The White String

Chapter Eight : Responsibility


”My Chosen one.. Walk with him in a new path. May you find what your heart desire wants.. ”

A woman covered in white, pulling a needle and a strings. Shes stitch a picture on a white round canvas. A man face and a woman holding hands under her blessing.

”Who are you? where am i? ” Nothing but a wide open space. The woman speaking to me but I can hear anything from her. She smile and pass me the needle and strings.

”Do you want me to continue your art? ” I look at her and she just nod and leave me alone.

”Wait! ” I shout and I suddenly woke up from my sleep. Its still nighttime and it starting to snowing.

I try to readjust my eyes and blink a few time. I realise I sleep in this huge bed and the room is so large. The tall ceiling and it filled with wooden table, Chairs and a few clothes were hanging on the wall. Its so neat and clean. The blanket I was using made by fur and it so warm. I look around the room and i never been in such large room with expensive stuff and i feel like im being treat as a princess. I walk toward this big beautiful sliding door window and look at the snow falling. Suddenly Michael enters the room. He was startled when he sees me standing at the window.

”Michael.. ” He walks straight to the round table and put his things on it. The air feels heavy and i know his angry with me. After putting his things and coat, he walk to the fireplace and throw some wood in it.

”Michael.. I need to tell you something.. ” I walk to him slowly with my bare cold feet. I know his definitely angry with me. He did not speak a words to me and he even turn his back on me.

”Why did you break the promises? ” He start with a question, the way he speak really cold.

”I am sorry.. ”

”I don want any of your apology. I need your explanation so you better speak up for yourself. Don made me ask a second time. ” He walk away from the fire place and sit on this beautiful wooden chair.

”Ive made a mistake by breaking our promises. I know i shouldn left the house and going out alone but the memories of that abandoned house keep playing in mind, making me desperate for an answer. I know i am selfish and i could die. I know you will never forgive me for losing your trust by believe me I wasn mean anything more than just an answer. ”

”Was all this a joke for you? You promised me that you will take care of yourself! If im late even a second, i would lose you.. ” Michael tone is much colder than the cold air.

”I know and i am so sorry for making you worried about me.. ”

”Don apologise if you are just going to keep doing this shit. Apologies when you
e actually going to change because I can bare my self with the thoughts of losing you. ” Michael walk away from the chair and head to the bed. His words are so cruel to me but Id get it. He should be anger with me and he has the right to scold me. But I can let him stay in that uncertainty state.

”Before you sleep, I know i screwed up and I lied and break your trust in me. But please know this, I am really sorry Michael. ”

He turn and look at me.

”Come here.. ” he say, stretching his hand out, inviting me in his arms. I ran to him and hug me.

”I forgive you..Lets get some sleep. ” Michael hug me and kiss my forehead. I hold onto him and stay with him.

”Please don hate me.. ”

”I will never hate you gracie.. ” We kissed and the way he touch my back so gentle. I fall asleep within his arms.


Its morning and the sun light enter the room thru the big window. Michael still asleep, his so handsome. I watch him sleep in silent and just adore his face.

How could i be this lucky to meet him and been loved by this man. I pull the blanket and cover him with it. I look away to the outside, the land and the lake was covered with snow. Its so beautiful. This house was built in a perfect position.

”Good morning.. ” say Michael, he stretch his body and touch my hair.

e awake. Sorry if im too noisy. ”

”You didn even made a sound. ” He pull me back in his arms and we stayed in bed, cuddling with each other.

”Your home is so beautiful and your land is really something made straight out from a fantasy. ” Michael laugh with the compliment that ive said.

”You really never been anywhere aside your village huh.. ”

”Yes i never been outside my village.. ”

”I will show you the world and all the beautiful things that i know you will loved.. ” He showers me with kisses and we just talking about our self. But not too long, our bed room door been broken down by baby hunter. He turn into his wolf form but he so cute.

”Hunter..! ” say Michael, he quickly pick up his baby brother and brought him into our bed.

”Hunter can transform? ” I asked, Michael place Hunter in my arms.

”Yes usually babies don have the ability to control their wolf and they keep on transforming back and forward. They don usually bow to any alpha order because they too young. We can not control them. But their transformation won last long, the longest every babies stayed in their wolf form would be 2 minutes and he will change in any second now. ” Explain Michael, I look at hunter whos playing around our bed and suddenly he turn into his human form. Its so cute to watch him.

”Well we must get up and get ready. I wanna show you around.. ” Say Michael. He carries hunter out and head down to his mother. I stayed in the room and Lili enter the room with someone else.

”Morning Grace.. ” say Lili, she order the helper to get ready a warm bath for me.

”Morning Lili. Who is this? ” I ask looking at the helper who busy preparing the bath for me.

”This is helper, Becca. Shes an omega. ”

”Omega? What does that mean? ”

”Omegas is the lower rank of servant. Basically they are maids. Here i brought your dress and winter coat. ” She took out the dress from a big bag and the coat is so beautiful.

”This is so beautiful lili! Where did you brought this?! ” I jump out from the bed and look at the dress and coat. Dress made in satin silk but somehow its heavy. The coat is so damn beautiful and mostly in maroon colour. It has been mix with animal fur. The boots are made from animal fur too. The hand gloves and a hat.

”It will be much colder in this area so Michael has prepared it for you. Now you better get ready! We don want to miss the morning breakfast in the hall. ”

”Hall? You guys have a hall for breakfast?! ”

”Everyone has it right? Or maybe you don . ” Lili laugh it off and start helping me getting ready.

”Today you will learn our daily routine and its a must-list to explore. First everyone will gather at the Dining Hall and the best time is The Dining Room is underground. Secondly, you need to visit the camp training site. Third, you need to visit the school. Maybe you can read some stories for the younger kids. ”

”Woah.. I did not expect to be this busy. But is there any room for studies? I mean a Library? ”

”Of course we have! I think Michael will show it to you. ” Lili brush my hair and tie it a simple lower bun style with some sparkle pin. After we
e done getting dressed, Lili and her maid walk with me to the Dining Hall underground.

For the first I listen to a beautiful melody coming from the Dining Hall..

”They playing a songs for you.. ” say Lili, excited with the sound of music. She pull me and we ran towards the Dining hall.

Howl howl my dear.. The beauty has come from up above with her shiny carriage. I tell you, I tell you. The beauty has come. With a voice wielding the power of the ancient arts. Beware, beware the beauty has come. To sweep you off and kill you in her deadly kiss.

We enter the Hall and everyone looking at us. They stop the music and pay me a respect. My eyes meet with Michael, he walk from his seat and hold my hand.

”My people, let us all welcome your new Rising Luna! ” Say Michaels father. They raise a toast for me and they celebrate. I seat beside Michael in their long table. Five row of long table, everyone celebrating. From the young one to the eldest. The long table full with so much food and everyone eating together.

”Why aren you touch your food? ” Asked Michael, looking at my plate. I was too focus with the people, decoration and this warm environment.

”Are you all always eat together? ”

”Yes, This is a family. We done everything together. We hunted, we sing and we eat together. No one will be left out. We are all equal in here. ”

”This is nice.. I think i can get used to this. ” I smiled and start eating my breakfast, Michael look at me and smile.

”I glad you love this. ” A few kids running around and they all drinking and singing. I never seen a beautiful bond before this. Even the maids seat with all and enjoy.

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