The White String

Chapter Five : May We Meet Again.

”I guess its settled then.. ” Michael and I walk to the dining table, I look at Mr. and Mrs. Andrew as I walk in with Michael. They both smile in tears. I seat back and Michael told the rest about us.

”Thats such a wonderful news! ” Say Mrs. Andrew in excitement.

”That means we need to introduce our self properly to her now. My name is Timothy, this is my wife Arisna. ” Timothy is the dark-skinned man and Arisna is the lady with deep orange hair.

”My name is Benrick and this is my wife Lili, thats Michael my younger brother.. ” Benrick and Michael share the same silver hair but their eyes are different, Michael has green eyes, and Benrick has Deep brown eyes. Something about Michael family really threw me off. For the men, they are all so masculine and for the ladies, they are so beautiful.

”Its my honour to finally meet you all. ” after we done eating and celebrating the news. We prepare the guest room for them 2 Room. Benrick and lili took the guest room, Timothy and Arisna took another room.

”Theres no space for you Michael. ” tease Timothy patting Michaels shoulders. He look at me giving me the signal to share a room with him.

”You can stay in my room, ” I say, offering my room.

Michaels blush and Timothy look satisfied with my solution.

”Finally.. The youthful night begin.. ” Tease Timothy again. He push Michael towards me and smiling. I look up at Michaels face and suddenly I feel shy.

”Lead the way.. ” He say. I nod and walk in-front of him. We climb the stairs and I open my bedroom door. I let Michael in and its so embarrassing to be together. I took a pillow and another blanket for him.

”H-here.. You can sleep on my bed. I can sleep by the window. ” Michael takes the pillow and blanket from my hand, we touched but I quickly pull back my hands. I don know what is going on to me. Share a bed room is not a big deal, I should get used to it since ive been share bed with my sisters.

”No. you sleep on your bed, let me take the window rug. ” Michael turns and walks to the windows. He place the pillow down on the couch and lay down.

”If you
e cold, let me know. I can turn the heater for you. ” I look at him but he didn say anything.

”Its warmer than I thought. You better get some sleep. Good night Grace. ” He shut me out completely with a goodnight wish? how can I sleep when his here in my room?

The sound of my heartbeat is getting louder and just as he says, its getting hot in here.

”Good night Michael.. ” I turn off the lamp and get my blanket to lay over me. Its too distracting for me to sleep. Im too shy about this. We didn do anything. I fallen asleep sooner than i thought. Maybe its because im too tired from this morning chores, the shopping and the mental breakdown just now.


I woke up late the next day. When I peek at the couch, Michael is not in there anymore. I quickly get up and wash my face then I head down to the small living room, I found Arisna and Lili sitting together with Mrs. Andrew. I walk to them slowly.

”Good morning mother.. ” I greet Mrs Andrew, as shes talking to both Arisna and Lili.

”Good morning my dear. You woke up quite late today. ” Say Mrs Andrew.

”Maybe something went on last night.. ” says Arisna. Shes like the timothy version. Laughing at me.

”A-ah?! Nothing happened! ” I walk straight to the kitchen blushing and found Michael. His checking the drain pipeline. Half naked!

”Aaahhh! Theres a naked guy in here!!! ” I storm out from the kitchen to the living room. Arisna and Lili laughed hard examining my reaction. Mrs Andrew shook her head and call me to seat with them.

”Its just Michael my dear.. Come sit with us, Ill get you some tea.. ” I sit with Arisna and lili, covering my face with my hands.! Then Michael enter the living room with a shirt on.

”Look, Grace.. ” Arisna removed my hands and I look at michael standing looking at me.

”W-wait?! P-put a clothes on! ” I close my eyes and I think I might die in a shameful state. Michael walk away quickly and left us.

”Ah.. His blushing. ” Say Lili. They never seen Michael behave that kind of way.

”He gone. You can open your eyes now.. ” Say Arisna. She quickly hand me over a cup of hot tea. Which is hers. I take the cup and just wrap my finger around it.

”So Grace, tell us more about yourself.. ” Say Lili, wanting to know me more. She move nearer to the edge of the couch. Then Mrs Andrew brought a tray fill with cookies,bread and my hot chocolate.

”Girls.. please don pressure her too much. She might feeling anxious if you ask too much. ” She left us after passing the tray to lili.

”Looks like Mrs Andrew adores you.. ” Say Arisna.

”Maybe thats because Grace reminds her about her unborn baby. ” Say Lili.

Unborn baby? Mrs Andrew had a baby before?

”Unborn baby ” i mumble the words softly but Lili and Arisna catch those words pretty quickly.

”Yes.. Mrs Andrew expecting a child few years ago. But her baby die in her belly just right before 3 months away from her due. And its a baby girl. ”

Explain Arisna.

”She wanted to name her baby as Grace.. Maybe thats why she adores you.. ” say Lili. This unexpected news really overwhelmed me. No wonder they accepted easily and treat me as their own. This must be the reason. But i really grateful ive met them before anyone else.

”Anyways that is all in the past now.. We need to talk about the present. I mean we need to talk about you. ” Arisna point her finger to me.

”What do you want me to say? ” I asked. This is so awkward.

”Well tell us how you met with Michael as a start. ” say Lili, eager to know about me and Michael. Whats so fun about us? We barely met each other but the chemistry between us pulling us closer each time we met.

”He saved me from getting lost in the woods. I was unable to talk because my legs cramp really bad. ” i try to explain as simple as i can.

