The White String

Chapter Ten: Broken alliances

Full moon around the corner. One more week to go. I closed the book and sit back relaxing. Both of my shoulders are kinda stiff lately. Maybe its because Ive been sitting since evening. I look at the time and its almost for Dinner. I pick up my hand gloves, wearing them, taking a moment to stretch my whole body.

”Ah… God! This is good! ” I better get going now before dark. I take a lamp and walk outside the room, locking the study room and on my way to the left of the building. I almost stepped out of the building when I feel sudden hands pulling me inside and covering my mouth.

”Stay still or this dagger will be in your throat. ” A dagger was placed on my neck. Two men in disguise wearing entirely black robes. Their face was covered up with a mask. One of them holds me in and the other closed the door. He push me to one of the tables and quickly tied both of my hands behind my back.

”We must hurry before they noticed.. ” One of the men, open up the class window and put a long robe outside.

”What are you doing?! ” I say, trying to get away from this situation but the man whos tied my hands slap me in my face and pull my hair tightly upwards.

”Shut up! Soon you will be dead! ” He split on my face and signal the other man to cover my mouth with a cloth and cover my face in a bag. I try to stay calm as I can, panic won be helping me. They tied me to the robe and I can feel my feet being lifted, I can see anything in this bag. Im in the air.

”Hurry up! ” Say one of the men, a different man. I hear the horses footstep and another man holds me and put me on a horse. He tied me with him and whistle to others. I try to scream but these big clothe in my mouth are stopping me from screaming.

”Don you dare scream or I stab you right in your stomach? ” Say the man. We start moving at a fast pace and the air is so cold.

Michael.. All I can think of is him. How am I gonna escape from them? Will he look for me? Suddenly a tower bell rang a few times. Its the signal for an emergency. I can smell a cloud of smoke coming from the direction we have been.

”Where the hell are you taking me?! ” I try to speak but it seems useless.

”Stand by and kill those damn werewolves! They are not going to have any queen! ” Say the man. I hear some howls coming from the village.

Thank God they realized! I try to stop the horse from running but this man is gripping me so damn tight and theres nothing I can do. I don know what they want from me. The horses pace increases its momentum. I can tell by the silence of the woods, we must be far away from Michael.

”Its time for plan B, split up! ” said the man.

”See you on the other side brother.. ” Everyone splits away from the direction we
e going. This man is going to kill me. I feel scared and I started to panic for a little bit. We keep on going without stopping.


”Tied her in the chair.. ” A womans voice. I lost my conclusion back then because of the cold weather and hours on the horse ride. My face has still been covered.

”Where am I? ” I begin to open my eyes and look around.

”Oh. You
e awake! Great timing! ” The woman walks close to me and pulls off the black bag that has been covering my face.

”God… ” Its so bright! I try to adjust my vision and blink for a few minutes.

”You must be the new mate for Michael. The rising Luna. ” This woman walks back to her chair, grabs a glass of wine, and sits down. Her long black hair, tan skin, and her deep red eyes. Shes had this heavy aura around her.

”Who are you? And what do you want from me?! ” I struggle with the chair hand tied.

”Its useless. Don bother to think you might get away from me. ” She drank her wine and smash the glass to the floor. Broken pieces of glass shatter all over. She picks up a few sharp glasses and points them at me.

”So I guess Michael treats you well, considering your reaction. So tell me, have you two mate? ” Shes a psycho.

”Who are you?! Whatever happened between us, it has nothing to do with you! ” Hearing my bold words, she throws a piece of sharp glass toward me and I manage to dodge it.

”Michael is MINE! His mine! ” She loses her temper and suddenly she begins to transform into a big werewolf but her wolf form is quite different than others. Her fur is falling. Shes almost bald. Its ugly.

”You stole him from me! You shall pay for its price! ” She almost bites my head off but suddenly an old man appears in front of me. He stops the woman and looks at me.

”My sweetie. You don have to stain your hands with her blood. Calm down. You must not let loose of your wolf form if Michael sees you in this condition he might not like what he sees. ” the mans words calm her pretty quickly. She changes into her human form.

”Daddy! SHE STOLE MICHAEL FROM ME! Michael is supposed to be my mate! MINE! ” She started crying like a little kid. So this man is her Father.

”What do you mean with that?! Aren all werewolves destined to mate with a Human?! ” I ask the question, of whether I like it or not. I must know the truth.

”Not all werewolves! I am his mate! His soul mate! ” Scream the woman, she put on a blanket on her body. She walked right up to me and pull my necklace away. The necklace which been given by Michael. She smashes it hard over and over until its broken. My heart shatters when she did it. She even let out a smile and cursed at me.

