indeed a lot.
And I was tired because I had my focus on Sora so as not to miss anything.
I’m sure Sora is tired as well.
I’ll give Sora a lot of potions later.

“That’s a lot.
29 suspicious people?”

I was trying so hard to relay Sora’s judgment correctly that I didn’t count the number of people.
So it was that many, huh.
Perhaps the fact that the guards were not made up entirely of traitors is already a good thing.

“How’s it going?”

Leader quietly asked Borolda-san.
He hesitated a little, then told him the number of people.
Leader was frozen for a moment, then nodded quietly in understanding.

“Can you please write down their names on a piece of paper?”

“Of course.
I’ll do it right away.
Do you have any paper?”

Leader, handed us a few sheets of paper, then went away towards the vigilante members to talk about their future plans.
Everything seemed normal, as if nothing had happened.
I only saw him clenching his fist once.

“The adventurers should be prepared as well.”

That small voice somehow sounded tired.
A lot of people he thought were his friends betrayed him.
This reality is painful.

Members of the special task force were picked from the group of suspicious people, whom Leader trusted until just now.
8 members were picked.
Then 12 unsuspicious people were selected, for a total of 20.
As he saw the names written on the paper, Leader’s eyes bugged out once.
That person was Gabojura-san.
That person had also been selected for the special task force.

Next, we headed to the Adventurers’ Guild.
Rattlua-san should be informing Gilmas-san about our progress.
I’m a little tired, but we’re almost finished, let’s do it.

“Good work, you must be tired.”

Gilmas-san was in the conference room with 15 other adventurers.
Then he explained the same thing as what Leader said before.
After that, I’m going to listen to their self-introduction.
I am very happy that there were only 15 people.
I quickly finished the task…however, Sora judged that 7 people are suspicious.
I heard Borolda-san sighed softly.

“Are you alright?”

I asked him quietly, and he laughed drily.

“Haha, I have prepared myself.
But to think that the guys we trained with our whole heart turned out to be traitors.”

Gilmas-san heard about the result, and his frown deepened.
We selected Borolda-san’s team for the special task force.
I was worried about Borolda-san, but he was his usual self as he talked with the 3 selected team members.
I let out a small sigh.
I’m mentally exhausted.

I patted my bag gently from above.
I’m really grateful to Sora.

We headed back to the former merchant house together with the selected members of the special task force.
During our walk, Leader talked about our future plan.
When he said that the former merchant’s house would be our operation base, there was a bit of a buzz, but no one voiced any opinion.

“Aglop, we’re back!”

Leader called out Vice Leader’s name loudly, and a few moments later Cival-san showed up.

“Huh? Where’s Aglop?”

“He’s inside, checking the stuffs we’re moving.
Margajula is helping us.
Ivy, are you tired?”

“I’m alright.
Don’t worry.”

Um, I wonder if Cival-san understood the explanation?
I can’t tell because everyone’s so good at hiding it.

“Ah, Leader.
You’re finally back.”

Vice Leader appeared, looking exhausted.
Margajula-san also appeared behind him.

“We have checked the contents of those wooden boxes, there’s no problem with them and we can move them.
We will move them to the storeroom.
Please start moving soon.
There are people staying overnight in this building starting today.
Let’s at least finish cleaning.”

“Wait, here’s the list of those people.
I’ve also added those from adventurers’ side together.”

When Leader handed the paper with suspicious people marked to Vice Leader, I saw him whispered something.
Perhaps he informed him about the meaning of the marks.
Vice Leader looked over the paper briefly, nodded a few times and immediately started giving individual instructions.
He’s so cool, he didn’t show any hesitation at all.
Moreover, so the suspicious people don’t group and act together, they were divided in subtle balance.

“As expected from someone who has been supporting a reckless Leader for more than 10 years.”

Borolda-san’s words make me respect the Vice Leader even more.
I think the person who supports the leader is amazing.
That was the case with Vice Captain Verivela as well.

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