The White String

Chapter two : The answer

Back in the September 1st, 1765,

A small village has been attacked by a strange creature, the people give called it The demon wolf or Werewolf, half human half wolf.

Most people do not dare to step outside after 6 pm. Every wooden window and the wooden door will be sealed from the inside, every young child will be covered with a straw mat. They believe it can cover their smell.

Rottenmoon village is located in the northern forest diamond kingdom.

my name is Grace Clarice, Im one of the villagers that stayed in Rottenmoon. This is my story of how it all began.


”Hello Mrs. Cameron, Could you trade this silk for me? In return, I would like a bottle of milk. ” Our life as a villager in Rottenmoon never been easy. I was hoping for a bottle of milk and cheese if Mrs Cameron feeling generous today. Her family is the richest among us all, her husband works for the king. You can say that they
e noble people and this is their land.

”What kind of silk you made for me? asked Madame Cameron. ” Mrs Cameron maid show up at her front door. She was the only maid that I knew since I stepped foot in this mansion.

”Its a satin. It is more fortune than all other silk I ever brought to you. I got my hands on this silk when the merchant cart came last night. I only wish for a bottle of milk and if possible a whole bread. Thats all i ever wanted. ” I hand out the silk and Mrs Cameron maid bring it to her. After a few minutes of silence, the maid returned with a basket full of two bottles of milk, a loaf of whole bread, and half cheese.

”This is last for your service. Madame Cameron doesn want you to come back here again. ”

Say the maid, she hand out the basket to me.

”B-but why? I can bring her a lot more wonderful things. Please.. ” I beg for Mrs. Camerons mercy to let me trade things with her.

”My lady wishes you all the best finding another trader. Im sorry but i can help you anymore. ” She closes up the door and a few men push me out of the mansion. I almost broke the bottle but luckily i didn .

What have i done? Did i accidentally made her mad? What am i gonna do? What am i gonna tell Father? I walk down this slippery path, this is the only entrance for the villager to enter in and out. On my way home, i meet with Charlie, his my childhood friend. Charlie is always popular amongst us, he have this shiny red hair , fair skin , deep golden eyes and his body figure quite masculine. But even if he have all that perfect figure, i don know why he still single. Our age difference is only two years older than mine.

”Grace! you coming from Mrs Cameron house again? ” He shouted from a few meter. Hes trying to pull a new fat cow to walk using a robe.

”Yes, Charlie. I see you got a new cow there! Whats the cow name? ” I tease him knowing Charlie has good compassion for animals. He always named his animals even tho its not necessary.

”This one is a new recruit! I named it Fatty because I will stuff him up and get a lot of fortune for its milk.. ” Charlie walk towards me with his new cow Fatty.

”Good choice! Speaking of getting fortune, i was thinking to land you a hands if you need anything in your Fathers farm. Perhaps I can trade with you? ”

”I don know if my fathers wants any extra help from you anymore. Remember last time when we both shovel the pigs bed? We didn finish the work! I mean you didn finish the work.. ” Charlie takes the basket slowly from my hand and carries it for me.

”Hey. I can carry it. Its not that heavy.. ” I try to stop him from spoiling me. He always does the heavy lifting and never wants me to carry anything heavy.

”Nah.. This is nothing compare to this cow gracie, didn i told you that woman shouldn do any heavy lifting? Its our job to carry the world for you.. ” Charlie smile and gag at me.

”If thats how you wanted, any woman in this village will be so blessed to be your wife. You can do all the heavy stuff and your future wife can just sit. ” I poke fun at him and poke his right arm.

”If only you look at me the same way like others ladies looked at me. Maybe we already been married.. ” Charlie let out a whisper. I look at him, thinking if I just heard that right.

Me marrying charlie? Does this mean he actually have feelings for me?! But i only look at him as my older brother. Nothing more than that..!

I keep silent for a few moments, then Charlie suddenly holds my left hand. It surprises me when he does that.

”E-eh..! Why did you do this?! People might misunderstand our relationship! ” I pull back my left hand and avoid his hand. I know Charlie probably feels hurt by the way I respond to him.

”Grace.. I really meant it when I say I wish you could look at me in another way. ” Charlie stops walking and looks at me straight. Why did i feel this way? Why does my heart pounding so fast?! Stop thumping so loud!

I place both of my hands on my chest and try to be as calm as I can. Then i gather my strength to tell Charlie how i actually felt towards him. But I can seem to lift my head and look him straight in his eyes.