”I will take care of this matter for you sweetie. Guard! Take her to the basement! ” Say the man, two guards enter the room and grab the chair, carrying me away from them. They throw me down in one of the dungeons but soon enough they began to torture me.

”If you want to survive, you have to reject Michael and disappear from his sight! ” Say the man from afar while two of the guards enjoying their self by torturing me by drowning me. I suppose this is what I need to face during my stay here. Its hellish.

”Please. Spare me! ” The two guards pull my hair and the man look at me with disgusting eyes.

”So you want to make a deal with me? ” He smirk, and the look on his face showed that he will be satisfied with my answers.

”I will accept his vow no matter what! You asshole are the reason why Michael has to work hard to clear the air. Fuck you! ” I scream and I feel satisfied with myself. Finally, I can say it out loud.

”Bitch! Torture her until she cannot speak anymore! Tonight will be hell for you! ” Soon after that, two of the guard drag me into the dungeon and they started to undress me.

”Stop! No! ” I try to fight back as hard as I can but they were just laughing at me. They chain me to a table. Cutting off my clothes. Im exposed!

”Tonight we will have a lot of fun with you little girl! ” A few more guards enter the room and they are all naked. One of the guards harasses me by touching my boobs. Another started touching my tight and heading to my vagina.

”Hold on! I should be the one who tastes her first! ” One of the guards pulls his man away from me.

”What the hell?! since when you will be the first?! ” They started to shout at each other, and soon after they threw punches. All the guards are fighting.

I need to get away from the here. I tried to break free from the chain and luckily I was able to get the keys. Using my mouth, I tried to unlock the chain from my hands. I tried to stay calm but the fear and the trauma that had been forming in my mind, its not easy. Suddenly one of the guards approaches me and slaps me hard.

”You won get away from this! ” He thrust his dick inside of me. Grabbing both of my legs up, he rapes me!

”STOP! HELP ME! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! ITS PAINFUL! TAKE IT OUT PLEASE! ” I cried and screamed at the same time. I feel disgusted with myself. Soon after all the guards take turns on me and **** me, I feel numb all over my body. Until the last guard finishes his business on me.

”God, you are so tight! Im cumming! ” He splashes his sperm inside of me. Then he unchain me and just left me here, naked and stained.

”Michael.. ” I lose myself. I can keep up with myself. I had been crying almost all night, begging for them to stop but they enjoyed my reactions while raping me over and over again.


”Fuck! Ah!!! ” One of the guards comes inside of me, its been three days. They constantly raped me non-stop, I have no strength to fight them or even cried for help. Its useless. Im alone in here, there is no way Michael could save me. The guard pull up his pants and leave the room, after a few minutes the princess visited me. Her name is Natasha white, shes the tribe princess and was destined to be Michaels wife but Michael rejected her.

”Ew… You are so disgusting! I wonder if Michael still wants you after seeing you in this state. HAHAHA! ” A lady servant comes to heal my wounds and check on my condition. She checks my pulse and checks my vagina.

”Shes ripping apart if they keep on ravishing her, she might die. Her part doesn seem good. Its spoiled, my lady. Should I initiate caring for her? ” asked the servant.

”Hmph! Do what you must to keep her alive! She shall be tortured for the rest of her life here. She is my new pet! ” Natasha walkout from the dungeon with a guard while the servant stayed behind to treat my wounds. She started by washing me and cleaning my body. Then she put some clothes on me and started applying some of the medicine to my vagina. Shes wrapped my opened wounds with baggage.

”Here. Drink this. ” She helps me by pouring some warm tea and feeding me porridge.

”Why do you care for me? ” I asked her slowly.

”Because this is wrong. You did nothing but fall in love with the Alpha. My lady is a spoiled woman, shes been obsessing over Alpha Michael. That is why she despised you so much. ” explain the servants. She took out something from her undersleeves and passed it to me. Its my necklace. She picks up the pieces and gathers them for me. Shes been keeping this all this time.

”Maybe this will give you the strength to hold on and believe in your soul mate. ” She smiles.

”Thank you for treating me and thank you for giving me back my necklace. ” I never thought Id be tortured cause of the evil whisper of jealousy. The servant left me soon after she was done giving me restorative. I fall asleep and I keep having a nightmare about the raped scene. I can sleep well, my mind and my body is killing me. I felt so disgusted and I hate myself. I keep wanting to suicide but they won let me have my way. I wanted to starve myself but I can do it. Every time I try to do stupid things. I always hold the necklace tightly even tho its not filled with Michaels warmth. I have been gone for a week, he must look for me all over places.

