“I think… Mr.
Lu’s illness may not get better,” Liao Ji said.

Lin Si blinked: “Yeah.”

Liao Ji wanted to say something but thought better of it, “Go back and talk about it.”

“Hmmm.” Lin Si perfunctorily replied to him.

After putting on his suit, Lin Si turned off the game, his eyes fell on the blue icon in his phone, he hesitated, and clicked in.

“44” is still under the red heart column in the contact list.

It was almost ten days, 44 still did not come to him, Lin Si’s mind was a little blank, and sent 44 a [Good evening].

Knowing that there would be no response, he closed the application and gave his phone to Liao Ji.

Together they knocked on the door of Lu Wei’s lounge.

The one who came out was Duan Yang.
After confirming that it was the two of them, he gave way and let them in.

Lin Si saw Lu Wei briefly when his vision gradually expanded.

He was sitting on the sofa, wearing a black suit, and because his head was down, a part of his silhouette was slightly shadowed, which makes his facial features deep, like the deep water in a quiet winter night, bone-chilling and bitter cold.

Lin Si thought, Lu Wei is much more handsome than four years ago, but that does not stop Lu Wei from being a b*stard.

“President Lu.” Lin Si called out to him.

Lu Wei raised his head and looked at him.

After looking at him, he didn’t look again.

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Lin Si knew that Lu Wei hated him, but he didn’t know why he would dislike him for no reason.

Lu Wei shouldn’t have smelled his pheromone.

“Is it necessary for Lin Si to accompany Mr.
Lu on the red carpet later?” Liao Ji asked.

Duan Yang nodded.
Lu Wei signed the document and said, “Just follow the previous annual meeting.”

In fact, two Alpha holding hands together on the red carpet is something that only Lu Shaoming can do.
Again, Lin Si was a bit confused.

Why would Lu Wei also follow that foolish old father of his to disgrace?

Lin Si thought badly, it is true that the son inherited his father’s business, the stupid and bad egg gene can be also inherited.

The lounge was not very big.
There were four people which makes it a little cramped.
Duan Yang went out.
After five minutes, Liao Ji picked up his phone and went out.

Lin Si had nothing to do, and his phone was taken by Liao Ji a while ago.
He had sat upright for too long, now he felt a little sluggish, he then simply leaned back.

After a while, when no one came in, he spread his legs, put his hands on his stomach from his side, crossed his fingers in a mess, and squeezed his thumbs against each other.

Lu Wei suddenly raised his head.

Lin Si’s left thumb struck off the nail cover of his right thumb without warning.

“Are you nervous?” Lu Wei asked him, his expression still cold.

“No.” Lin Si also replied indifferently, treating Lu Wei with the attitude of the star “Lin Si”.

Lu Wei closed the document, did not speak anymore, and Lin Si returned to his restrained sitting posture before.

At about the same time, Liao Ji and Duan Yang knocked on the door.
Lin Si got up and tidied his suit.
He glanced at Liao Ji.
After Liao Ji nodded to make sure there was nothing wrong, he stood by the door and waited for Lu Wei.

When Lu Wei’s right hand appeared next to him, there was a gap in his arm.
Lin Si frowned and said to him, “Mr.
Lu, we don’t have to hold hands, right?”


[1] ‘benchmark of contemporary Phoenix men’

“benchmark” – something that serves as a standard by which others may be measured or judged.

“contemporary” – a person or thing living or existing at the same time as another.

“Phoenix men” – someone who came from a poor family and then married a rich person.

Basically, Lu Shaoming is called a standard of contemporary phoenix men.

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