om the nobles…”


“Um, it’s hard to say, but…”



“Don’t worry, I got what you’re trying to say.
You’re right, there might be a traitor among the vigilantes.”


“I thought if they are a thorough organization, they must have done something with the vigilantes, not just the adventurers.”

Rattlua-san must have noticed that as well.

I’m a little conflicted.


If we consider that there is a traitor among the vigilantes, then there is a possibility that something is hidden in the former merchant’s house.

The organization wants to get that something back, but they can’t take any action because there are guards standing by.

They can just wait until the guards are gone, and then it won’t be too late.

But if they can’t wait because the thing is too important, then…

How will they act as an organization?

We can try reducing the number of guards.


Meira-san might be just a pawn of the organization.

Not only Meira-san, but every member of the organization can be considered as pawn.

The adventurer guild is now in an awkward position because they found out Meira-san is a traitor, and there might be other traitor among them.

They had withdrawn their people from the guard team.

Then, the vigilantes are the ones who will act for the most part.

The vigilantes will be the ones who take an action to catch Meira-san if they do something suspicious.

There’s no time to send someone from the guild to watch over them.


“Cutting off the lizard’s tail.”


“Huh? What’s that?”


“…No, it’s nothing.”


I took a deep breath and told Rattlua-san what I was thinking.

Rattlua-san apparently also has the same idea.

Then, his face turned grim.


“What’s wrong?”



“Around 30% percent of the vigilantes are recommended by the nobles.”


Well, I say that’s too many.

It’s unlikely that all of them are traitors, but it would take too much time to find out.

If this is also a calculated move, then the leader of this organization is a terrifying one.

But I’m sure the others can come up with something like what I have in mind.

Gilmas-san and the captain of the vigilante group are more knowledgeable than I.


“Um, I might be overthinking things…”


“If you were to find noble suspicious, which kind is most suspicious?”


Rattlua-san stopped walking and looked at me closely.

If it were me…


“Perhaps someone who is deemed clean of any crime.
Or someone with heroic tales.”


“… and why is that?”


“People who are trusted and respected can gather information easily.
And if something goes wrong, they can escape safely because they won’t be suspected at first.”


“I see…2 people came to mind.
The one Borolda trusts.
Another is the one this entire town will never suspect.”


“Will never suspect…why is that?”


“11 years ago, he saved the life of an adventurer family’s kid from bandit attack without a care about his own life.”


“…saved someone.”


A person who saved someone’s life, huh.
I feel like I heard that phrase a lot these days.


“He’s the hero of this town for bravely protecting the child despite his injuries.”


“What happened to the bandits who attacked them?”


“They’re all dead.
…What about them?


“…what if it was staged…”




Ah, he stopped talking.

But if it was staged, then they had been preparing for it for 11 years.



“Um, when did you become aware of the organization?”


“I think it was 7 years ago.
When a woman who was about to be enslaved ran away, we found out about the organization.”


Seven years ago, and they staged the robbery 4 years before that?

Too soon, I guess.

But it’s also possible that the organization started their activities way before 7 years ago.

We almost arrived at the adventurers’ area.

Looking towards the tents, I can see Saizerg-san’s figure.

He came back early today, I don’t see Maarleek-san or Loucreek-san.

I wondered if something happened and only Saizerg-san returned.

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