“Oh, yeah.
That’s right.
Just as you said.”

I tilted my head seeing Borolda-san’s slightly confused expression.
Is there something wrong after all?

“If we think about what the organization had done until now, this could happen in the future.”

Rattlua-san and the others all nodded in agreement to Cival-san’s statement.
See? I was right after all.
But then, why did they react like that?
Ah, my age!
Oh, shoot.

“Ivy really can come up with a lot of ideas, huh?”

“Uh, not really…”

Oh no, what should I do?
Even though I planned to think before I speak, I forgot to include the part of being 9 year old.
Let’s be more careful from now on.
…but I’m being targeted by the organization, aren’t I?
In a situation like this, do I really need to be cautious?
Besides, I’ve already said this and that, I feel it’s too late to patch things up now…
Or rather, I’m sure it’s too late by now.
Yeah, let’s just leave it like this for now.
But when this problem is solved, I should think about it carefully.
Or else I’m gonna strangle my own neck someday.

“We should think that Lord Volonda is most probably targeted by the organization.
What to do? Should we discuss with Leader and the others?”

Borolda-san shook his head at Saizerg-san’s suggestion.

“There are too many enemies around Leader right now.
Sigh, I want to get more people on our side.”

“Allies, huh~ I want more allies, I do.
But then we have to think about how to manage our info.”

Maarleek-san said exactly what all of us were thinking.
If we have more allies, we can do more action.
On the other hand, it is easy for information to leak out.
Borolda-san said quietly, “If only those guys aren’t our enemies…”
I’m sure he was talking about the suspicious adventurers.

“Sigh, anyway let’s stop with this allies thing for now.”

When will Count Faltoria make his move?
The organization has acted more quickly than we expected so far.
If that is the case, it is possible that they have already made some preparations.

“It might be better for us to assume that Count Faltoria has made his preparation.
Therefore we also need to be prepared if the organization makes any move whenever.”

“The organization indeed moves quickly.”

Borolda-san furrowed his eyebrows deeply.
I want to wreck the organization’s operation somewhere, but I have no idea where.

“It’s inevitable that we became gloomy now.
Right, first we should team up with Leader and the others.
If the organization moves, we also need to decide what we have to do.
For now, let’s head to the base.
Rattlua, you stay close to Ivy.”

Everyone started to move under Saizerg-san’s order.
I went to my tent to fetch Sora.
Sola was hobbling near the bag Cival-san given to me, as if it had been listening to our conversation.

“Sora, let’s work hard.
Wish us good luck.”

Sora flattened; I patted it once, then put it in the bag.
The bag wriggled a little, but soon stopped moving.
I left the tent and started walking alongside Rattlua-san.

“By the way Rattlua-san, didn’t you promise Meira-san and the others to meet them today?”

“Ah! I completely forgot about it.
I have to decline.”

What will Meira-san and the others think if we back out?

Meira-san’s goal is probably to kidnap me.
I don’t think that large group of criminals can get near the town, so she probably won’t bring them to kidnap me.
The organization didn’t say that those criminals were to act as decoys, so they must be there for another reason.
What came to mind is…
To monitor kidnapped people and guarding them on the move?
I’m sure the organization already knows about us working in and out of our base to fight against them.
If we decline to meet them now, they will think that something’s brewing.
If it were me, I wouldn’t make a move to see the situation for now.
I can’t do it like this, can I?

“What’s wrong?”

”Nothing, I was just thinking if we are going in and out of our base, what will Meira-san and the others do?”

“Yeah, they will be on their guard.”

“We can’t have that, though? If they don’t act, we won’t be able to carry out the plan.”

“Do you think so?”

I think the organization’s aim is to capture Meira-san and the others, therefore they formed a special team.
That’s why they gathered such a large number of criminals and murderers.”

“Hmm? Uhh, why is that?”

“To reduce the number of guards at the base.
Probably, in a couple of days, we will get information from somewhere that Meira-san and the others are sheltering a group of murderers.
Maybe that day there will be a lot of troubles popping out here and there.”