”Michael. Im scared! I am not sure anymore. I lost my purity and I have been tortured over and over again. How long should I wait for you? I have no courage in me anymore. Every single night, they raped me. They made me feel so dirty with myself. They keep wanting to tear me apart from the inside out. Tell me what should I do? Come quickly! Im begging you to come and take me home. Im so lonely and my body is in so much pain. How am I gonna face you straight up? Will you love me even though Im filthy? Will you look at me the same after this? I guess you will hate me if you see me in this state. ” I spend a lot of time thinking and crying. Natasha visit me again after her lunchtime.

”Hello, slut! I might not be able to visit you again for a few days since Im going to Michaels village! I think he has moved from on you! I shall comfort him and love him with all of me. ” shes hugs herself and its obvious that shes been thinking something lewd about Michael.

”Well, my father had instructed the boys to enjoy themselves with you while we
e gone. Have fun with it and perhaps enjoy their company. They are so naughty! ” Natasha left the dungeon and left me alone in this dark place. Her laughter filled the atmosphere.

FUCK!!! my blood boiled and I feel like I wanted to throw up. I feel anger building up inside. But at the same time, I feel scared. Scared of those men, scared of their brutal way of forcing me to entertain them. My heart can not take it anymore. I need to free myself from this hell! As I started to pack up my belonging. A loud voice came from the outside of the castle, I quickly look outside from the small window and saw a large group of werewolves gathered right outside the gate. That precise voice belongs to Michael!

”Give back my Luna! ” he shouts in anger, right outside. I can sense everyone is panicking, I hear the guards footsteps coming towards my dungeon. I take my chances and shout as loud as I can, hoping he can hear my voice and hoping the wind carries my voice to him.

”MICHAEL! THEY **** ME! THEY **** ME! HELP ME! PLEASE! ” I cried out loud and at that moment I knew our eyes meet. He saw me! He knew where am I. I hear a loud howling and knew they charging forward. A few guards pull me outside the dungeon and dragged me to the main hall. I watch Natasha and her father look quite frightened alongside all the guards.

”hold the door! ” said, Natasha, a few guards hold the door and stand by. Everything was so quiet. All I can hear is the sound of people crying for mercy and suddenly its gone.

”You better say your prayer.. ” I laugh watching their reaction, Natasha looks so angry and swings a stick at my face. I slip on the floor but I don care because hes here. He smashes the door hard and found me. I started to tear up when our eyes meet. He went furious and kill each other guard in the hall, Natasha was in shock when Michael approached her father.

”Michael stop! ” Natasha shout trying to stop Michael from killing her father. Michael looks at her and quickly rips her fathers head away.

”NO!! ” She falls to the ground, too afraid to speak and to shock to move. Michael walks to me. He changes into his human form.

”Michael.. ” he hugs me so tight, but then he stops. I bet he can smell the blood on my body.

”They did this to you?! ” Michael was so furious when he find different types of peoples scents on my body. He turns away and looks at Natasha.

”Why did you do this?! ” he shout in anger. Natasha is now down and asks for Michaels forgiveness.

”Please forgive me, Michael! I didn know she was your mate! ” Natasha tried to save herself. But Michael becomes angrier. He grips Natashas neck and holds her up.

e a liar! Now I will show you how it feels to be ripped apart! ” Michael holds Natashas head and shoulders. He pulls her head away slowly, torturing her alive.

”Im sorry! Its your fault! You should love me! ” Michael pulls her head apart, her punishment has been served. Michael walked toward me and carries me away.

”I am so sorry for leaving you in here. Everyone in this state shall die. Their blood will never be enough to take away your pain. ” say, Michael. We walk across the main door when I see the servant that treats me well, I stop Michael right away.

”Spare her! Shes the only one who cares for me and the only one that gives me comfort. ” I point my finger at her, and Michael gives the order to spare the servants life. I insisted to brings her together with us. Michael just granted my wishes. He puts me in a carriage and the servant with me.

”Take care of her for me. I will be back. ” Said, Michael.

”Michael. Please don go! ” I hold his hands tightly. Too afraid to be left alone without him.

”I will take the life of people that have been touching you! Please wait for me in here. ” Michael put down my hands gently and walk away from the carriage. He doesn look the same, the hatred in his eyes and his anger. I knew no one will escape from his fury. I will wait as long as you come back.

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