en if a 9 year old said that.

…I don’t get it.


“Then I’ll go together with you.”


Rattlua-san put his hand on top of my head and laughed.


It’s better to have one person to act as a lure, but surely having someone accompany you would be nice.


“I get it, you can’t leave Ivy alone, right.”


Everyone nodded to Saizerg-san’s words.

As expected, Rattlua-san is quite a worrywart and likes to take care of people.

As a result of the discussion, Rattlua-san and I will act together for a few days.

During that time, we are supposed to look for the person who is watching me.

In addition, we decided to keep an eye on Verdant Wind’s Tort-san and Marma-san.

They seemed to be disappearing now and then.

What they explained so far was, they were doing special training in the forest, or doing a job request requiring only 2 people.

If you think of them as traitors, their explanation sounds suspicious.


“Ivy, Rattlua is top-ranked adventurer, so he’s strong alright.
But what he can do alone is limited.
Of course we will also back you up from the shadow, but…”




“If by any chance you get caught by the organization, in order to protect your life, do not provoke them.
We will save you without fail.”




I thought over the possibility of being caught again and again.

I believe they will come and save me if that happens.

However, since we have no idea how large the organization is, we can’t be too sure.

…there will come a time when you can’t help even if you want to.

Even then, I believe in them.


“Let’s do well on this.”


“Yeah, let’s do well.”


Rattlua-san hugged me tightly…then suddenly released me.


You’re 9, right.
…I can’t shake off the image that you’re 7.”


“I have no problem with that.”


I see, so that’s because he thought that I was 7 years old.

Even though he helped me because I looked young, in the end I have to tell him that my growth rate is slow.

How sad.


“It’s not here.”


I turned towards the direction of that somewhat tragic-sounding voice.

I saw Rickbelt-san coming out from my tent.

Thank goodness I hid Sora before.


Don’t enter other people’s tents without permission!”


Can’t you do something about Rickbelt’s habit?”


“Impossible, I tell you.
He didn’t change even after Gilmas reprimanded him.”


“Aren’t you all too harsh? Besides, reprimanded by Gilmas is like a hellish special training.”


Something seems to have happened before.

Rickbelt-san’s face turned pale when he heard about Gilmas-san’s reprimand.

Is he sick?

I see.


“Ivy, you see, Rickbelt is not sick.”


“Huh? But you said illness?”


Cival-san shrugged.


“I guess you can say he likes it too much to the level of  abnormal.”


How complicated.

I don’t even know if I understand or not.

Anyway, Rickbelt-san likes cute things to an extreme degree, right.


“Ivy, can you show me the slime?”


Cival-san had a look of overflowing interest on his face.

Saizerg-san didn’t tell Gilmas-san, but I told him it’s okay to tell his comrades.

I have no idea how he explained to them.


“I guess there’s no problem.”


I looked at Rickbelt-san.

He had been staring at me since he came out of the tent.

Staring at me so intently

Honestly, I’m scared.


“Ah, wait a second.”


Cival-san circled his arm around Rickbelt-san’s neck and dragged him to a place a bit farther away.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were talking in hushed voice.

What’s the matter?

Borolda-san glanced at them for a bit, but somehow looked back here in an instant.


I noticed that Borolda-san’s face was a bit pale.


“Are you alright Borolda-san? Your face is a bit pale…”


“Hahaha, I’m alright, just uhh…”


His face was twitching though, is he really alright?


“Sorry to make you wait.”


I looked towards Cival-san, he was smiling gently but Rickbelt-san was pale.

…I better not ask.

I returned to the tent and let him see Sora.


“Certainly, this is Rickbelt’s favourite.”


Sora is hopping around Cival-san.

Seems like Sora likes Cival-san.


…We’d better think of something about Rickbelt-san, huh.

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