u’re so smart, Ivy.”

“I know, right? I can’t believe you’re 9!”

Even if you say so, in this form I’m 9 years old.

“Then, if there is a traitor among the vigilante, the situation’s going to change.
About Meira’s behavior as well.”

“Oh, so that’s why they were called back even they were on guard duty?”

Saizerg-san finally looks up.
He looked as if he aged 5 years older in this short span of time.

“Yeah, we kind of expected them to something stupid.”

“I see.
And then?”

“Same as Ivy’s conclusion, we think there’s something going on at the former merchant house.
Then I looked up about the guy who told us to check out that place.
At first I thought Count Faltoria is behind that, but turned out he ordered us to check out different location.”

“I remember that as well.
Count Faltoria’s order was to check a house at the outskirt of the village, right?”

“That’s right.
Then Lord Volonda changed the location.”

Lord Volonda is the nobleman who governs this town, I believe.

“Lord Volonda is one of 2 people I want to tell you about.”

Certainly it is about the nobles whom Borolda-san trusts, right?
Great, going by what he said, Lord Volonda might be on our side.
But I kinda want to look him up closely.
How can I decide that he’s a friend or foe?
The bag on my thigh stirred slightly.
When I looked at it, Sora seemed to be stirring in the bag.
This is the bag Cival-san gave to me.
The bag is a bit odd, it has fur lining inside.
Sora likes it a lot, perhaps because it’s comfortable.
Perhaps I can ask Sora to help me decide?

“Um, how about asking Sora to decide?”

“What did you say?!”

Why are they so surprised?
I think asking Sora is the best way to get the answer.

“Wait, Ivy, how do we do that? We can’t let Sora out, right?”

“Yeah, Sora will tell me from inside the bag.”

“I see, huh, that bag.
I think I’ve seen that bag before.”

Saizerg-san stared at my bag in astonishment.
What’s the thing about my bag? I’m nervous.

“Yes, Cival-san gave it to me.”


Rattlua-san also looked surprised.
Is there something special about the bag Cival-san gave me?

It’s not a magic bag, just a regular bag, though.

“Um, is there something wrong with this bag?”

“Nah, nothing wrong with it.
Cival rarely gives things to people, so we’re a little surprised.”

“Rarely, you said? Never is the correct word.”

Is that so?
Not only this bag, I also received some clothes, the ones you pull over your head.
On top of that, I also received a beautiful cup.

“We’ll talk about it later, we finish this thing about Sora first, okay?”

Saizerg-san and Rattlua-san were arguing about Cival-san’s personality, and Borolda-san glared at them in exasperation.

So, we ask Sora.
Can we do that?”

“I think we can.
Sora, is Kalua-san on our side? If yes, hop twice.
If no, stop.”

I can feel on my legs that Sora’s hopping inside the bag.
Kalua-san seems to be on our side.

“Kalua-san seemed to be on our side.
How about Louiselia-san?”

The bag stopped moving completely and showed no further movement.
She’s a part of the organization after all.
Too bad.
Some people who were watching us began to whisper among themselves.

“How strange, how can a bag move?”

“Nothing wrong with that.
Some tamers keep their animals in their bag.”

Is that so?
Then, there’s no problem even if my bag moves on its own.
But I wonder how Sora made that judgment? How peculiar.

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