The fortune teller also told me it’s better to give up.

That reminds me, she strongly recommended me t put my effort into other things.

Now that you mention it, I was strongly encouraged to focus on other things.

I was that hopeless, huh.


“in order to make an adventurer’s group, should we just accept weak slaves?”


“What do you mean? Adventurer’s group?”


“Yeah, I guess not many people know about it.
If you have a slave, you can register them in the guild.
You only need to put your name as their master.”


“…do you need any skill to be a master?”


“Skill? Ah, the slaves will be doing the fighting, so the master doesn’t need any skill.”


So it’s like that.

Even slaves can be registered in the guild.


“We’re back.”


As I turned towards the area’s entrance, I saw Borolda-san and Rickbelt-san.

And I could see Saizerg-san and Cival-san behind them.


“Welcome back.”


“We’re home.”


Rickbelt-san was heading straight to my tent, but Borolda-san grabbed his clothes and stopped him.

I quietly return to my tent, put Sora inside my bag and sling it on my shoulder, then exited the tent.

Seems like Rickbelt-san was talking to Borolda-san, so he did not notice.

Saizerg-san and Rattlua-san saw my action and smiled wryly.


“Ivy, shall we cook dinner together?”


Rattlua-san showed me a large paper bag and beckoned to me.

I looked inside the paper bag, it was stuffed with a lot of food ingredients.

I should be able to make a lot of dishes with this.


“I bought a lot because they seem to be good for seasoning.”


Saizerg-san took out another paper bag.

There are more than 10 small bags inside.

All of them are various kinds of seasonings.

I’m happy.


“Thank you.
I’ll work hard to make our dinner.”


Saizerg-san called Cival-san and went inside the tent.

I’m worried of how they, while knowing the truth, would react.
But I couldn’t do anything even if I worry about it.

I will do my best doing what I can do.




Even so, the things they bought are all over the place.

It felt like they crammed everything they could get?

There were this and that kind of meat, also vegetables unsuitable to put in soup.

There were also some vegetables I didn’t recognize, I’ll try tasting them for now.

Nouga-san, Loucreek-san and Maarleek-san came here while I was cooking.

They seemed to be summoned here to have a talk in turn inside the tent.

I looked at them exiting the tent worriedly.

Cival-san and Loucreek-san looked troubled.

Nouga-san…looked so scary I turned away the moment I saw him.

Maarleek-san came out from the tent with a huge smile on his face.

…Huh? Smile?


“Ivy, I’m sorry I doubted you.
I’ll make sure you get justice.”


Perhaps he meant about how he didn’t believe what Rattlua-san said.

Nothing could be done about that.

When I looked at him, about to say that it was alright, I noticed that although he was smiling, but his eyes were not smiling at all.

I proceeded to sit down and nodded in understanding.

Maarleek-san was scary in a different sense from Nouga-san.


“…I’m so tired…”


Saizerg-san came out from the tent and stretched his back.


“Good work.
Dinner is almost done.”


“Whoa, as you would expect from Ivy.
It smells real nice.”


I put grilled meat and vegetables on plates.

Then soup and bread.

Also unknown white soft thing.


“Rattlua-san, what is this white thing?”


“Food to eat after we finished our dinner.
You’ll be surprised when you eat it later.”


What is it?

I’m curious.


“Anyway, good work today~ Nouga, Maarleek, calm down a little.
Dinner will be ruined by looking at your faces.”


Nouga-san sighed deeply, then raised a cup of alcohol.


“Good work.”



Somehow the two of them have calmed down.

I have no idea what will happen down the road, but for now I’m going to enjoy thisdinner with everyone.

So I can do my best from now on.

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