”Charlie… I-i uhm.. You know you always be in my heart forever. I do love you and i hold you so dearly in my heart. You were always with me and you knew whenever i feel sad or happy. But my love for you never been more than just a big brother and my bestfriend. Im sorry if i hurt you this way. Believe me i didn want too.. ” I try to lift up my head but then i see Charlies foot in front of me. He gently pat my head and walk passing me.

”I know grace.. Sorry if ive hurt you.. ” Charlie continue his walks but he didn left me alone. He stay close to me as i walk behind him. We didn talk until we reach the front village gate.

”Grace.. Don let this matter trouble you anymore. Just forget about it and i hope i can see you as usual. My Cheerful grace. ” Charlie hand out the basket to me. Gently he let go of the basket and pat my head again before he left.

Charlie.. Im sorry.. the memories of me and charlie share is full with laughter and smile. But I know he will meet someone better, someone, who will love him more than I do.

I walk home alone. Then the center town ring the bell, showing that its almost 6pm. I look at the giant center clock tower , i only have 10 minutes to reach home. Everyone quickly took all their dry food and keep it inside, some shutting the sheep gate. Other starting to close their window and door.

”Oh shit! Im late..! ” I run as fast as I can, but our family home is a bit far from the center of town. It will took me at least 6 minutes to reach home. The long straight path is something troublesome for me.

”Please don shut the gate yet..! ” I wish they were able to hold off on me. It is said that this outsider creature has the ability of a shapeshifter that allows it to change into its victims body. Using the same voice baiting people out. If they close the gate, they might think Im dead! Or I had been eaten by this creature and worse they wouldn let me in!

From afar, I saw my father holding a lamp, waiting for me but others villagers getting impatient with him. I drop the basket and sprint towards him.

”FATHER! WAIT! DO NOT CLOSE THE GATE YET! ” I run as fast as I can, but then the tower clock rang for the third time. The bell sounded and the people pull my father away from the gate and locked the the main gate.

”WAIT!!!! ” I saw my father reaching out his hands to me but the gate has been locked from the inside.

”NO!!!! ” I reach the gate, panic starting to kick in my mind.

”FATHER!! Open the gate please! ” I shouted from the outside wall.

”Gracie..! Please open the gate.! Its my daughter..! ” My father tried to cut loose the robe wanting to let me in but the villager become furious.

”Shes dead! We can open the gate! This is it! ” Say one of the Villagers. They not giving me a chance to live. They carry my father away from the gate and push him to the ground.

”Shes my daughter! Shes not the demon! Its her! I know it! ” My Father tries to convince them but none of them seem to care or believe.

”Father! Im not the demon! Im sorry im late! Please let me in! ” my tears starting to come out. The heavy feelings and this panic of being alone crept into my head. I punch the gate as hard as I can and kick it but it comes off worthless. Suddenly I hear this horrendous sound, it is the monster!

”Please let me in! Please! Im begging you! The demon is here! Help me! ” I shout a few second then i can hear the sound of the villager running into their home. My father has been dragged away into one of the cabins. I knew if I stay here, I will be dead. So I turn to my left side and run towards the river. I run as fast as i can. Perhaps if I cross the river, the demon won be able to catch me.

It is shadier than any night, without the moonlight I might get lost in the middle of the woods.

Where is it?! Wheres the river?! I don hear any of the river sounds. I run and run until I get lost in the center of the forest. I stop running because I sense something is following me. I took extended thick lumber. Wishing it can help me. Everything is so unclear. I can only take notice of a footstep.

”Im not afraid of you..! ” I swing the long stick left and right. Trying to focus my mind and trying to be as cautious as I can be.

Rak… the sound of cracking wood from my back. I swing around and Nothing but darkness. Then suddenly the moonlight shines and at that moment, my eyes come across the werewolf.

I fall to my kneel, looking at his large sharp teeth. The growl his making is frightening. I move back slowly. without breaking eye contact, the wolf moves slowly. This werewolf is larger than an average wolf. The size of it is almost the same as a bear. Assumably bigger than a bear.

Please.. Help me! my tears keep on coming out when suddenly a massive bear appears. From the right, charging at the werewolf. I take the chance to run away even tho my legs strain so bad. I ran nearly for half an hour without quitting. I can even listen to the werewolf groan. Finally a deserted cottage, without a second, I run into the cottage and shut down the door. I push anything I can to the door, a chair, a broken table anything to hold the door from breaking. I took a few steps backward and just lie low in the kitchen under the sink. Clutch to fit under the sink and pull another broken wooden table close to me. I remain there all night and I didn even fall asleep. The rackets from the outside forced me to stay open-eyed, I can hear the sound of people screaming for help but I couldn help but remain in my hide.

I am so sorry. I can help you.. I shut my mouth with my hand. Trying to bare the night.

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