“It’s here.”

Leader pushed a shelf with his hand.
That shelf looked like it was fixed to the wall, but then the nearby wall slowly slid to the side.
What appeared from behind the wall was a shelf divided into eight sections.
Five of the shelves were empty, but three of them were stacked with boxes.
The lid of one of the boxes was open, revealing the paper inside.

“I found these shelves.
All the documents were here.”

“Can we take a look?”

Leader nodded, and then the 3 of them reached for the documents.
Leader also opened the lid of other box and began checking.
I wasn’t allowed to look at the documents, so I looked around the room.

“It can’t be, no way…”

After a while, I heard someone’s voice filled with anguish.
Then I heard someone banging on the shelf.
I looked over there and saw Borolda-san looking distressed.
Saizerg-san put his hand on Borolda-san’s shoulder.

“That person…”

Perhaps he saw the documents that depicted his acquaintance’s participation in the crime.
I wonder how many more people will suffer from the truth that will be revealed.
I felt a deep pain in my heart as I looked at Borolda-san.
I looked away and took a deep breath.
There’s not much I can do for them, first of all I just need to let them know who are suspicious.

I checked the walls and ceilings as I walked around the room.
While I was looking around inside the building, I saw a vault, but I was surprised seeing how small it was.
Because I heard about the scale of the organization, the small vault seemed strange to me.
I was expecting to find a place to hide their money.
I tried pushing and pulling certain areas…but nothing happened.
Too bad.
I wonder if they didn’t keep their money in the building?
Even after I finished looking around the building, Leader and the other were still poring over the documents.
However, we had to be careful not to stay here for too long, as it would make us suspicious.
As I walked closer to the 4, intending to talk to them, I heard a creaking sound coming from under my feet.

“Hmm? The floor?”

This building is made of wood panels, so it won’t be strange if the floor creaks.
In fact, the entrance area and the hallway made a creaking sound as I walked on them.
Yet, for some reason, the sound the floor makes bothered me.
I stepped on the spot where the sound came from once again.
There was a creaking sound.
How strange, what was it that bothers me?

“There should be something here.”

I crouched down to get a better look at the floor.
I hope I find something.
I looked around the floor and noticed that there is a slight bump.
I tried pressing on the bump, but nothing happened.
Next, I tried to slide it, but it didn’t budge.

“Well, too bad I found nothing.”

I put my hand on the floor and pushed down as a leverage to stand up.
But the said floor slid forward.


I got a hit on my forehead.


Rattlua-san came over as soon as he heard my shout.
Then he helped me to get up and brushed off the dust.

“Hey, look at that.”

I followed Borolda-san’s gaze and saw that a part of the floor was opened.
The right way was actually to slide it forward, not sideways, what a shame.
Rattlua-san slid the floor completely, then we could see a large wooden box under the floor.
I opened the lid of the box…

“Found it!”

My forehead hurts a little, but the excitement of finding the money is more important.
I saw a huge amount of money crammed in a box in front of my eyes.
Furthermore, there actually are 3 identical box.

The organization didn’t only leave documents, but also money.
Losing their funds is a big blow to the organization.
Now, we finally can explain Meira-san and the group’s strange behavior.

“That’s a lot of money, Ivy, you’re bleeding!”

Hearing Leader’s panicked voice, Rattlua-san hurriedly pressed a cloth to my forehead.
Perhaps due to the pressure, I finally felt throbbing pain on my forehead.
Oops, I forgot to bring any potion with me.

“Here you go.”

A blue potion was shoved in front of me.
Borolda-san held out a potion for me.

“Ah, no need for this.
I’m alright.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a reward for finding the stash.”

“Borolda, that’s too cheap for a reward!”

Borolda-san frowned at Saizerg-san’s calm jab.

“I know, I have other things as well, just not now.”

Rattlua-san took the potion from Borolda-san and poured it over my wound.
I can feel the pain receding quickly.
This potion must be a genuine one, as my pain went away quickly.
I have never imagined that the day where I use a genuine product will come.

“Thank you.”

I bowed my head to Borolda-san, and he patted my head.

“Thank you, Ivy.”

Leader thanked me as he hauled the wooden box from under the floor.
I’m glad I could help them.
There were a total of four boxes under the floor.
Not only 3, apparently.
Every box was filled with gold coins.
Even without counting, I know that it was huge amount of money.
An organization that controls this much money.
Just thinking about it is terrifying.

“Somehow, this amount of money is more than what I imagined.”

The other 3 agreed with Saizerg-san.
This amount of money is beyond imagination even for the 4 people who know about the organization.

“Haa, this means the organization is larger than what we thought.”

Leader sighed tiredly.
Seems like he understand the scale of the organization based on how much money was involved.
I guess that is something you can figure out based on experience.
Ah, we have spent quite a long time here, haven’t we?

“Why don’t we leave this room before we look suspicious?”

Borolda-san laughed and patted my head lightly.
Then he touched my forehead.
Is there any scar left on my forehead?

“Good for you, it didn’t leave any scar.”

I don’t mind even if it leaves a scar, so I was a bit bothered.
I heard that because potions are important items related to your life and death, no one gives away their potions for free.
And yet, Borolda-san gave it to me without hesitation.
My jaw dropped when I remembered about it.

“We should get started on the plan Ivy thought about earlier.
It seems to have a higher success rate than mine.”

I heard Leader’s terrifying words.
I looked at Leader in panic, but he for some reason nodded to me.
What do you mean by that?

“Wait a minute, Leader.
We also need to think about this carefully.”

I nodded repeatedly, agreeing with Borolda-san.
Rattlua-san was looking downwards and hiding his laughter, but his shoulders were shaking.
What are you even doing when I’m in trouble like this.
I tapped his shoulder with my fist.


It got worse.
Saizerg-san also joined him in laughter.
What the…

Think about it carefully.
Ivy’s plan is very convincing.
Can you think of any better plan?”

“Hmm, well I suppose it would be hard.”

“You see?”

Huh, why even Borolda-san agreed?
Leader was also making strange expression.

“Excuse me, since I took a lot of deliberation in making that plan, I think Leader and all of you should think of a better plan.”

“Don’t worry.
Even just like that, it’s a solid strategy.”

I don’t think it’s okay, though…
For now, we returned the documents and money into the boxes and headed for the entrance area.

“Now, first we are going to move the evidence and money, but where to?”

Leader, why are you looking straight into my eyes?
Funnily, I’m the youngest out of this group, and a kid to boot.

“…I think the storeroom Margajula-san is checking is a good place.”

“That’s right.
That would be the best candidate.”

Borolda-san seems to have come to the same conclusion.
If that’s the case, then please give your opinion sooner.

“Then, shall we kick Margajula out?”

“Leader, let’s make Margajula-san participate in moving the evidence.”

“No way, I can’t let a member of the organization do that.”

“Ah, sorry, I should have worded it better.
Um, there are wooden boxes and shelves in each room.
We’ll move them under the guise of safekeeping them in the storeroom.
Then, we will mix in the documents and all that among the boxes.
If we move them while checking the contents, we will make Margajula-san thinks that the storeroom is full of useless things.”

“Then the organization will also think the same way, huh.”

I nodded at Saizerg-san.
Margajula-san will report to the organization about all the happenings here.
Because that is his duty.
I heard frightening words coming in from Leader’s direction, “I got Ivy to make a plan for us.”
I won’t let him make eye contact with me again!


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