I washed my face with cold water, my head is throbbing a little due to lack of sleep.

I stayed up until late last night, so this was to be expected.
But still, pain.

I was worried about Borolda-san who went to meet Lord Volonda, so I waited until he returned at midnight.

I felt terrible just in case Sora judged him wrongly, since he doesn’t show up too often.

Rattlua-san was worried about me, so I returned to my tent under his suggestion.
I have no recollection of what happened after that, it seemed that I fell asleep.

When I got up and dashed out in panic, it was already morning.

As I emerged from the tent, with my heart drumming, Rattlua-san told me that Borolda-san had returned.

“Then all is right.”

“I told you he was going to be alright, didn’t I?”

However, I’m really glad it went well.”

Just as I let out a loud sigh from relief, I felt a throbbing pain in my head.

He laughed at me for my lack of sleep; it must have shown on my face.

After the pain calmed down, I started making breakfast.

Just plain and simple soup, since it’s for breakfast.

I also sliced up yesterday’s leftover meat into bite-size pieces and put them inbetween bread slices.

I added a lot of vegetables, so it should be a refreshing meal.

Mayonnaise would be nice, but I actually have never seen it here.

Let’s look for some next time.

“Good morning.
I heard you waited for me until quite late last night.
Sorry about that.”

Borolda-san looked calm and kind as usual.

I knew that he had returned, but now that I saw his actual presence, I’m really relieved.

“No need to feel sorry.
I waited for you on my own will.
Um, so how did it go?”

“Ah, I will talk about that later.”

“Alright then.”

“By the way, what’s that? That thing in your hand.”

“This is imitation sandwich.”

“Hee, how interesting.
You came to know it from a town somewhere?”

“…something like that.”

Why did I make this sandwich?

Indeed, I was in a state of unrest at that time.

Anyhow I plucked it out from my memory and whipped up sandwiches.

“They look delicious, but this is the first time I see them.”

Haha, Cival-san please don’t kill the mood.

But they have never seen them so whatever.

For now, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear anything.

“The food’s done, so shall we eat now?”

“Good morning~ Huh? Ivy made something interesting again this time.”

Please stop, Maarleek-san.

Sigh~ even though I just put meat between bread slices?

I’m sure they have something similar to this.

Yeah, there should be!

It would be nice if there actually is.

“Bread roll? Somehow different though?”

If they have something like bread roll, then I can’t fool them saying this is bread roll.

“This is supposed to be ‘imitation sandwich’”

Oh, shoot.

Borolda-san, wrong name!

“Huh, so this is ‘imitation sandwich’.”

Oh, this is no good.

Everyone has heard.

…I’m hungry.

“Shall we eat now?”

The sandwiches were a hit.

It was just meat and vegetables sandwiched between bread, though.

By the way, bread rolls are supposed to be cheese sandwiched between bread.

That’s why I insisted that I was trying to imitate it.

Then the name became imitation sandwich.

I wanted to call it ‘imitation bread rolls’ but that’s like digging my own grave.

Since they asked for the origin of the name, I told him what came to my mind at the time.
I wonder if they bought my explanation?

A bit worrying, but since they have never eaten it before, I guess it’s okay.

The reason being, you can’t make this without getting soft bread.

The mainstream black bread is hard and not suitable for sandwiches.

Rattlua-san happened to go buy some bread this morning, so we have soft bread.

By the way, soft bread is expensive.

“Now that we’re cool now, I’ll start talking.”

While we’re chilling and drinking tea after meal, Borolda-san activated a magic item and started talking about what happened last night.

Lord Volonda is not suspicious, just like Sora’s judgement.

He’s the one who mixed in the former merchant’s house as the guild’s operation base.

Precisely, adventurers on Lord Volonda’s side did that.

Lord Volonda was aware of the organization’s existence when he protected a child who escaped from the organization 8 years ago.

This happened one year before Rattlua-san and the others became aware about the organization.

Since then, he has been investigating the organization on his own and struggling to destroy it.

However, they were unable to grasp a complete picture of the organization, and were tormented by sorrow for a long time.

Count Faltoria came with information about merchants who were doing underhanded business at that time.

However, Lord Volonda doubted that information.

He had already investigated that merchant.

And he had concluded that they had nothing to do with the organization.

Considering the possibility that Count Faltoria might have been deceived, he requested a trusty adventurer to conduct personal investigation.

He decided to secretly change the location of the crackdown to the former merchant’s house, which he had suspected since a long time ago.

The former merchant’s house was indeed the organization’s quarter, but that was only known after information leaked and all the evidence had been taken out.

Judging from their action, Lord Volonda suspected that the organization was aware that they’re being tracked.

“It was as expected from Lord Volonda, to deceive the organization until the time of crackdown.”

Saizerg-san looked full of respect for Lord Volonda.

Borolda-san looked happy.


I guess he is happy that someone he trusted has been fighting the organization all this time.

Especially after finding out that there are traitors all around.

“So, what do you say about our operation?”

“I told them that there are traitors among the vigilantes and adventurers.
They are ready, but surprised when they heard how many traitors there are.”

“Oh, well.
Everyone would be surprised hearing that number.
But it’s possible that there are more among the adventurers, right? We didn’t investigate all of them, after all.”

Indeed, Sora only judged the adventurers introduced by Gilmas-san.

The result was horrifying, half of them are suspicious.

…Perhaps they are more dangerous than the vigilantes?

Well, we’ll think about that bit by bit.

“Then, when I told him that Count Faltoria was a member of the organization, he yelled at me that it was impossible.
I had expected that he would say that, so I wasn’t surprised even a bit.
I told him we used magic item to get him to believe.”

“The people in this town who can link Count Faltoria to the organization are only the people here and some others, right?”

I was shocked.
I was worried that they wouldn’t believe me, but he believed me when I said we used magic item and Gilmas believed us.
I haven’t told him about our plan.
A problem has appeared.”


“A few days ago, he talked about us pursuing the organization to Count Faltoria.
Then Count Faltoria introduced him to a trusted adventurer to act as a guard.”

“That’s risky, isn’t it?”

A lord pursuing the organization is certainly a hindrance to the organization.

So, what would the organization do?

Without a doubt, they will come to eliminate them.

And they will place someone who will benefit the organization as a lord.

“Lord Volonda is aware of the risk and pondering what to do.
If he refuses the guard, the organization might act right away.
But that doesn’t mean he should keep the adventurer close to his side.”

“Are these adventurers really the enemy? I think not only Lord Volonda, but those adventurers also will be killed altogether.”

“Huh? I understand if it’s Lord Volonda, but the adventurers too?”

“I think it would be more effective to kill them together.”

“Hmm~ what do you mean by effective?”

The grieving figure of someone losing the adventurer he introduced, together with an important friend will attract sympathy.
Then they will place someone from the organization as the next lord, saying that person has a will to fight the organization for the sake of the Count who couldn’t protect his friend due to his lack of power.
To attract sympathy, even one more death counts.
I think the organization would be willing to do this much.
What do you think?”



Did I say something strange?

Why are they all looking at me and freeze?

Hmm~ my previous soul said that sympathy makes people do extremely foolish things.
Is that wrong?

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