Parking lot exit.

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Lin Si took off his sunglasses and waved to his fans through the car window.
The index and middle fingers pressed twice in the air, hoping that they would stop following the car, then he turned his head and opened the car window.

“Darling Si! Mommy loves you!”

“Have a safe journey! Make sure you sleep well! Eat on time! Take care of yourself!”

“Holy A-bomb! Husband, I want to spend my estrus with you!”

“Ah, ah, ah, Lin Si! I want to be marked by you for life!!”

“I am pregnant! I am pregnant with @…%$&…”

The fans’ shouts were left behind by the car, Lin Si pulled the blinds and leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, loosened his collar, and laid back.

After a minute, he suddenly took off his sunglasses.

“Happy off work!” He took off his uncomfortable leather jacket.

Lin Si took off his baseball cap, picked up the thick feather jacket in the Nanny car [1], and put it on, round like a little snowball.
It was very in line with the weather outside the window.

“I’m finally taking a vacation!”

After failing to compete for the lead role of the movie “Thinking of you Sixty-Six”, Lin Si suddenly became free and had an extra week for nothing.

When he got home at about three o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Si was ready to sleep until he woke up naturally.

His two long legs stretched casually and lazily.
He laid on the bed and sniffed the quilt, then yawned contentedly.

Zhan Ji knocked on the door and came in.
Seeing Lin Si lying on the bed in a sleeping position that ordinary people could not reach, he sighed helplessly, picked up the dolls that had been kicked to the ground, and put them away: “Not asleep yet?

” I feel like the weather is so good, I want to sleep but I can’t.” Lin Si rubbed his eyes, rolled over, and wrapped himself up with a quilt, like a silkworm baby, and said, “If it’s a call telling me to go back to work, then just pretend I’ve fallen asleep.”

Like most agents, Zhan Ji is a Beta.
This year he was thirty-two.
Rounding off, he should have been Lin Si’s agent for eight years.

When asked about the content of the call, he was neither happy nor angry: “Thinking of you sixty-six” had changed the male lead’s role to you.”

Lin Si lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes covering his eyes, making his fair skin look a little greyish.
Appearing to be tired.

He snuggled down again; the edge of the quilt was stuck just under his nose.
He squinted and hung his head: “But I want to sleep at home ……”

“Script reading will be two days later; you should hurry up and sleep well these days.
By the way, look at the script of the male lead.”

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Zhan Ji helped him pull the pillow upright, and after a few moments, he added: “It’s best to have a gland and pheromone check before you start.
The female Alpha who gave you makeup last time said that she smelled an Omega pheromone on you.”

Omega, in addition to being a gender symbol, is a sensitive term in both of their views.

Lin Si made his debut at a young age and became an Alpha at the age of fifteen.
Then became a top actor in the entertainment industry for four years, with countless fans, and was even called “The Most wanted Alpha to be marked by “.

However, behind the perfect persona they set up, there is a fact that cannot be known Lin Si is an Omega.

At the age of fifteen, he differentiated into an Omega instead of an Alpha.

Lin Si hummed a few times, sent Zhan Ji away, put his hand on the back of his neck, and pressed it with a seemingly weak force.

He turned sideways and opened the male lead’s script on his phone.

“Thinking of You Sixty-Six” was a romance film.
Lin Si had watched the general plot for the audition before.
Also, there was still time, and it was not too late to watch it when he wakes up.

So, he held the quilt and started to scan his mobile phone.

The opening screen of the social platform he opened was the promotion of a dating app called “Bubble”.

The promotion video is very heartwarming, talking about a socially phobic Omega that found his Alpha in the ” Bubble ” and ends up living happily with him.

After Lin Si finished reading, he re-pressed the gland at the back of his neck with his hand and blinked.

After registering an account in Bubble, Lin Si did a personal test of interest and hobbies

Lines of horizontal bubbles are bubbling upwards.
From Lin Si’s perspective, he could see how well the people on the square match him.





Lin Si looked at the white orb in the square, his heart jumped suddenly, and his hand tapped unconsciously.

And just ten minutes later, in the top office of Shengshi Group.

Lu Wei pushed the document he had just signed to Duan Yang and reopened another one.
After he scanned it efficiently, he spoke in a cold tone with no emotions: “Internal accounts, from previous years and this year, let the Finance Department sort it out and send it over before the end of the day.”

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After speaking, he touched his coffee cup.

Duan Yang, the secretary, already knew what to do, took the empty coffee cup and walked to the door to get a new one outside.

“Shengshi Entertainment’s annual report summary.” Lu Wei said without looking up.

Duan Yang placed the document in front of Lu Wei: “Here.”

Lu Wei jumped over the catalog and opened the inner page directly.
It was a photo of a teenager wearing a white shirt with a pretty nose, and his were eyes shimmering with a shallow smile.

Name: Lin Si

Gender: Alpha

Lu, it was sent over by Le You.
It’s Bubble’s new test number.
You can check it out when you have time.” Duan Yang gave him another document and put down his coffee.

Lu Wei looked away from Lin Si’s ID ph

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