The White String

Chapter Seven : New day

Its been a month after they left the house, for the past week ive been trying to keep my mind busy and try to be as productive as i can. But when night come, I will stare at the necklace Michael given to me. Every single night, the small blue fire shine brighter.

”I miss you too.. ” I whisper softly and kiss the necklace. His doing fine with his witch hunter. I know he will be fine cause he had promised me. I spent my night thinking about him, praying that he will be in good shape and no harm will come to him. Sometimes, I even cried my self to sleep. Wishing that all this waiting will come to end sooner.

My everyday life without Michael is just the same, helping Mrs Andrew with cooking. Doing chores with Ruth, at night study their history. But for this past two days, i try to dig up some places that might have a different answer. Like why is there abandoned house in the middle of the wood. Im mostly question that house and today i decided to search the house. Its almost noon, i grab my leather sling bag and brought an empty paper roll with me, i stuff up with all the necessary stuff like Water, bread, some cheese, empty paper, pen , map and bandage. Just in case i might get hurt in the way. I walk out from the house without tell them where im going. It will be much easier to sneak out.

I ride with a few merchant that wanting to go out from the village to the next village. On the middle of the journey, i wrote down all the sign i can find to get me back home.

”Where are you heading miss? ” ask a small boy. He was the merchant son. He keep looking at me while i was writing and drawing.

”Im going somewhere adventurous.. ” i smile when i see the boy eyes lights up.

”What kind of adventure? Are you going to across the sea with a big strong ship? ” He sound excited but i can tell him the truth. So i laugh it off and playing with him. After some time, the merchant told me that ive reach my destination.

”Thank you sir for you kindness. Here.. ” I give them a coin of silver as a payment for letting me ride with them but the merchant doesn accept my money. He simply wish me the best on finding my adventure. They left.

Now it should be around here.. I hold the map and walk on the main road. After a second step, I stop and check the tree. Leaving a white mark on it. I continue my research and finally i found the abandoned house. I walk into the house. Everything literally the same thing, no sign of people using this house. I haven get the chance to explore the house last time i been in here. I walk up stairs and find three door. I open up the first door that been the closest to the stair, everything is dusty in here. I look around and find a weird a few old book. Maybe someone used to collect all this. I even find some drawing. I put whatever i can find in my bag. Then i move to the next room.

In this room filled with a small hand made dolls. Maybe this is a children room. I walk out and enter the last room. The bed room.

Something feels weird in here.. A smell of rotten meat in here. I cover my nose with a handkerchief. I move slowly to the bed, a lot of flies coming from the left side of the bed. This uneasy feelings.

I found a dead baby deer. The state of the baby deer made me vomit. Its hideous! Whoever did this surely a bad person or something else. I run down and out from the house. I breathe in and out trying to calm my self. Then a loud sound coming from the back of the house. I quickly run into the bushes. Hiding my self.. I look straight to the house, waiting for something to come out. Two guy come out from the house, they
e half naked. I don know what are they trying to do. They even speak in language i could not understand.

”Who are they? ” I observe the thing they do, one of the man take a broken wooden table and gather it in the center. While the other chanting something.

Maybe they want to burn the house?

Thats what i thought. No long after that, a few man come and join the two man. Now they have at least 6 people gathering. The man whos chanting take a black charcoal and start mixing it a blood. Seeing that blood make me sick.

He goes around the man, putting the mix charcol and blood on their head, arms and body. While they chanting unknown language, i try to sneak around slowly without they knowing. Then i saw a woman in black robe, holding a long staff. She walk into the circle and start chanting another language. Different from the one those men chant. She take offher robe and shes fully naked underneath it.

”Oh my god.. ” She starting perform something and kissing all six of the men. Then she cut her own right hand, just enough a blood to come out, the six men kneel before the women. They take a few slip from the women blood and drink it.

”Witch craft! ” This is dangerous. I am in deep danger right now. If they found me, they might kill me. I walk slowly from the bushes. Hiding my self in between the bushes . After a safe distance, I ran to the main road. I reached the main road, making sure that im alright. It is evening, soon it will be dark. I walk back to the village with the map that i have drawn this afternoon.

”This is bad.. If i keep walk in this pace, I have to spent a night in this road.. ” The road seem endless with nothing but trees. I keep walking without stopping, I pick up a long stick and use it to keep my balance. My legs getting tired and i have no energy to continue. I take a break and sit on the grass. I open up my bag and take out my water and bread. Eating it as my dinner.

”Mother and Father must be worried about me.. ” I look at my surrounding area and decided to climb one of the tree. Its the only way to keep me safe from getting eaten. When i reach on top, i pull out the bandage that i have brought and tie my self on the tree. With only the moon light, I read a few things from the house. Then i hear bushed sound come the woods. I don know what it is but i know it is not a good sign, something running around the woods. I try to stay still and hoping it won see me.

A werewolf appear between the bushes but this werewolf has a rotten smell. Its moving so fast that my eyes couldn catch the speed. A few of werewolf running under passing the tree that i climb. I close my eyes and hold my breathe until they gone. Its a most scary night that i ever been. I hold into Michael necklace.

”Michael.. Please save me.. ” I whisper into the necklace. Hoping he will hear my prayer. I am scare with everything in this woods. This was a stupid idea. I shouldn left Sunrise Village. I shouldn left home! When i open my eyes, a man appear in the same branch as i seat. His eyes were red and his smell is like a rotten corpse. He look at me, Im in shock. I am so scare that i almost feel like my soul leaving my body. My eyes starting to tears up and the worse part is I couldn move!

”MICHAEL! ” I hold the necklace so damn tight, with my hand shaking and my body sweating cold. My heart beat become faster.

