oto, picked up the document placed on the very edge, and scanned the account number and password.

Duan Yang: “The infinite window problem that appeared during the public beta of Bubble has been resolved, and the response has been good since it was launched last month.”

” How far has the promotion gone?” Lu Wei asked him.

“Almost one-third.” Duan Yang only gave a conceptual figure.

Lu Wei looked at him for two seconds, turned on his phone, and logged in to the account and password given by the Development Department.

Confirming that his Top boss did not intend to scold him, Duan Yang carried the returned financial statements out.

When the door closed, Lu Wei also entered the square, and a message popped up on the friend interface in the lower right corner almost instantaneously-

[“Forgot to love” requested a matching chat with you.
His match with you is [94.800%].
Do you agree?]

Lu Wei was tired of watching the “Forget to Love’s” picture – the middle-aged and elderly emoji “Cheers to our friendship” [2] ……

His fingertips pressed the button [No].

As soon as he refused “Forget to Love”, a white orb bounced beside him, with bubbles on top.

Forgot to love: [You can see our matching degree, right? I think that in the whole square our matching degree is the highest, please accept my request ^^]

Lu Wei received the “Forgot to Love” matching request again and saw that the white orb does not stop the shortcut instruction and bounces around itself in a circle.

His fingertips pressed on [No] again.

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In this way, “Forgot to Love” was rejected by “44” twice in a row.

Cruel and merciless.

On the other side of the city, Lin Si scratched his hair while feeling depressed.

He thought to himself, with such a high degree of matching, this ‘44’ should be a little interested in him.

So, he sent another message to the other party: [Can you see the message I sent you, I’m right here with you.

【Don’t refuse it】

【Give love a chance, we are made for each other】

【With such a big map, meeting each other is a blessing】

‘44’ remains unmoved, Lin Si thought about it for a while and sent ‘44’ a matching request again.

After half a minute, the page notification suddenly jumped—

[Congratulations! 44 and you have successfully matched, you can now chat! [Heart]] The square screen closed, and they entered the normal chatbox.

Two white orbs were placed side by side on the edge of the chatbox.
Lin Si didn’t say a word and rubbed 44’s white orb with his white orb.

“Meow~ ‘Forgot to Love’ have reached out to ‘44’.”

Lin Si was amused by the reaction of this system setup, and so he sent a message to 44: [Hello, I have finally matched with you.]

44 did not respond to Lin Si’s gesture of goodwill, Lin Si took the time to open up 44’s profile.

[44, Alpha, height-189, programmer, North City.]

Lin Si immediately closed the page and typed to the other party: [Hello, I’m also from North City.

Finally, he received a reply.

44: [Hmm.

…Lin Si pursed the corner of his mouth, feeling that the other party was a little indifferent.

He told 44: [I really like your name.]

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Just as expected, the other party was silent again.

Lin Si was unsuccessful again.
He was a little dumbfounded.
He poked the screen, thinking about saying goodbye to the other party in a friendly way, and then go back to the square to match up again.

Before he had the time to make up his mind, a sentence popped up from the chat interface: [Taken by someone else.

That’s how the conversation died, this gentleman…

Lin Si replied stiffly: [Then he has good taste [thumb]]

44 did not speak.
Lin Si swiped up and down the chatbox and only saw a few sentences.

Although a bit cold, he still didn’t say goodbye to 44, and his heart was still quite willing to wait for the stranger to talk to him.

After all, this was his first match and with a matching degree that exceeds every one.

He clicked into 44’s profile again.

Before, he didn’t pay attention to it, thinking that 44’s avatar was just an ordinary street view picture.
But now that he opened it and took a closer look, he realized that it was a little familiar.

At the far right of the picture, there was a curved end of the eye, and only a quarter of the face, which was automatically blocked by the interception frame when it was used as an avatar.

And this face was none other than Lin Si.

Last New Year’s Eve, after finishing work, even though Liao Ji bought a ticket to come home that night, in the end, Lin Si was still left alone.
When Lin Si got home, he changed into a warm down jacket, wrapped up like a white rice dumpling, and went out alone.

After wandering in the snow for more than an hour and arrived at an unnamed neighborhood, he entertained himself by taking a lot of selfies.
He picked the one that felt the warmest, and for the first time, he posted it on social media without Liao Ji’s consent.

And 44’s avatar was that picture.

Lin Si was overjoyed, thinking maybe he was his fan.

Although people in the entire entertainment industry and even the world think he was an Alpha, it does not stop him from having some Alpha fans.

At that moment, he closed the small profile page and tried to hold down his excitement: [Your avatar is quite good-looking, it seems to be a celebrity who posted it]

44: [It’s Lin Si.]


[1] ‘Nanny Car’ – Generally, it is a car with more than 7 seats.
It also refers to a car that specializes in cooking, makeup, and styling for the bosses, because the car can be like a babysitter.
Stars provide daily activities, so they are called nanny cars.
The nanny car can be used as a temporary restroom, dressing room, and powder room.

[2] ‘the middle-aged and elderly emoji “Cheers to our friendship”’ – I can’t explain it, but it looks like this.

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