“Ivy, this is a whole other matter, but…”


“…Eh, yes.
What is it?”


Did he hear the quiver in my voice?

I peeked at Rattlua-san’s face, but he didn’t seem to notice.


“You said you’re going to the town next to the royal capital, right?”




“Have you decided when you have to arrive there?”


“No, I haven’t decided yet.”


“Then, how about spending some time in this town? Ah~ just forget about our problem for a while.”




“A new regulation was created in the guild about 1 year ago, you see.
Guardian substitute regulation.
Kids who ran away from their guardians or kids who lost their parents will be under protection of the guild.
Because various organizations targeted these kids without guardians.
Moreover, under the previous guild regulation, blood-related guardians have a weak position.
This regulation was created to make up for that.
If you appoint a guardian substitute, even if your guardian looks for you, no info will be transmitted.”


How amazing.

This adventurer guild is more amazing than I imagined.



“If you join a guild, you can choose safe jobs.
The guild will protect you in case anything happens.
Well for the real registration, you need a year waiting period to prove that the  guardian substitute isn’t in the name only, though.


Looking at Rattlua-san’s face, who was seriously talking with his eyes looking closely at me made my heart warm.
And at the same time I’m sad because I can’t give him any answer.

My tears are going to overflow if I don’t hold them back.


“If you join a guild, not only you can choose safe jobs, if you work hard you will have a stable income.
It can also be a proof of your status.
You can join a team, or even make one.
Why don’t you think about joining?”




“I actually want you to join our team.
But Saizerg said, knowing your personality, it would be taking it too far.
But I still want to ask you.”


I shook my head, indicating my answer.

Then I said, keeping my voice from quivering.


“I don’t want to be a burden.
Besides, I can’t go to the places top ranked adventurers usually go.
I can’t even protect myself.”


“Ugh~ what if you stay in town when we go to such places…still no good? We’re fussing too much, huh?”


But I’m glad you even invited me.”


“Saizerg and Borolda told me not to ask because I would only make you troubled.
It was selfish of me.
Sorry to make you feel troubled.”


I laughed and shook my head.

It was indeed troubling, but I am very happy.

I can tell he’s really concerned about me.

However, I cannot join a guild that requires me to document my skills.

Absolutely not.


“Thank you for your offer.
Although I’m not in a rush, I have no plan to stay longer in some place.”


If I don’t have to worry about my skills, I will accept his offer without a second thought.

But it’s impossible for me.

The church I saw earlier.

There was a person dressed like a priest.

The moment I saw that person, I felt a chill all over my body.

I remember the way that priest shouted when he saw what my skills were.

“Cursed child! You’re a disgrace to God! Why are you in a church! A filthy being like you don’t even deserve to live!”

I can’t forget that scream.

I clung to my father, shaking.
I saw his expression changed from bewildered, to grim, to something akin to hatred.

My father valued the teachings of the church very much.

Perhaps because I have memory of my previous soul, I did some strange things when I was little.

For that reason, he couldn’t accept my presence, which the priest stated as a cursed child.

He immediately disowned me.


“I see.
So it’s a no go, huh.
But I want you to think about it for a moment.”


I am both happy and sad because Rattlua-san is so kind.

My voice would come out quivering if I speak, so I just smiled and nodded.

I gripped the basket containing the clothes I had washed tightly.

I’m fine.

I chanted the words that I have repeated thousands of times in my heart.

I’m fine.


I returned to the adventurer area and looked towards the tents.
I froze when I saw those people.

Rattlua-san also saw them, and we looked at each other.

Meira-san was waving and smiling at us, standing beside our tent.

There were two more people besides her, seemed like they were also adventurers.

No way, I didn’t think that they would act this quickly.

When I thought about what I heard about the organization, I felt uneasy.

Perhaps there is a problem within the organization?

…perhaps they receive quite a blow from the failed operation?


But I don’t have time to think about other things.

I don’t know what they came here for, so I have to be careful.


“Are you okay?”


“For sure.”


Somehow, Rattlua-san is the one who looked nervous.

I laughed because it’s kind of ridiculous.

Rattlua-san also laughed when he heard me laughing.

I took a deep breath and headed towards the tent where Meira-san and the others were waiting.


“Ivy, long time no see.”


I managed to force a natural smile towards Meira-san.



“Long time no see you too.”



“Hey, haven’t seen you for 2 days.”


“For sure.
Since we are going to talk about Ivy today, I brought my friends with me.
They want to meet Ivy.”


“Your friend…”


They want to meet me?

I looked to the 2 people beside Meira-san.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Kalua.”


“Hello, I’m Louiselia.
Meira always brag about you, so I kinda want to meet you in person.
Sorry it’s so sudden.”


“No problem…um, she brags about me?”


I can’t let Meira-san make us follow her pace.

We have to calm down a little before we start to talk.

Hmm, okay.


“Um, I’ll prepare tea for us so please wait for a bit.”


“How nice of you, thank you.”


Rattlua-san immediately chimed in to help me.


“That’s right.
Ivy makes the best tea.”


Seemed like Meira-san got on with our story.

After we confirmed that Meira-san and the others were seated, I went to get tea leaves from my tent.

When I got out of my tent, Rattlua-san was almost finished setting up the fire.

Water was in the pot already.


“Thank you.”


“Nah, no problem.”


He also prepared teacups for us.

He’s real good at supporting people, huh.

I put tea leaves into the boiling water and left it boiling for a while.

Then I poured the tea into teacups for Rattlua-san, me, and the other 3.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


“Thank you.”


“Ah, it really smells good.”


“I told you so!”


Louiselia-san seemed to be enjoying the tea’s aromatic fragrance.

Kalua-san is drinking their tea quietly.


“Ivy, do you have something planned tomorrow?”




“Yup, how about we go out and eat desserts together?”


“How nice~”


“I haven’t asked Rattlua though.”


“How cruel of you, although you know I like desserts?”


“No offense.”


Meira-san sulked.

If one doesn’t know anything about her, they will think she looks cute.

But for me, she’s scary.


“How about we all just go together?”


Kalua-san suggested to Meira-san quietly.


“I agree.”


“Okay, then it’s decided! Let’s go to Floflo or Amarocal tomorrow.”


“Huh, why must it be those 2 places?”


“I showed Ivy around the town today, and we talked about going there.”


There’s no such thing.

But I’m sure he has a reason for saying that.




“Eh, I was going to suggest Mamaloco or something though.”


“Mamaloco is good as well, but they don’t have any new stuffs, right?”


“…Well, I can’t deny that.”



Meira-san was a little strange just now.

Is it just my imagination?


“Enough! Just anywhere is fine!”


Louiselia-san suddenly shouted.

I was surprised.

What’s her business?


“Then, tomorrow we will go to Floflo or Amarocal.
Mamaloco is for the day after tomorrow.”


“Good idea.
Let’s do that.”


Is it just my imagination after all?

Or is there something in that place called Mamaloco?

I felt like they’re in a hurry to do something.

Seizerg-san and Borolda-san both said that the organization has good resources.

But I don’t get that kind of impression.

And it’s making me worried.

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