The White String

Chapter four : The Family Gathering.

”Grace..! Wait up! ” shout Ruth, running toward me with a big pile of dirty clothes. She was the only person in this village that approach me. I never really talk with the resident. I do everything as Mrs Andrew wants me to, doing chores, going out for groceries and even feed the chickens.

”Ruth! You better hurry up, the sun getting hotter.. ” Ive been in this village for two months since that day Micheal never visited me again. I want to meet him again.

”Hold.. on.. ” Ruth gasping for air, shes really the hyper active person. I pat her shoulder and smile.

”I thought you didn make it.. ” I tease her straight away. Ruth look at me like shes wanting to whack me up.

”My fiancé made me late.. ” Shes blushing.

”Whos your fiancé? You never told me that you
e engaged! ”

”ahahah.. Did i? Okay i will tell you a lot about him! His name is Michael the son of wood cutter.. ” I was stun, hearing the name. It is impossible that we
e talking about the same Michael

”Michael..? ” i ask, stop beating so hard. I squeeze holding the bucket tightly.

”Yea Michael, his not always in the village. But he always come once in two weeks and stay with me.. ” Ruth explains it and describe this Michael figures.

”Does he have silver hair? ”

”Silver hair..? No, who has any silver hair anyway? Michael has beautiful blonde hair. ” I feel relief from her respond. Its not the same Michael as i know.

”By the way grace, have you ever been engaged before? ” The way Ruth ask the question, i knew shes was aware with this golden ring that i wear.

”Ive never been engaged with any man in my village. ”

”But you have a ring..? Don you know that every women that wears golden rings like us is engaged? ” Ruth put up her fingers and point them to her fingers.

”Hahaha.. Yea well, this is a gift from my best friend. He made this ring for me and I constantly wearing it since I was 13. Never in my life did I dare to take it off cause if Id taken it off, my best friend will get irate at me for a day. This is our friendship ring. ”

”You got it from a guy?! ” Ruth raise her voice because shes couldn believe I receive it without really wanting to be married.

”Yea. Like i said Its our friendship ring. Nothing more.. ” I look at Ruth and all she did is nod her head left and right. I don know blame her tho. I knew I should not wear it anymore because it might lead people to misconception. But I don want to take it off. Its the first ring i ever got from Charlie. We reach the river sooner after the all the talks. We wash the dirty clothes for 2 hours then we end up playing, splashing the water to each other and jump into the river. It is a good day and the sun makes it more enjoyable.

”Here.. Give me your hand.. ” I hand it out to Ruth as we getting out from the water. We climb on this big rock and seat on it. Drying our selve out before going home.

”The villager might find us crazy, swinging and playing at this river. ” Say Ruth, she knew some of the villager doesn like me at all. They even might think i will bring bad luck into this village.

”Hey, Ruth. I think its best for you to stay away from me. I don know what will they do to you if they knew we
e this close. ”

”Grace.. I don really care about what they say about you. Cause i know you
e a good person, you didn mean any harm to us.. ” Ruth put her head on my shoulder and we just enjoy the fresh air and the sun. After drying our self, we decided to head back home. Before entering the village, I let Ruth walk for 10 minutes before me. Then i walk home.

”Im home.. ” I push the front door and start looking for Mrs Andrew. She always at the back of the house, cooking lunch for us.

”Grace.. You
e home! Perfect timing! ” Mrs Andrew took out a fresh baked cake from her big oven. She put the cakes on the table and walk to me.

e socking wet.. Are you playing with Ruth by the river again? ” She take a dry towel and wrap it around my shoulder.

”Yes we done it like we always do. Its fun to have a friend like Ruth.. ” I hold the towel and get close to the table.

”Whose cake is this for? ” I ask. Mrs Andrew just give me a smile and say it was for someone else.

”Someone will come here this evening and spending a night with us. ”

”Do I know this mystery person? ”

”I believe you know this person.. ” The excitement shown from her face. Then Mrs Andrew take out this beautiful dress, Dark blue and on the arms made with lace. a beautiful shiny button make it more beautiful.

