Cival-san’s quiet voice sounded so sad and pitiful.
So, what about Rickbelt-san?

“Um, then Rickbelt-san is…”

“Oh, I forgot.
My bad.
Rickbelt, he’s got a special skill.”

Maarleek-san’s words lightened the mood a bit.

“Special skill?”

“Yeah, he’s good at remembering people’s faces.
He can remember just by looking at them once.”

“How cool of him.
I’m a little bad at remembering people’s faces.
How enviable.”

“Whoa, so even you have a weakness.”

I was shocked at what Rattlua-san said.
Of course I have weakness.

“A lot, actually.”

“Really? I didn’t know at all.”

“You certainly give a vibe of someone who can do anything.
Anyway, about Rickbelt, I told him to investigate the guys hiding in the cave, and now he’s in the guild, asking them to check if any of them is on their wanted list.”

“Oh, speak of the devil.”


Saizerg-san turned towards the entrance of the adventurers’ are and raised his hand.
I looked over and saw Rickbelt-san coming toward us, looking rather tired.

“I’m so tired…there were too many of them.”

“You did a good job.
So, how did it go?”

“I could use a short break right now, but whatever.
11 of them are on the guild’s wanted list.
5 people under investigation.”

“11 people on wanted list? Are you sure?”

Cival-san was surprised hearing the number of people, but actually all of them had similar reactions.
I didn’t expect so many of them are on the wanted list either.

“I was shocked as well.
So I confirmed again and again, I think I made no mistake.
And what’s worse is that 10 out of 11 people are murderers.
The ones under investigation are also related to murder cases.”

I feel sick just thinking of such people lurking in the forest.
How do I say it, we have never seen them until now, right?

Saizerg-san massaged his own shoulder.
It definitely makes you feel sick.
And it’s also scary because you can encounter them at any given time.
Wait, if the organization gathers them for the trap, they might also have been gathered recently.
However, seeing that they could gather so many criminals this fast could mean they might have been sheltering them somewhere regularly.

“So, what were you talking about?”

Borolda-san explained once again to Rickbelt-san.

“I see, so it’s a trap.
By the way, how come Ivy is also involved in this?”

“Well, almost all the plan came from Ivy’s suggestion.”

“Can’t do anything about that, but…Ivy, run away immediately if you’re scared…but, even I don’t know where to flee in this town.”

All of us chuckled bitterly at Rickbelt-san’s words.
Indeed, there are too many enemies, we can’t find any place to flee.

“I’d better get going.”

“Hmm? Ah, I just recalled you have to meet with Lord Volonda?”

“Yeah, I got a message that time, we’re going to the estate at night.”

“Is it safe to go by yourself?”

Nouga-san asked worriedly.
In response, Borolda-san shrugged lightly.
Did that mean it’s okay, or otherwise…

“I trust Sora’s judgment.
I’ll also ask about Orwa the errand boy.”

Borolda-san laughed and left the adventurers’ area as he said so.
Nouga-san and Cival-san looked at his back full of worry.
Rickbelt-san is just his usual self.

“He should be safe.
Sora has judged that he’s safe.”

“I know, but still… ah, sorry Ivy.
It’s not that I’m doubting Sora.”

Nouga-san looked at me hurriedly.
Of course I am not worried about that.
To be fair, I can’t do anything if they don’t trust me.
There’s no definitive proof that Sora’s judgement is accurate.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Above that, wanted criminals are among the traitors.
What will become of this town…”

No one seems to be able to answer Saizerg-san’s question.
It must be because the situation is worse than what they thought.
I wonder if Borolda-san is alright?
Is Lord Volonda really on our side?

“Don’t worry.”

Perhaps noticing my state of mind, Rattlua-san gently patted my head.
When I looked at him, he smiled and said to not worry once again.
I trust Sora, so it’s no good to worry.

“Thank you.”

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