”Food is served.. ” Say the creep man. He jump at me and I try to cut off the bandage. He grip my legs but I let my self fall from the tree as long as i can escape from the creep man.

”God.. ” Its so damn painful falling from a tall tree and hit the ground this hard. When i look up, the man has disappear. I quickly try to stand but suddenly he grip both of my legs and drag me to some kind of lake.

”Someone help me! ” I shout and cry in the same time. I have nothing to protect myself. I get a few cut in my arms but it does not feel hurt in this moment. When we reach a small cave, i saw a lot of human bones around it. And suddenly a lot of the same species like this creep man comes out. They pull my hair and pull my arms, legs. I feel like im tearing apart.

”MICHAEL!!!! ” I scream in painful and sudden a huge werewolf appears. I know its Michael! Because of his beautiful silver white fur. I cry when i see him. Its my very first time look at him in his wolf form. He growl so aggressive, with an incredible speed, he bite the creep small man one by one, then a big beautiful wolf stand in front of me and bite the small man. Its Arisna

”Gracie! ” called Lili, she run towards me and help me up. We hide into the bushes as the rest of them kill whatever that creepy creature are.

”Lili! I thought am dead! ” I hug her tightly and cry in her arms. It was so scary and crazy experience for me.

”Its okay gracie. You are safe.. ” Lili hug me and hold me tight. Make sure that i feel safe and protected.

”What is that creature? ” i ask

”Its goblin.. They usually lived deep in the moutain but recently we discover they moving to this forest. Weve been hunting them this few days. ” explain Lili. She keep on patting my shoulder.

”Then how do you find me? ”

”The necklace.. ” Lili took out a her necklace, a pure white fire inside it.

”Our necklace is a part of our mate soul. They can actually feels what we are feelings and if we need them, they will come for us. You called out to Michael right? ”

”Yes.. ”

”Thats why he can track you easily. ” Everything become so quiet. Michael run to me and look at me. I am still in Lili embrace. We made eyes contact and i stand and hug him.

”I am so sorry.. I shouldn have left the village. ” I cry hugging him in his wolf form. Michael lick my face and giving me a sign to ride on top of his back.

”Let me help you. ” Say Lili, she show me how to get on the wolf back. She climb on Benrick and do it as she did. Finally i am on Michaels back. Maybe its a peggy back but in wolf form. Michael and the rest start running , i hold on to his fur leaning close to his head. The air was so cold at night. But they didn bring me to Sunrise village. I look at Lili whos beside with us.

e going to back to our tribe. ” say Lili, she point her finger to the east and we reach the side of the village. A beautiful big vast lake deep in the mountain.

”Thats your village? Its beautiful.. ” The village shine brightly under the moon light. Michael and the rest howl letting the door guard to open the gate. A long and tall wooden wall stand between us and the Village. They sound the bell of the returning of their alpha. They open up the gate and we went thru the first and second gate. Finally we reach the Village. Its so beautiful. When they saw us, everyone gather in the centre and does a small gesture welcoming us home. They smiling and very kind to me. Lili come close to me and whisper in my right ear.

”Michael want you to come with him to his place. ”

I nod and walk close to him. We walk to his place. His home is bigger than i thought. Michael head in and i wait outside. I sit on one of a wooden chair. The air tonight is a bit cold.

”You don want to come in? ” He ask while wearing a black T shirt, his abs expose a little bit but he cover it quickly.

”I don think we should be left alone in this house.. ” I feel nervous as hell. What if something happen like last time? I try to get rid of that dirty thought.

”No worries, my parents and my little brother at the back. They invited you to come in. ” explain Michael. He might read my thought! This is so embarrassing!

”Okay.. ” We walk to the back of the house and they were sitting around the firepit. I take a long inhale and walk to them. I watch his parents smiling for a far and they quickly get up to welcome me in their home.

”Good evening.. ” I greet them awkwardly. His mother give out an open arms and hug me.

”Welcome! We been waiting for you.. ” say his mom. She touch both of my cheeks and smile.

His father hug Michael and smile at me.

”Mother, Father.. This is Grace. ” say Michael. Then his little brother come running to Michael, his baby brother were only 6 years old. Michael pick him up and pull his brother on top of his shoulder.

”Oh my god.. He so cute.. ” I look at his baby brother and i must admit his baby brother is damn adorable. I guess they all have the same gene as their father.

”This is hunter. Our youngest child.. ” Say her mother, they invite me to sit with them and his mother offer me some hot tea and a blanket. Then his father walk outside with Michael for a talk. After we reach his family home, Benrick and the rest gather together. All the men in this house sit outside with Michaels father.

”How was your wound? ” Ask Arisna. She check my legs and my back.

”I don know if i have any wounds but my back quite hurt. ” They lift up my dress and i had some bruises on my back, its the after effect when i fall for the tree.

”What are you doing outside the village? ” Ask Lili. She put some pressure on my back and put some cream before covering it with a bandage.

”I go back to the empty house in the woods where i met Michael. I try to find something. ”

”What are you thinking Grace?! You could die if we didn come on time. ” Arisna sound upset and angry with me. I understand that my actions could cause more problem for them especially for Michael.

”Arisna.. Its not Grace fault.. ” say Lili, trying to defend me but Michaels mother interrupts them and stop them from quarrel.

”You two should stop it. It would make Grace uncomfortable if you two keep fighting. ” She push both of them out and stay with me.

”Do you know why they get upset? ” ask Michaels mom. She take her sit beside me.

”Yes.. They worried about me. I am truly sorry. ” I look down at the floor but his mother lift my head up and smile.

”Maybe you should talk to Michael. Even if he does not show it to you directly but he seem worried. ”

”I will talk with him and try my best to explain it again. ”

”Good.. Now you should rest. ” Her mother gently touch my forehead and suddenly i feel very sleepy and pass out.

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