About an hour after I left the dumpster.

I took a short break.


The magic bags are heavy.

As expected, 10 bags are too much…

The degraded bags do not have time stop function.

Other than that, some degraded bags also do not make things inside feel less heavy.

Because it is different for each bag, I have to check individually before using them.


Six out of ten bags have larger capacity than what I had used before.

However, I can’t use one of them because it doesn’t have weight reduction function.

That being said, I can use the other 5 magic bags, this is a good thing.

I checked my potions while shuffling around the bags’ contents.

Since the bags don’t have time stop function, there are cases where the potions change color.

If that happens, I can’t use them anymore.

I will have to throw them away in the next dumpster.


I shuffled the bags’ contents, and looked at the remaining magic bags.

Because I now use the three newly picked up bags, there are two more bags left.

I had been using four bags until just now.

I put the remaining 6 empty bags into one magic bag.

I’m glad because it still have a lot of space inside.

It seems that there are some bags that can store filled-up magic bags inside among the rare version of regular magic bag.

It’s useless to hope for such function in degraded bags, but I can’t help but feel envious.


I sling two bags on the right side and two bags on the left side, and one was tied on my waist with a string.

There is no change in appearance, but I still have plenty of space in one of the bags.

…I forgot the trash.

My preparation was finished after I put the trash in my bag.

(T/N: I kind of lost the bag math here, but I guess she abandoned the unusable 4 bags with not so large capacity, squeezed stuffs from the old 4 bags into 3, one folded bag on her waist, and one bag contains 6 empty bags – 4 old ones and 2 new ones *Shrug*)


Because I had finished shuffling around my stuffs, I head to the next village.

The dumpster in that village was great, huh.


I heard the sound of a river after walking for a few hours.

Thinking about refilling my water tube, I walked away from the animal trail and headed to the forest relying on the sound of water.

I put marks here and there, and paid attention to not get lost.




A beautiful flowing river came into my view.

Since there were even fish swimming, I guess there is no problem.

I refilled my bamboo tube with water, and I healed my feet that are tired of walking by dipping them in the river.

I felt good.


My mood was completely refreshed, then I started walking back towards the animal trail.

I sensed a presence after walking for a bit.

I hid in the tree shadow and checked my surroundings.


I saw a figure of a man from the distance.

He seemed to be bringing a slime along.

I guessed he has a 2 star Tamer skill.

Slime is a monster that requires 2 stars and plays a role in processing organic matter.

I was told by a waste treatment staff that it was a very important task.

There are also some slimes that treats inorganic matter, but they seem to be quite rare.


What are they doing in a place like this?

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