”Why are you giving me this beautiful dress? ” Mrs Andrew give it to me. But i couldn accept it.

”Mr Andrew and I wanting to give you something nice and since i never had a daughter, i went overboard choosing the material for you. But thats not the case, today occasion is for you. We wanted to welcome you again and if it possible maybe you call me Mother. ” Mrs Andrew hold both of my hands. Her sincerity and her kindness is something i will never be able to return it back but Im glad ive met her and Mr Andrew.

”Thank you for this beautiful dress Mrs..- I mean mother.. ” Calling her Mother is really made me happy. Mrs Andrew smile and her eyes filled with tears, then we hug for a moment. She really is a good person.

”Alright.. After lunch we can starting dress you up for this evening. We will have a few guests coming. So please be good to them and try to make a good conversation without feeling awkward. ” Say Mrs Andrew, she quickly turn away and tell me to change my clothes. I do as she told me. After changing and after having lunch with both of my new adopted parents. Me and Mrs andrew go back to the center town and buy a few need accessories for me.

”This earring will match your eyes color.. ” says Mrs. Andrew, she tries to put it in but she realizes I don have any ear piercings before. She look at me in confusion.

”I never had ear piercing before, because Im scared of needles.. ” I explain. Its true i never been try piercing my ear or nose.

”Well if you that scare maybe we can try the clip on earring. It will be much heavier but it will be fine. ” Mrs. Andrew chooses the earring and nose accessories for me. We spend almost 15 minutes try and change for the best. Then we enter necklace store, Mrs andrew spend quite alot for me. Then we walk home. My entire evening spend well with Mrs Andrew and time really flies fast.

”Good god! Its almost dinner time, I need to start preparing the meal before our guests arrived. ” Mrs. Andrew walks out of the room and starts arranging the dining table. I assist her out too. Mr. Andrew comes back home from his work and straightway goes to the bath.

”Here honey put this glass plate for our guests. Make sure all the forks and knife is glass too. No silver plate on the table. ” Mrs Andrew took out all this beautiful seethru plate and i started to place it one by one.

”Mother. This glass plate is so valuable but why did we used it for our guests? ” I asked while arranging the glass wine cup and an empty cup.

”It is because we rarely get the honour to be visited by them. Each family in this Village believe that God is living among us so in order to pleases them, we need to welcome them and treat them with respect. ” Explain Mrs andrew, she put out this hot roasted turkey and mainly our dish made from meat. Theres roasted turkey, roasted pork, and pork belly soup. Theres also some desert and veggie but not much.

”Here, help me pour the wine into the glass. ” Mrs. Andrew hand me the bottle of red wine and I started to pour it. After finish setting, Mrs Andrew help me get dress and do my hair. After she done with me, she get dress. Its almost 6.30pm and we all waiting for this mysterious guests which they all called a God.

The air feels somehow fresh and then someone knocks on our front door.

”Theyve arrived.. ” Mr Andrew walk and open the door for them and greet them.

”Welcome to our humble home. ” Say Mr Andrew welcoming them. Mrs. Andrew ask me to cover my face with a lace fan, showing the amount of respect for this so-called God. I didn lift my face up until they say so. But i guess theres 5 of them.

”Please lift up your heads. This is your home and we
e just a humble guest. ” Say one of the man.

e so kind my Lord.. ” I lift my head and I was surprised when I see Michael. His in here with us. He smile behind this person. Mrs. Andrew look at me as I was staring at Michael, then she lightly touch my hand and I turn to look at her.

”You should lead our guest to the dining table. They must be hungry. ” Say Mrs andrew. I nod and turn to them.

”Please allow me to bring you to our dining room. ” holding my fan and covering half of my face. I bring them to the dining table. 3 men and 2 women. I guess its pretty clear that the other two men have their wives beside them. Michael was alone.

