g the organization…I’ll be the one…”

Deep regret appears in the eyes of Leader, who was showing resentment.

If the cause of his comrade’s death was relay of information to Count Faltoria…

“Damn it! I was the one who relayed the information.
Did I kill my comrades?!”

That’s not true.
He didn’t suspect Count Faltoria, so it was unavoidable.
But those words offer no solace to Leader.
No one uttered any word.
For a little while, the area around the entrance of the former merchant house was enveloped in a strange silence.

“Huh, I’m sorry.
It’s all right now.”

Leader took several deep breaths and walked to the inside of the first floor.

“The hidden room is this way.
Plus, you said before that there might be people from the organization lurking around here?”

“Yeah, you have any clue?”

“Not really, it’s hard to single out people from the organization because there are also civilians around here.”

Borolda-san followed behind Leader.
The three remaining team members followed behind him.
I watched them conversing as if nothing had happened from behind.
I truly believe that they are strong people.
They took a huge hit, and yet they were strong enough to get up right away.
They must have been through a lot in the past.
Is this the strength of their heart?

“Ivy, do you have any idea?”

“Huh? No, um…”

Borolda-san turned around.
We can use the guards to do something.
But this is dangerous when you don’t know how far the organization is willing to go.

“So you have some idea.”

Saizerg-san peeked at my face from beside and stated.

“Tell me, I want to catch them.”

“Um, but this is dangerous.”

“Doesn’t matter.
We vigilantes are prepared for any danger.”

“I understood.
Um, how about we use the guards to attack this place?”


Everybody slowed their steps.
I think I didn’t explain it well enough.
I’m not sure how to phrase it.

“We show the guards that this place is less guarded.
Then they will attack us.”

“Oh, so that’s when we catch them.”

Leader and Borolda-san stopped and stared at me.
Saizerg-san and Rattlua-san looked a bit shocked.
I don’t think I said anything shocking… Did I do something wrong again?

The most important thing now is to protect the evidence.
And to slow down the organization.
If we catch all those who attacked us, they will think that we can read their movements.
They will suspect everyone and slow down their acts.
However, the problem is to what extent the organization is aware about us.”

“You’re definitely not 9.”

“I’m 9!”

Leader shook his head for some reason.
Rattlua-san, I know you’re laughing.
Even if you hide your face, your shoulders are shaking too much.

“But we don’t have any reason to be less guarded.”

Leader and Borolda-san agreed with Saizerg-san.
Leader stepped forward a little, and opened the door of a room.
It seems that there was a hidden room inside the room farthest away from the entrance.

“Perhaps we can use Meira-san and the others.”

I entered the room and looked around.
It looks like a storeroom or warehouse because there are shelves lined up.

“Meira and the guys? Certainly they’ve been acting weird.
I know they are planning something.
If we use that as reason, won’t be strange if we look less guarded.”

So it is up to Meira-san and the others.”

“What a peculiar plan.”

Borolda-san is laughed.
Well, it indeed is.
Because we’re leaving it up to our enemies.


Saizerg-san said nothing.
Only Leader still have grim look on his face.

“Right, will this go well? Even if we use Meira as a trap, we won’t be able to appear to lower our guard that much.”

That’s why we will ask the suspicious ones to act as guards.”

Exactly as what Leader said, there’s a limit on how we can lower our guard.
Then, we can just assign those traitors.
We should be able to fool them, since we will appear to be properly guarded.

“I feel like somehow taking advantage of our enemy.”

Do you think so?
I tilted my head.

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