”How did you get lost in the woods? ” ask Lili. They
e so much different from last night. The feeling that id get from them is the same as i get from Michael.

”How should i tell you… ” I pause for a moment, thinking about my villager and the demon and the rule. Everything strike my heads.

”Is it because the demon wolf? The one you told us yesterday? ” ask arisna, finally she say something about it.

”Y-yes.. My villager made this rule that before sunset at 6, we should all return home and lock up. Whoever late, they will not open the big gate. I was late that day and they didn open the gate for me. So i ran into the forest and i almost got killed by a demon wolf. But luckily a bear shows up and i able to run away from the demon wolf. I locked myself in the abandoned house and thats where I first met Michael. He brought me to this village and i met Mr and Mrs andrew for the first time. ” After finishing the rest of the story, Arisna and Lily look satisfied with the story.

”No wonder he always gone missing.. ” say Arisna, knowing that Michael always watch me from a distance.

”Should we tell her about our stories? ” ask Lily to Arisna. They both look at each other and nod.

”Grace before you come living with us, theres something you need to know about Michael and us. ” Say Arisna, she put on hold her words then she decided to tell me their secret.

”Our people is a different than others. You could say we
e blessed with a natural gift. But aside from us, theres another tribe that had the same gift like us but they choose Violence than peace. ”

”Natural gift? like witches? ”

”No! We are totally different from them. We hunt witches and keep our people safe. ” explain Arisna. But how can it be if they say they
e different from witches..? Witches too have a natural gift from their bloodline. So what are they?

”So if you say that you
e different, what are you? ” I ask directly, theres no point to turn back now. I will be a part of this family. I need to know.

”We are werewolves.. ” Say Arisna. The way they both stare at me waiting for my reaction after hearing those words. Werewolves.

”I… I-i don know what to say. ” I stop briefly from talking. My talking mood turn into speechless mode in a second.

”I guess its hard to swallow the truth but believe us, we
e not like the others. ” Say Lili. She try to get a hold on me but i didn let her. I get up and try to get some fresh air.

”I need to talk with Michael. ” I walk away from the living room and head my way to kitchen outside. I see both Timothy and Benrick helping Mrs Andrew with heavy lifting stuff. A full carriage comes and the boxes full with fresh food.

”Excuse me.. Wheres Michael? I need to talk with him.. ” Benrick and Timothy both pause their work for a moment, looking at how stress i am maybe they figure it out.

”His behind, at the wood storage. Storing some wood for winter. ” Say Benrick. I left them without saying anything. Its rude of me but the feelings that i had and the questions that bottle up inside is no longer can be hold. I walk to the wood storage across the house and then i saw him cutting some woods.

”Michael..! We need to talk! ” I walk into the storage, Michael was stun looking at how i been reacted. He put the ax down and walk behind my back. Then i close the storage door from the inside.

”Tell me its not true..! ” I almost burst into tears but i hold it. The hatred feeling that i had for Werewolf after killing so many innocent people in my village swelling up.

”Grace.. I don know what are you talking about? ” Michael try to calm me down, he move closer to but i push him back.

”Don you dare touch me! Tell me the truth Michael! Is it you who killed my people? ”

”Kill your people? ”

”Don act fool! I know everything! Arisna and Lili told me what you are! You
e a werewolf! The demon wolf who slaughter my villager! Are you the one who try to kill me in the woods?! ” I was shaking with anger and fear in the same time. I look at Michael straight in his eyes.

”Grace.. You have misunderstood us. We
e not the one who kill your villager.. ”

”Liar! If you
e not the one then who?! Answer me Michael! You met me in that freaking abandon house and its in the middle of nowhere! How is it possible for you to find me there if you
e not the demon wolf who tried to eat me up?! ” my anger burst up but my eyes starting to tears up. I squeeze both of my hand hard.

”Grace.. Please calm down.. Listen to me.. ” Michael try to be more careful and calm about it but the way ive acted must been a huge shocking for him. He walk closer to me again and this time he get on one kneel and take both of my hands. Wrapping his big hands on top of mine and kiss both of my hands. He pull me down slowly and made me sit in front of him.

”Look, the demon wolf who slaughter your villager is not ours. We
e here to hunt them. Yes i am a werewolves but we not the bad guy. Whatever Arisna and Lili told you about us is all true. We
e from a different tribe. What ever happened to you that night has nothing to do with me. I found you in that abandoned house because i was tracking a foot prints. Which belong to you. Thats how i found you. Believe me Gracie.. I would never hurt you.. ” Michael slowly caress my hair. I didn speak up after hearing his explanation.

”I do understand your hatred towards our type but not all of us are bad. The one who keep killing your people is a witch. They made a deal with a demon and try to plant something to your heart, a fear and most obvious feeling is Hatred. That is way we hunt them and kill them. We cannot share our presence with the outside world. It would be dangerous for us and them. The only human that knew us is Mr andrew. Because his one of us.. ”

What? Mr Andrew is a werewolf too? But he lived with a normal people. And married to normal people too. I look at Michael, I feel so much relief.

”Im sorry.. I did not mean it what ive said to you. ”

”Its okay. I understand.. ” Michael lift me up in his arms and put me on his lap. He hug me for a moment and we stay silent for a few minute.

”Please don hesitate if you have more questions to ask. I will try my best to give you the explanation about us. ” say Michael. I nod and i think i might write down a list of question about his tribe.


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