e the organization.

But even so, people suddenly disappeared from within the town.

They were bitter.
Even though there were victims, they couldn’t say it was the organization’s doing because there were no evidence.

Considering that, my strategy is reckless, but if it goes well, we can capture the organization.

“Let’s do it.”

Borolda-san said full of spirit.

“The organization should have known already that I checked the criminal wanted list.
But anyway, checking it once again won’t be strange.
Rickbelt and Loucreek, please check the wanted list in the guild.
Just act like you can’t trust the list and going to discuss with Leader.
I almost forgot, what time are you going to meet with Meira?”

The two people who got the request from Borolda-san looked extremely unwilling.

By the way, they’re talking normally, but is it alright?

I looked around, if they talk like this, someone could hear their conversation.

I’m anxious since they aren’t using magic item.

“Probably in an hour.
More importantly, you haven’t told Ivy yet?”

About what?

Rattlua-san took something out from Saizerg-san’s bag.

That was the magic item you use to prevent people eavesdropping.

“Is it activated?”

Sorry, I thought something was odd here since you were talking in low voice all the time.”

“…you should have told me sooner.”

I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Saizerg-san clasped his hands in front of his face once.

That was a signal among adventurers, as a sign of apology when they’re unable to talk.

Well, they’re occupied with a lot of stuffs, no wonder they forgot.

“No problem at all.
Then, can we speak normally now?”

“It’s fine as long as you don’t shout.”

Rattlua-san ruffled my hair.

He seems to find my mistake amusing.

It’s kind of frustrating.

But strangely, I feel somewhat at ease.

“Okay, let’s move on.
Maarleek, Nouga, and Cival, you guys please go to our base.
Please tell them that Leader and the group encountered some trouble and they need a number of people from the vigilante group to form a suppression team.
You don’t need to talk in too much detail.
They are professionals, so they should be able to infer from that bit of info.
Oh, please tell them indirectly that some people will quit along the way.”

I wonder if our message will be conveyed to Leader and the group…

They are highly experienced people, so they should understand.

“What about us?”

“The rest of us will stand by outside the guild.
We’ll join Rickbelt and the others after they finish checking.
Rattlua and Ivy, you need to talk to Meira, please go to the meeting place.
We’ll go to our base, immediately form a suppression team, then head to the forest.”

I see, as expected from Borolda-san.

I guess I can leave the rest to them.

“Did that sound okay? Ivy?”


I don’t know why you’re asking me, but that sounds alright.

“I think there’s no problem.”

“Ivy, how should we ask Meira?”

“Right, we have to think about that.”

Why did they ask me?

Even though Saizerg-san and Borolda-san are right next to them.

“For now, let’s ask about Marma-san and the others’ situation in the forest.
Then, I guess we should also ask if they borrow any money recently?”

I heard that when people fall ill, they often have problem with money.

Other than that, perhaps they hide a secret?

“Ah, we certainly have to ask about money first.”

“I think Meira-san would understand if we ask about Marma-san and the forest.”

What we need to do is to make Meira-san realize that we know about the problems in the forest.

So it would be better to ask a straightforward question.

“I know it’s not my place to say this, but Rattlua, you should at least think about that yourself.”

Even though you’re so worried, you need to seek Ivy’s approval?”

“…it was a more important matter.”

“Whoa, he’s gonna fight back.”

“You both committed the same crime, you know.”

Laughter spreads through the place at Cival-san’s jab.

He looks really happy when he bullies…warns his colleagues.

But thanks to that, the tension loosens up a bit, and the atmosphere turned nicer.

I guess this is what he’s trying to do, how awesome.

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