Seems like he doesn’t get it, how should I phrase it then?

“How about this, it takes more people to catch a murderer than a thief, doesn’t it?

Because murderer is more dangerous.”

“If you hear that the people gathered by Meira-san and the others are a group of murderers, won’t you sent out more people to hunt them down? Besides, for some reason there are a lot of troubles on that particular day.
In that kind of situation, how many people can we leave to guard the base?”

“Should be the minimal number of people.
I see, so you think that’s the reason why they gathered so many criminals.”

The organization’s goal is to get people on our side away from the former merchant’s house, as well as away from the town.
That way, it will be easier for the organization to make their move.”

“I got it.
Then, if the vigilante knows about the info Rickbelt got, they will make a move.”

“I think that Meira-san and the others as well as group criminals are just pawns to be discarded.
Even if they are captured, the organization will not be implicated, otherwise…all organization members that mixed in the repression team will be erased.
The latter sounds more plausible.”

“… disposable, huh?”

Rattlua-san’s expression suddenly turned gloomy.
After they listened to my explanation, Maarleek-san and the others also looked frustrated.
Even if they are traitors, Rattlua-san and the others probably wants to save them.
But if they challenge the organization, they most probably will get killed.
Huh, that’s not it.
I was wrong!
The criminals don’t have to do anything, the organization just needs to leak the information!
We got it wrong from the start.
What should we do? … Wait.
Why are we waiting for the organization to make a move?
If we fight them now and wreck the organization’s operation…
That’s right, the guys guarding the base will not expect us to move the day after the base is established.
If that is the case, today might be the best day for us to make a move.

“Let’s use Meira-san and fight them right away!”


Yeah, if we’re gonna fight them, the sooner the better.
If there is any movement, the organization will immediately think of countermeasures.
If they know that our base is established, they will take some measures.
Then, we should move before they know that our base is established.
Hopefully, we will be able to save Meira-san and the others.

“Let’s ask Meira-san about Marma-san indirectly.
Then, we’ll let her know that a subjugation team has been formed.
Nope, tell her that the team has already took action.”

“Wait, please wait.
I’ll go get Saizerg and Borolda.”

Saizerg-san and Borolda-san?
Oh, that reminds me, they are the ones with the rights to decide.
I see, those 2 are this team’s leaders.
We need either one of them to make a decision?
Ugh, I’m so anxious.
Calm down, get a grip!

“Ivy, I heard the tales.
Uh, we’re going to use Meira to fight the organization? And we’re going to do it today?”

Saizerg-san and Borolda-san stood up beside me, looking flustered.
Since we were walking, I answered in whisper, careful of our surroundings.

“Yes, that’s right.
I think Meira-san’s being watched.
We’ll use either Meira-san or the watcher.
Then, we should act today, or rather right now! I realized we don’t need to deliberately wait for the organization to move first.
Besides, the organization won’t expect us to act the next day right after our base is established.
If we act first, we might be able to save Meira-san and the others.”

Saizerg-san went bug-eyed.
Then, Borolda-san patted my head.

“Alright, then we’ll discuss it with Leader and the others.”

“No need, there are a lot of organization’s people around the Leader.
Therefore, we shall force them to get involved.”

“Um… what do you even mean?”

Borolda-san was quite confused.

“We’ll make noise about Marma-san and the others sheltering criminals, and ask to form a repression team immediately.
In the meantime, Rattlua-san and I will contact Meira-san and leak the information.
I think Meira-san will act immediately.
Because they are precious brothers to her, and Rattlua-san is the one telling her.
In case she doesn’t make a move, that means my conjecture is probably wrong.”

“I got it, if Meira makes a hasty move, the watchers will notice our movement.
Then they inevitably have to immediately attack our base.”

The same information will flow around the base, so I think it will not cause any suspicion.
They will eventually form a repression team anyway.”

Hmm, here comes the problem.
We are in a race against time not to let too many people die.
Can we do it?
I don’t want anyone to look sad.
We’ll do it with all of our strength.

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