We agreed to go to the Adventurers’ Guild, also with Sora.

We have 2 goals.
First, to get Sora judge Gilmas-san.
Second, after we are sure that Gilmas-san is on our side, to report that we have identified the traitor.
Borolda-san and Saizerg-san have promised to keep the secret about Sora.
However, as I wondered how to assure them, turned out Borolda-san has prepared some way.
I tried asking what he’s gonna do, but he told me to look forward to it.

I was a little excited to enter the Adventurers’ Guild for the first time.
I thought I’ll never set my foot inside this place.
I looked around, there are only a few people here.
I imagined this place would be more teeming with people.

“It’s pretty quiet at this time of the day.
Soon, this place will be crowded with adventurers who have finished their missions.”

Rattlua-san explained, seeing my disappointed face.
I see, everyone is at work right now.
Too bad.
As I followed behind Rattlua-san, I happened to see the request posted on the street.
There are a lot of requests, starting from gathering herbs, town cleaning, ore mining in caves and monster subjugations.


I noticed someone calling my name, I didn’t realize I was staring at the request board.
I quickly went into the room Rattlua-san was in.
There were four men inside.
So it’s not just Gilmas-san, who are the rest of them?
They’re all very well-built.
But there’s one guy who looks incredibly nervous.
He looked at me and wrinkles formed on his forehead.

“Why do you bring this little kid with you?”

That nervous-looking man asked with a slightly louder voice.

“I told you before, right? This is Ivy.”

“So you brought the kid here!”

The scariest one shouted.
I jolted when I heard him.

“Gilmas, you’re too loud!”

Borolda-san pretended to cover his ears, and Gilmas-san turned to me to apologize.

“You know that they’re acting suspicious, right? So we decided to work together.”

Everyone seemed to agree with Saizerg-san’s words.

“Ivy, I’ll introduce them.
The loud one is Gilmas.”

“Shut up.
I’m the guild master, Rogliff.
You can call me Gilmas.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Barksby, leading the vigilantes here.”

“I’m his vice-leader, Aglop.
Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Folomaro, I manage the guild’s finances.
Sorry for being rude earlier.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Gilmas-san is tall and his face is scary, but his voice is gentle.
The vigilante leader looks calm.
The vigilante vice-leader has a large scar on his face, and his eyes are pointed.
Folomaro-san, looks nervous just like before.

I nodded hard twice to Borolda-san.
This is to sign that the people here are on our side.

I made a request to Sora before we came here.
I asked Sora to judge whether the people here are on our side or not.
So when a person is introduced to me, Sora would hobble twice in the bag to tell me if that person is on our side.
The result, everyone here is on our side.
So I nodded twice to Borolda-san.
By the way, if the person is not on our side, Sora would hobble once.

I looked at something Borolda-san was holding in his hands.
He brought a rather large glass ball all the way from the tent.
I wondered what he’s doing, staring so intently at the ball.

“Everyone that are present here, seems to be okay.”

“What about us?”

Gilmas-san looked at him strangely.
Not only Gilmas-san, the other 3 also looked at him strangely.
I was also surprised hearing his words.
He said he won’t tell them about Sora, but then how will he convince them?

“Yep, this magic item didn’t react, so it is decided that everyone here is on our side.”

… Hmm?
Oh, I see.
So he prepared something else to conceal Sora.

“Hoo~ so that is a magic item?”

“I’ve never heard of such a magic item, though.”

“But unknown magic items are discovered all over the world anyway, I guess that’s one of them?”

Gilmas leaned forward, trying to peek into the item in Borolda-san’s hands.
(I swear there’s no honorific –san to Gilmas this time.)
The leader and vice-leader looked interested as well, but not as much as Gilmas-san.
Borolda-san quickly stuffed the glass ball in his bag.

“I got this item recently.
However, will turn to a rock 2-3days after you use it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, I had another one.
I used it recklessly and it turned into a rock.”

He’s a good liar.
I feel a little guilty because I made him lie like that.

Because I really can’t tell them about Sora.
As I was feeling down, I felt something warm on my back.
As I looked to the side, Saizerg-san just shrugged and laughed a little.
I smiled back at him.
Yeah, I will repay Borolda-san effort.
…what I do is just carrying Sora…I will work hard to make more delicious things for them.

“2, 3 days huh…Borolda, I have a request.”

The vigilante leader looked at Borolda-san with a grave look on his face.
We all know what the request is, right?

“I know what you mean, finding out the traitor among the vigilantes, right? What about the adventurers?”

“I’ll call the guys here first, can you come back here later?”

Borolda-san nodded, then led the leader, vice-leader and me out of the room.
Nodding to Gilmas-san’s words, Borolda-san leaves the room, taking the Commander, the Deputy Commander, and us with him.

“…You sure this is alright? Ivy is still a kid, you know?”

I heard the vice-leader asked Borolda-san and Saizerg-san quietly.
They answered that this is fine, but the vice-leader still seemed unconvinced.
He kept looking back to check on me.
I wonder why is he so worried about me?

“Vice-leader has 3 kids around your age.
He’s looking after you like his own kids.”

Rattlua-san told me the reason.
Vice-leader’s ears turned a bit red, as if he heard Rattlua-san’s words.
His eyes are pointed, so he looks like a cold person, but actually he’s not.

After the 6 of us walked for a while, we saw a huge merchant house.
There were a number of people in vigilante uniform guarding the house.
They looked a bit surprised, perhaps because they saw leader and vice-leader.

“Good work, we’re just going to check inside.
Ah, I’ll introduce you to Ivy.
This kid’s together with Borolda and the group, for some reasons.
Ivy, let me introduce you to these guys.”

The leader called out their names in order from right to left.
That is, to get the glass ball to check every person.
I actually don’t need to check every single one because some of them are Borolda-san’s colleagues.
Just to cover the actual intention.
The truth is, it was to make Sora check all of them.

“Last one, Margajula.”

I felt that Sora stopped hobbling at that moment.
(hm, I thought traitor=hobble once, but oh well)
That means, the last person is the traitor.
I tugged once at Rattlua-san’s clothes that I was gripping.

“Long time no see, Margajula.
I thought I haven’t seen you for a while, so you’re stationed here.”

“Yeah, I got injured.
I asked the leader to transfer me to guard duty since this duty is easier for the injured.”

Seems like he’s Rattlua-san’s colleague.
Phew, the message managed to reach Borolda-san and Saizerg-san in a natural way.
Seeling Rattlua-san’s response, Borolda-san said something to the leader.
The next moment, the leader glared once.
I was shocked.
The leader who was calm until just a moment ago, suddenly became scary like Gilmas-san.
Well, he’s the leader of vigilante group that protects this town.
I took a deep breathes slowly to calm my frantic heart.
After I calmed down, they showed me around the inside of the building.

“Um, this kid is going with us?”

“The kid is targeted by the organization, so I can’t leave them alone.”

The vigilantes seemed quite surprised to hear Saizerg-san’s answer.

“Exciting, right, Ivy.
What do you think we’ll find?”

Rattlua-san looked excited, looking around him.
It will be good if we can find something here, for example a hidden door!

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