The man took out trash from his magic bag and made the slime process it.

…Judging from his appearance, he seems to be an adventurer.

When I searched around for any presence, I slightly sensed several presence coming from a distance.

I didn’t notice it at first because their presence was so faint.

Perhaps they are a high-ranked team of adventurers.

I quietly moved away towards their opposite direction.


When I returned to the animal trail, I let out a single breath.

I was nervous.

In the deeper part of the forest, I could sense the presence of the adventurers from before.

However, it was quite faint and hard to read.

I tried to examine their presence and checked if they were coming towards my direction.

…I’m glad because they don’t seem to be coming here.


I guess they likely had noticed my presence.

But I don’t think they are interested in me.

This is the first time I see adventurers with such a faint presence.

I’m a little scared.


I took a deep breath and walked towards the next village.


I stopped repeatedly to search for any presence.

There was various presence, but I didn’t sense any dangerous presence.

I didn’t sense the presence of the team of adventurers from before either.

If they intentionally erased their presence, the current me couldn’t search for them, but perhaps it didn’t matter.


I walked while avoiding monsters and beasts.

Since I had never seen an accurate map, I couldn’t tell the distance to the next village.

…For the time being, let’s choose a road that wasn’t too far from the village road.



4 days after I head for the next village.

It was strange.

There was a dumpster in front of me.

But there wasn’t any village around here.

I heard that a dumpster was usually found near a village.

Let’s see what were thrown away here.

Discolored potions, cracked bottles.

A broken sword, probably a ripped magic bag.

…There were more broken things here compared to the dumpster near the village I knew.

Perhaps this was a dumpster for adventurers?

I had heard about it, but this was the first time seeing it.


I tried looking at the trash, but I guessed there was nothing I could pick up.

I took out the trash I planned to throw out from my magic bag.

…somehow I don’t feel good about it, let’s not throw them out for now.


Every village has something called a dumpster, but they are not acknowledged.

The villages also have processing slimes.

But there is not enough slimes.


A tamer with 2 stars can tame at most 5 slimes.

People with less stars is said to be able to tame 2 slimes.

The amount that can be processed in a day also depends on the slime you tamed.

I heard that a lot of tamers were employed in the royal capital and towns.

Villages can pay money to the towns to take care of their trash, but they can’t afford to pay.

Therefore, they made a place called a dumpster.

I knew the village, but I pretended not to see it.


I heard that the dumpster in the forest is a dumpster for adventurers.

An adventurer team definitely needs a tamer who tamed slimes.

It seems that this is determined by law.

The things that can’t be processed by slimes should be thrown out in a designated place.

But in reality, I’m seeing an illegal dumpster in front of me.

Because broken things will become a burden, they are abandoned in the forest.

Not a lot of adventurer teams have slimes that can process inorganic matter.

The fortune teller said that only S-rank teams have them.


It doesn’t matter even if I throw them away, but I stopped.

…Somehow I feel like my previous soul is interrupting.

What is ‘unlawful dumping’?


…Let’s head for the village.

Let’s throw them in the village dumpster.

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