I toured the former merchant house guided by a vigilante group member.

Perhaps their Leader is doing something on his own, I couldn’t see him around here.

The Vice-leader is away, going somewhere with Margajula-san.

“This place is quite spacious…”

Rattlua-san looked around as he tapped the wall.

“I agree.
Seems like there are 2 storerooms in here.”

“Is that so?”

“I saw them through the window.”

“If they have hidden door, it’s probably that way?”

What do you think?

If you were to build a hidden room, you would build it in a place that’s difficult to find, right?

A storeroom has an image of a hiding place, so people would usually check there.


“Where is the place Margajula-san checked?”

“Hmm? Oh, you mean that.”

Because he’s here to do shady business under the organization’s order.”

To report the suspicious room as not suspicious.

That’s Margajula-san’s role.

I mean, there must be some connections between the room he checked and the hidden room.

Perhaps the Leader went there to check it by himself.

I hope he finds it.

There should be something we can use to corner the organization.

When I finished touring the first floor, I heard the front door open.

I turned around and saw a well-dressed, well-mannered looking man and a disgruntled man, guided by 2 vigilante members.

The moment I saw their figures, I heard Rattlua-san gasped.

Apparently, he doesn’t want to see someone among them.

Which one of them?

“Count Faltoria, Lord Volonda.
What brings you here?”

Borolda-san quickly addressed those men.

I think I have heard those names before.

Count Faltoria is the suspicious person.

Lord Volonda is the one Borolda-san wants to trust.

“Nothing in particular, I just happened to be passing by.
Just thought to check the condition here.”

“I see.

“I was with Count Faltoria at that time, so I just followed him here.”

Count Faltoria’s appearance suggested that he’s a soft-spoken man, and gave the impression that he is not involved in anything evil.

Lord Volonda is a quiet person and gave up a somewhat unapproachable image.

“Hmm? And how about you?”

Count Faltoria turned towards me and he smiled gently.

There was nothing unsettling in his smile, I thought to myself if I really should suspect this person.

Perhaps because of that, I feel a little guilty.


Borolda-san beckoned towards me, so I came to his side.

There was no change in his expression, but I noticed that his hand on my shoulder was a little tense.

In response, I tensed up as well.

“This kid is Ivy.
We’re escorting Ivy because an organization is targeting this kid.
We brought Ivy here because we happen to have other work here.”

“What a cute kid.
I’m Faltoria.
Nice to meet you.”

He bent down to my eye level, said that with a gentle voice and soft smile.

Nothing in him makes me feel uneasy.

But the bag is completely still.

In other words, Sora judged that this person is suspicious.

“It must be hard for you.
Borolda and the guys are great people.
You can rest easy.”

Lord Volonda looked down at me and didn’t even smile.

He didn’t sound kind at all, but he showed some warmth when Borolda-san was praised.

Honestly, he looks scary.

But I felt Sora hobbled against my thighs.

I gripped Borolda-san’s clothes.

“Count Faltoria, nice to meet you.”

I tugged Borolda-san’s clothes once when I said that.

“Lord Volonda, nice to meet you as well.”

I removed my grip from his clothes.

I felt Borolda-san’s hands on my shoulder relaxed.

He must have felt relieved.

I’m glad that the person Borolda-san trusts is on our side.

My body relaxed as well.

Perhaps noticing it, he tapped my shoulder lightly.

“Where is the Leader?”

Count Faltoria looked around and asked.


From the way he asked, it seems like he knows that Leader is here.

But how did he know?

Earlier, Leader said that Count Faltoria’s been busy and hasn’t visited since the crackdown.

Did he hear that from someone else?

… Maybe there are guards outside the building as well?

I don’t like the idea that there are a lot of them lurking around here.

“I’m here, is there something I can help you with?”

Leader came from the inner part of the first floor.

Vice Leader and Margajula-san appeared as well.

“Nah, we just came to take a look.”

“I understood.
Would you like to go up and have a look inside?”

I was startled by his words.

This is bad, I haven’t let him know that Count Faltoria is under suspicion.

I glanced at Borolda-san, who was standing next to me.

He must have noticed, because he grinned to me.

Hm? I’ve never seen him grinning like this.

He looks like he’s planning something.
…I wonder what.

“No need, I don’t want to interrupt you during work.
I just want to check if you are all doing well.”

“I understood, thank you for taking the time to check on us.”

Count Faltoria left the building as he smiled and talked to the other vigilante members.

Lord Volonda also headed out as if to follow him.

“Lord Volonda, I have something to tell you.”

“Spill it.”

“It’s a bit difficult to talk about here, so I will need to ask you to set aside some time to talk.”

Borolda-san bowed his head.

Lord Volonda thought about it for a moment, but he promised to show up at the guild later.

After those 2 people are completely out of sight, all the exhaustion suddenly burst out.

It was my first time meeting the aristocrats, my heart was pounding the entire time.

Moreover one of them is part of the organization and an enemy.

His gentle appearance and soft smile got me scared halfway onwards.

I might tremble if he talked to me a little longer.

Vice Leader instructed Margajula-san to gather the members to examine the storeroom once again.

So they haven’t found the hidden room after all.

…That’s not it.

Why did he gave instruction to Margajula-san, who is under suspicion…

Maybe this is a pretense?

Maybe they found a hidden room!

Margajula-san immediately went to call two members and headed for the storeroom together with the Vice Leader.

As we watched them going their way, we heard Leader instructing the 2 members who guided us and the 2 members who guided Count Faltoria and Lord Volonda to return to their posts.


Only Leader, Borolda-san, Saizerg-san, Rattlua-san and I were left near the entrance.

The Leader glanced at me and looked a little worried.

I tilted my head.

“Leader, Ivy is not suspicious.”

“I know that.
That’s not what I meant.”

“Well, just in case.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ivy is probably guessing what you did until now and the result.”


Ah, when someone with a scary face got shocked, they looked funny.

I wonder why the Leader is so shocked, though.

If you think about it carefully, you will get the answer.

“I can guess what Ivy is thinking, but normal 9 year olds don’t usually think like that.”

I turned around at Rattlua-san.

Is that the case?

I mean, I’m a normal 9 year old too.

“Well, you don’t look like one, though.”

I got slandered by Saizerg-san!

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