I still get nervous every time I see the 3 of them indeed.

Perhaps sensing my nervousness, Rattlua-san lightly patted my back.

I felt myself relaxing and laughed a little.

He really is a reliable person.


“Ivy, come here, come here.”


Meira-san waved her hand, and Louiselia-san lightly raised her hand.

Kalua-san glanced this way.

Maarleek-san was questioning their relationship, whether they are really close.

Meira-san and Louiselia-san definitely look close with each other.

Kalua-san, though, she looked as if keeping some distance with the other 2.


“Sorry to make you wait.”




We met in front of a shop called Floflo.

Meira-san sent a message to Rattlua-san about our meeting time and place this morning.

I took off soon after I got the message, but I arrived a bit late.

Meira-san and the others entered the shop, not minding my lateness.

I followed them inside.
The shop was a bit deserted, perhaps because it was during the morning.

The only other guests were a group of 2 women and 3 men.


A waitstaff showed us to our table.

I sat between Kalua-san and Rattlua-san.

Meira-san and Louiselia-san sat in front of me.

I think I saw Louiselia-san glared at Kalua-san.

Was it my imagination?


I felt someone watching me when we discussed the menu.

A faint feeling of discomfort.

I looked around the restaurant, trying to look as discreet as possible..

I had an eye contact with a man.

I put myself on guard, but I feel that he’s not the one watching me earlier.

He seemed to be interested in me.

I think I’ve never seen him before, what does he want from me?


“What’s wrong?”


Kallua-san asked.

I don’t think I need to hide this from her.


“Umm, someone is watching me.”




Kalua-san looked around the shop, and had an eye contact with the man who was watching me.

She sighed heavily.


He’s my friend…I’ll go talk to him for a bit.”


Rattlua-san also looked at that man, seems like he followed our conversation.


“Any problem?”


He asked me in a whisper, so I replied by nodding.

I do not feel anything strange from Kalua-san’s friend.

It was more like overflowing curiosity.

He must have heard something about me from Kalua-san.

What makes him so curious, though?


A loud bang resounded through the shop.

I quickly looked towards the source of the sound.

Kalua-san hit that man’s head hard.

…the man apologized to Kalua-san earnestly, and the other 2 men were laughing hysterically.

What a peculiar bunch.


“Are those guys Kalua’s friends?”


“Uh, perhaps?”


Meira-san and Louiselia-san were talking.

It seems that the three of them do not get along well after all.


“Meira-san and Louiselia-san, since when are you friends with Kalua-san?”


Rattlua-san looked a bit shocked.

However, it would be strange if I realize but keep quiet about it.

I’m suspecting Meira-san, so I’m not in the position to figure out anything.

I thought about how I would act if I didn’t have that assumption.

If I have a question, I will definitely ask until I am satisfied.

That’s my personality.

Then there’s nothing wrong with my question.

Besides, I might already know the answer.


“Umm, I guess not too long ago.
We sorta hit it off while drinking together…right?”


“Let’s see, it was a while ago.
We hit it off when we were drinking …….”


Louiselia-san was a bit flustered.


“Yeah, I and Louiselia became good friends, then she introduced Kalua to me.”


“I see.
I thought you guys got close because you do adventure together or something.”


“Unless we do group mission together, I think we won’t be that close even though we do adventure together.”


“Really? If you have same skills and stuff, you’ll get along well, right?”


“Well, that’s also correct.”


Meira-san tried to evade the subject.

As I thought, there is something odd about relationship between Meira-san and Louiselia-san.

We put out our orders after Kalua-san returned.

We ordered 5 of their new menu plus the dessert Rattlua-san always gets.

After a while, a plate of fluffy, jellylike dessert and fruit juice are served in front of me.


“Let’s dig in.”


All of us took our spoons and ate our desserts.

We are healed instantly as the gentle taste of the desserts spread in our mouths.



“Delicious, isn’t it?”


I nodded, and ate another mouthful.

I drank my juice after I finished my dessert.

I felt refreshed.


“This is so delicious, Rattlua-san.”


“Hey, Ivy.”




“Um, I want to pick some tea leaves.
Will you accompany me to the forest?”


Going to the forest together…this has to be a trap.

How do I refuse?

It’s complicated.


“What do you mean by tea leaves? The one I drink?”


“Yeah, I think it would be perfect for after meal.
I want to get some, but I don’t know which tree to pick.”


It’s kinda hard to refuse her request.


“I don’t know if we can find them in the forest around here.
I walked around the forest from the subjugation place to this town, but I didn’t find any.”


“I see.
Do you think we can find some if we go a bit further?”


“I’m not sure about that.”


“Then let’s look for them together?”


Louiselia-san also jumped in to the conversation.


“I’m coming with you guys.”


“You have work, right, Rattlua? I’m having days off so I can go.”


Days off?


“Ah, Marma and Tort are training together for a few days, so the rest are having days off, huh?”


I know you’re being targeted, so I’ll protect you.”


“I heard the gist of it.
I’ll also protect Ivy, so no problem, right?”


Louiselia-san gave her support to Meira-san.

I have no other reason to refuse anymore.


“Then it’s all good.
Saizerg said we aren’t accepting any mission for the time being.”


“Eh? Why?”


“Oh, because it’s an important time period for Cival.”


Rattlua-san boldly answered all Meira-san questions.

I couldn’t tell if he’s telling the truth or not.

But nobody said anything about that yesterday.

Then again, I don’t know anything about Cival-san’s situation.

Is it the truth or not?


“Then, why don’t we all go together?”


Louiselia-san frowned at Kalua-san’s suggestion.

She seemed to be somewhat unwilling to do so.

She quickly changed her expression when she noticed that I was looking at her.


“Kalua, so you also like tea?”


I can see that Louiselia-san and Meira-san were baffled at Kalua-san’s action.

Perhaps Kalua-san isn’t related to the organization after all?


“I liked it since I drank Ivy’s tea.
Also, can I also bring my friends?”


“Who’s that friend of yours?”


Kalua-san pointed towards the group of 3 men in the shop.

The one he pointed at looked a bit flustered.


“It doesn’t have to be today, you know.”


Meira-san’s slightly loud voice echoed through the store.

We were all shocked and looked towards Meira-san.
She looked flustered.


“Hey, what do you mean by that, Meira?”


Louiselia-san quickly covered for her, but she’s quite confused herself.

No matter how you look at it, I don’t think this organization is that sophisticated.

Perhaps they have some internal problem?

I wonder if they haven’t realized yet?

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