When I was about to grill the meat, Nouga-san came back.

…is he able so sense when I was about to cook?


“Welcome home.
Thank you for the meat.”


“No problem, you cooked it?”





I made sweet sauce and marinated the meat.

What’s wrong…he’s staring at the meat.

Uh, did I make a mistake grilling the meat? Should I do it other way?

When I moved the meat softly, I heard Nouga-san’s stomach growling loudly.


Ah, I guess I should prepare the plates.”


Nouga-san blushed a little and went away.

Is he waiting for dinner to finish?

If yes, I’m so glad.


“I’m back.
Looks like I came back at the right time.
Good work, Ivy.”


“My pleasure, thank you for the veggies.”


Cival-san, Loucreek-san, and Maarleek-san are back.

I can see Seizerg-san, Borolda-san and Rattlua-san talking over there.

I wonder if they are talking about Meira-san and her friends.


“What do you mean by the veggies?”


“Huh? …that, the veggies I cooked for our dinner…huh?”


Cival-san looked at the food mountain confusedly.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have cooked that?


“Ah, I brought those!”


Rickbelt-san suddenly shouted.

I was startled.

When did he come back? I didn’t realize at all.


“Thank you, Rickbelt-san.”


“No worries…then…”


“That’s right, there’s no need to worry about it at all.”


Maarleek-san looked at Rickbelt-san with a shocked look on his face.

So was Cival-san, and also Nouga-san who just came back.

Um…what is going on here?


“Ivy, Rickbelt want to use this as a bribe for permission to see Sora.”


Looks like this is the truth, because Rickbelt-san diverted his gaze elsewhere.


“Sora…Cival-san please help.”




“Ugh, wait a minute Ivy, that’s not true!”


“I will let you see Sora as a thanks for the veggies.
Cival-san is going with us.”


“Leave it to me, Ivy.
Rickbelt, let’s go!”


Rickbelt-san looked so shocked.

I do feel bad for him, but I’m doing this for Sora!

After all, he won’t stop until Sora is really angry.

I won’t allow it.


Everyone gathered and we started our dinner.

We usually chatted while we eat, but halfway, everyone is so focused on eating.

I’m glad my cooking suit their taste, but Nouga-san has grabbed quite an amount of meat without anyone noticing and they’re quarreling about it…they’re so serious it’s scary.

Borolda-san is a bit shocked when he found out how I use the milk.

People usually boil milk, right?

…huh? They are supposed to do so.

Dinner is over and we took a tea break.


“I planned to talk about a lot of things during dinner, but it was impossible after all.”


“I know right.
The marinated mat was so delicious.”


“Thank you.”


Saizerg-san and Maarleek-san’s compliments made me smile.


“Shall we talk now?”


We are a bit tense after Borolda-san started talking.


“I heard from Rattlua.
Meira and the others came, who was it again…Louiselia and Kalua was it?”


“I remember clearly that those 2 were from different adventurer teams.
I didn’t have the impression that they have good relationship.”


“I can’t get the reason why they came here today.”


“It’s too lame to be a trap.”


We are indeed in trouble, everyone’s having different opinion.

Those 3 people’s actions are suspicious after all.


“We can’t reach any conclusion, huh.
Anybody has any other opinion?”


For the time being, we will put the problem about Meira-san’s action on hold.


“Tort and Marma are going to train in the forest tomorrow, I will check them out.”


Maarleek-san and Loucreek-san.

Saizerg-san will join the investigation as well, it seems.

Cival-san and Nouga-san was trailing the merchant’s action today.

Looks like they will investigate the persons in direct contact with us tomorrow.

After we discussed it, I and Rattlua-san decided to go along with the 3 people group.

Rattlua-san will investigate.

They said I can do my stuff as usual, but I’m already nervous.

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