A lot of adventurers sign into short contract because their debts are of small amount.”


“So that’s the case.
I thought slaves signed a lifetime contract.
I’ve heard about adventurers turning into slaves, I thought how tragic.”


“Hahaha, if that’s the case, slaves will become very expensive, you see.
Even for criminal slaves, the ones with relatively minor offense get the shortest contract of 10 years.
I think it’s too severe to punish the ones with small amount of debt with lifetime contract.”


“Certainly, that’s the case.”


“If you register to adventurer guild, they will enroll you to some training, you will learn about managing your finance first.
You have to prepare if you fail to complete a mission.
The, in case you can’t repay your debt, you might be demoted into slave.
Well, this is common knowledge, though.”


“Training in the guild…”


A lot of adventurers are well prepared to avoid being demoted into slaves.
They are also prepared for when they fail to complete a mission.
However, even if I said they are prepared, it’s difficult to practice it perfectly.
If you fail to complete a mission, there are cases that you are left with some amount of debt.
Then you get demoted into slave.
But if the debt is of small amount, you can repay it in 3 or 5 years.”

(T/N: he’s just repeating infos, but this paragraph is really there in the raw)


“I see.”


“The tragic guys, perhaps they used up all their money.
There are some stupid ones even if the guild has warned them.”




“In case of capable adventurer turned slave, I know one of them signed a contract with my adventurer friend.
Well, the condition is that I knew an adventurer with quite some money saved up.”



Somehow, it is quite different from what I imagined.

If someone got demoted into a slave, I thought they would be a slave forever.

Where did this knowledge come from?

…probably my previous soul.

Ugh~ a world riddled by betrayal, if you got demoted into a slave, you would be a slave forever…what kind of world did my previous soul live in?

Surely a world harsher than this world.


“Ivy? You all right?”


“Ah, sorry.
I’m alright…um, what will happen to the information you gained along those years?”


“Hm, the information you learned when you are a slave is sealed with magic, you can’t tell it to anyone even after you’re done being a slave.”


I see, sealed with magic, huh.

Somehow, the feeling of rejection I felt for slaves faded.

Even if I say it like that, slaves are expensive, so they are beyond my reach.


“We’ve arrived, huh, it’s pretty crowded today.”


People were doing their laundry.

I felt a bit strange when I thought about these people, who can’t use magic.

I thought they don’t exist, but here they are in front of my eyes.



“What do you want to do…Ivy, are you alright?”


“Ah, I was shocked because there are more people than I imagined.”


“Hahaha, is that so?”


It’s unlikely that all of them can’t use magic, but there are more people in the laundry place than what I imagined.

I found an unoccupied place there and washed my clothes.

The bucket prepared there acts like a magic item.
If you put some water there, the bucket will be automatically filled with water.

I was excited because this is the first time I use a magic item.
Rattlua-san laughed at me.

I washed quite a lot of clothes piled up during my journey.


After I finished washing them all, I put them in a basket.


“Good work, are you finished?”


Ah, I forgot what we came here for because I was so engrossed in doing laundry.

…about the lure too.

I feel safe since Rattlua-san is here with me.

I need to brace myself.


“Sorry to make you wait.”


“No problem.
Then, since you need to air them, shall we go back to the adventurers’ area?”




He told me things like about the shops here and so on as we headed back to the adventurers’ area.

As expected for someone living here, he knows a lot of details.

He knows a lot especially about shops selling sweets.

He seems to like the milpa from yesterday as well.

I could see a building with a lot of people going in.

I could see a cross on the roof of that building.

A church.

…a place that changed my life.

It’s a place I’ve been avoiding for a long time.

I quietly looked at other direction so nobody notices.

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