”Please have a seat.. ” I say. One of the women started to look hungry and impressed with the table setting.

”You have a beautiful dining table and the food smells amazing. ” Say the mystery woman.

”Thats so kind of you my Lady.. ” says Mrs. Andrew. we are all seated facing each other and lucky for me, I sit across from Michael.

”Tell me Mr Andrew.. Who is this young lady of yours? ” Ask the man. Looking at me.

”Shes my daughter. We adopted her.. ” Say Mr Andrew.

”No wonder this house feel so much warmer than we last visited. ” Say the other lady.

”We loved her since we laid our eyes on her. She bringing so much joy to us. ” Say Mrs Andrew, holding my hand underneath the table.

”I see.. Thats mean she doesn know who we really are.. ” Say Michael. I look at him directly and confuse by his words.

”Y-yes! We haven introduce her to you. Gracie would you like to introduce your self? ” Say Mr. Andrew giving me the honor to speak out for me.

I slowly stand up and close my fan. Putting it down and I do a bow gesture showing the respect that they deserve.

”My name is Grace Clarice. Im from the Rottenmoon Village but I was saved by someone and that person brought me into this village. I know it is disrespectful for someone like me to stay in this village but I want to say my Thanks to all of you for letting me step into this village. ” After I was done talking, I took my seat back. Strangely I can feel Michael smile at me. I try to look at him without wanting to meet his eyes but I am bad at it. Our eyes meet again.

”I see.. Thats a good thing someone saved you.. ” say the lady who seat beside Michael.

”I hear Rottenmoon Village is doomed by a demon. ” said one of the man, this man has a big body figure and darker skin compared to all of them but his blue eyes are so attractive.

”Y-yes.. My villagers has been the food chain for the demon. Its not a safe place for young children and theres nothing we can do about it. ”

”Why don you kill the demon? ” Ask this lady, she has long curly deep orange hair, fair skin, some wrinkle on her face, and black eyes.

”We have tried in so many ways before but its hopeless. This demon killed almost half of our villager. We tried to kill it by burning it but it came back alive every time we killed it. ” This heavy feeling of worry for my family and my friend. I feel terrible thinking as I seating here happily and have enough food for me, but my family doesn have it. My sisters never tasted a good decent dinner like this. My tears start falling, I look down and try to hold on as much as I can but this heavyweight feeling makes me hard to stop the tears.

”Please excuses me for a moment. ” I stand up and walk out from the dining table. I went outside the house and this peaceful night might be the scariest night for my younger sisters. I stare at the moon wiping my tears again and again. Then I sense someone watching me. I turn around and its Michael. He stood by the stairs and look at me.

”Do you feel bad leaving your home? ” he broke the silent between us.

”Yes. I felt really bad leaving them behind.. ” I turn my back from him and try to calm my self. I can hear his footstep coming closer to me. Then I can feel his body standing so close behind.

”Do you want to visit them again? ” His voice has changed, I feel so much warmth from his voice.

”If I had the chance, I would take it just to see them again. But with this long unknown way of the forest, it is impossible for me to get back to them. ” My voice cracking as my heart too breaking into pieces. Suddenly Michael wrap his arms around me, He hug me and let me cry in his embrace.

”Its okay.. Im here.. ” he whisper softly. I cry for almost 5 minutes, but he didn move at all.

”Why did you do this to me? ” I question softly.

”Because i have fallen for you.. ” The words coming from his mouth made me stop crying for a second. I push his arms and look at him directly in his eyes.

”You inlove with me? ”

”Yes, grace. Ive fallen in love with you since we first met and as for tonights visit, I would like to ask you if you want to be my wife.. ” I was surprised by his words. Me? a Wife? I cover my mouth with my hands and my tears fall again. only this time its a happy tears. Michael touch the back of my head and pull me close in his embrace then he gently kiss me on my forehead.

”Will you be my wife? ”

”Yes.. ” Our soft spoken words and our heart desires speaks this night.


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