Under the Leader’s order, a large amount of stuffs were carried into the storeroom.

Because the building is so huge, the amount of stuffs were more than I expected.
The vigilante members were running around the building.
I felt a little sorry for them.
But since all of this is to protect the evidence, they have to work hard.
The process went smoothly without inciting any suspicion, and finally the last box was brought into the storeroom.
Leader and Vice Leader confirmed and then locked the storeroom.

“Alright, I know you all must be tired, but we have to clean up this place.
Let’s get this done quickly.
Some of us will be staying overnight in this building starting today.
Unless you don’t mind getting covered in dust, then no problem, but I do mind.”

The members looked tired, but they reached for their cleaning tools with a wry smile on their faces.
Because they moved boxes and shelves here and there, the room was covered in dust.
If they don’t clean up, those who are staying overnight will have to sleep in dusty places.
As expected, nobody wants to sleep in dusty places, no matter how experienced they are.

“Excuse me, is anyone here?”

I headed to the entrance area because I heard someone’s voice.
Rattlua-san rushed after me in panic.

“Hey! You should not act alone!”

“Ah, I’m sorry.
I thought nothing would happen because we’re all here in the same building.”

“I’m glad you feel safe here, but you still have to be careful.”

“I understood.”

There are two problematic vigilante members at the entrance area.
I gripped Rattlua-san’s shirt the moment I saw them.
I really have to be careful.

“Whoa, that smells good.
Is that a gift for us?”

I just realized that the entire entrance area is filled with appetizing aroma.


“Yes, you’re correct.”

One of them showed us the large paper bag on his hand.

“Ah, thanks for that, but, sorry, I think we are going to take a while longer.
We’re going to clean up now.”

“Cleaning? You have finished moving the stuffs?”

The one not holding a paper bag craned his neck to take a peek towards the hallway.

“Yeah, we have moved all the stuffs to the storeroom.
All that’s left is to clean up.”

I noticed the 2 members’ expression became a little strained after they heard Rattlua-san’s words.
It was only for a moment, so I am not too sure, though.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Not really.
I was wondering if there’s nothing valuable here, being a former merchant’s house and all.”

“Too bad.
Even if there’s any, Margajula would have taken them.”


“Yeah, Vice Leader and Margajula should have checked all of the contents of the boxes.”

“Hee, perhaps I should ask him later if he found something.”

“He will have to treat us for a meal if he indeed found something.”

“Hahaha, sounds great.
Let me in on it.”

Based on what those 2 talked about, I conclude that they came here to inspect the contents of the boxes.
They thought to conceal it well, but became panicked when they knew that we have finished moving the boxes.
Their panic slipped through their expression.
At any rate, it was good that we made Margajula-san inspect the contents of those boxes.
Perhaps it was enough to fool them.
But the organization is moving fast.

“I believe you are Ivy? I know it’s hard for you, but you can rest assured because we’re here for you as well.”

Suddenly the conversation changed.
One of them headed here and started a conversation with me.
I was a bit surprised, but I quickly hid that with a smile.

“Thank you.
I’m alright here because Borolda-san, Rattlua-san and the others are here.”

“I see.
But if you need anything else, you can count on us too.”

I will count on you if I need something.”

After making firm eye contact with both of them, I bow my head once.
Both of them smiled at me with kindly.
If I didn’t know any better, they would have looked sincere.
But since I know the truth, I feel creeped out like chill ran down my back.

“Oh, so there you are!”

Borolda-san and Saizerg-san were walking towards here.
Leader was behind them, and he frowned upon seeing the vigilante members.

“They said they brought us some gifts.”

The 2 members bowed lightly following Rattlua-san’s words.

“Thanks for your hard work.
Aglop is inside, so please bring your gift to him.”

Then, please excuse us.
See you later, Ivy.”

“See you later.”

I don’t want to see you again if I could.
But I’m sure we will meet again.
Leader glared at the vigilante members who headed inside.

“You have to be careful.
They seem to be moving fast.”

Leader shrugged following Borolda-san’s words.

“We are going to return to the adventurers’ area for now.”

I was a bit surprised hearing Saizerg-san’s words.
I thought we were going to stay overnight here.
However, that’s a good idea because I want to reorganize my feelings.
I have to think about Sora as well.

“Then… we only have to wait for Cival, where is he?”

I looked around following Borolda-san’s words, I didn’t see Cival-san.

“I’m sorry.
I asked him to go back ahead of us.
Since I thought the others might be heading back.”

Come to think of it, I think I haven’t seen him since when we were moving the stuffs.

“I see, then we’ll just head back now.
Leader, we plan to come again tomorrow morning.”

“Alright, but I might contact you if something happens.
Ivy, thank you for your help today.”

“You’re welcome.
See you tomorrow.”

Leader patted my head a little harder when I gave my greetings.
Once outside, I felt a sense of liberation.
Perhaps because I had been nervous all the time.

“Are you tired?”

Rattlua-san patted my back lightly.

“Just a bit.
I guess I had been so nervous.”

“That’s because your role is very important.
By the way, we still need to be careful since they might be lurking around here.”

We are still in the vicinity of our base, or the former merchant’s house.
Surely, someone from the organization is lurking here.
It’s too early to feel safe now, hm.

“Alright, we will hop around popular food stalls then head home for today~”

Saizerg-san who was walking at the very front, suddenly made an announcement and strayed away from the way back to the adventurers’ area.
He turned to the place where food stalls were lined up.
Looks like I don’t have to prepare dinner today.
I’m relieved because I’m so drained mentally today.
Perhaps Saizerg-san noticed that I’m tired.
…even Borolda-san and Rattlua-san as well.

“Ivy, shall we get some sweets then go back? I have some recommendatons.”

“Thank you.”

They are really nice people.

When we arrived at the adventurers’ square, Cival-san and Nouga-san were there.
Speaking of which, they should have been monitoring the merchants’ activities.
I wonder why they did that separately.
I couldn’t see Maarleek-san and Loucreek-san, are they alright?
They should have gone to check what Tort-san and Marma-san were doing in the forest.

“Welcome back home.
Oh, is that from the store they’re raving about recently?”

Cival-san quickly checked the contents of the paper bag in delight.
Apparently, he had given up because there was always a line in front of the store.

“I’m going back to the tent for a while.”

I informed everyone, then went inside my tent.
When I took Sora out of my bag, it began to bob up and down energetically.
It seemed that the bag was too cramped.

“I’m so sorry.
I can’t let you go out from the bag for a while.”

Sora bounced and bobbed up and down.
It looked weird but it certainly had its own charm.
I took out Sora’s potion from inside the magic bag while it’s doing its exercise.
Sora worked hard today, so I give it 5 more bottles of potion.
I’m glad I picked up a lot until my bag was full to the brim.
Perhaps finished exercising, Sora dived into the potions and began to eat.
As I stared blankly at the disappearing potions, someone called me from outside the tent.
We’re going to have our meal since Maarleek-san and Loucreek-san had returned.
I quickly went out of my tent bringing some tea leaves.
Rattlua-san had prepared hot water for us.
I prepared tea for everyone, sat down and enjoyed that familiar scene.
I felt my heart became lighter.

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