“What’s wrong?”


“How did you decide that Meira-san was the traitor?”




They all looked at me in confusion.


Did they perhaps tell me already?

…Nah, I think they haven’t told me about this.


“We haven’t told you about it huh…somehow it feels like we still haven’t fully accepted that fact in our hearts.”


Saizerg-san smiled wryly.

The other 2 except Rattlua-san also smiled wryly.


“First of all, I’ll tell you the reason I decided Meira as a traitor.
I noticed it because Rattlua told me.
The way the trader, Meira, and Marma looked at you in that short moment…it was the same look a slave trader has when they are appraising their targets.
That was what made me suspect her.
After that, we sealed it with Rickbelt and Marma’s conversation.”


“I didn’t notice the way they looked at you.
Or rather, I didn’t believe what Rattlua said at all.
Doubting your comrades and all that.
That’s why I wanted to verify it, I asked those two ‘Is that your friend? I’ve never seen them, though.’ I had hoped that they would answer no to that.
However they answered, ‘They seemed to be lost, they asked for directions.’


“Rick’s act is too hasty.
But thanks to that, we found out about their hidden relationship.
Well, I kind of suspected them from this point.”


“We went out to buy dinner together afterwards, and I hid my suspicion so they didn’t notice, but they were on alert… Truly like traitors.”


“So it was like that.”


So Rickbelt-san sometimes looked at me strangely because he was suspecting me.

Well, it’s inevitable that he would trust his comrades more than me, who appeared out of nowhere.

When I think about it, I wonder why Rattlua-san took action so quickly.


“Well, we have to brace ourselves.
It’s going to be tough from now on.”


Seizerg-san sighed deeply.

Borolda-san and Rattlua-san also nodded.

Rickbelt-san looked a bit sad.


“Ivy, we have something to ask you.”


“If it’s about the decoy, I’m OK with it.”


“Not about that, well it’s also about that though.
First of all I want you to think about who to talk about this with.”


Hmm, I don’t quite understand what he said.

Who am I going to talk about this with?

…perhaps, they haven’t told anyone about this?

I see, there might be other traitors aside the ones from Verdant Wind.


“Do you think there are other traitors?”


“…Well, actually I don’t want to go there.
Rattlua said we should discuss among the 5 of us first.”


“It’s because you said it would involve Ivy.
If that’s the case then we have to ask for Ivy’s opinion.”


Rattlua-san seemed to be against me getting involved.

But rather than getting involved, I feel like I’m already at the center.

I’m being targeted anyway.


“Rattlua-san, thank you.”


“Well, I can’t say anything if you want to do it.
But you have to be careful.”


“I understood.”


“Let’s continue.
I will tell Gilmas everything, including about Ivy.
He will make the decision.
However…we will have to keep it from the nobles.”


“Borolda, is it alright with you?”


“You can’t count on my opinion at this kind of situation.”


“Come to think of it, you said Marma-san saved Rickbelt-san before.
Borolda-san was helped by the nobles before.
You must be feeling grateful towards them.”


“Yeah, they are my savior, but somehow I’m getting more and more suspicious towards them.”


Borolda-san’s expression changed when he heard what I said.

Come to think of it, you can turn a blind eye to your savior, huh.

This must be my previous soul’s knowledge.

I wonder why my previous soul knows so much about these things.


Does it mean she lived in a world full of betrayal?

A scary world indeed.


“Are you alright, Ivy? Don’t mind me.”


“Um…Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m all right.”


I was lost in thought.

I’ll think about my previous self later.

I’m grateful for her knowledge.


“So you can trust this Gilmas guy?”


“Hm? Yeah, Gilmas is the guild master, the one at the top.
We can trust him.”


I see, Gilmas is the guild master, huh.

I thought I’d heard about it somewhere…Huh? When was it?

…Well, it’s alright for now.



“I’ll let you decide who to tell about this.”


We will tell Thunder Emperor and Seizerg’s Sword of Fire.
Gilmas perhaps will tell the vigilante captain and vice captain.
Other than that, I think better leave them out.”


“…Yeah probably that’s the best.
The two from Borolda’s team as well, right?”


“I trust them.
Or rather I want to trust them.”


“Should we try asking Sora?”


“Ah, right, we have that method as well…does it remember the 2 from Borolda’s team?”


“…I wonder, I’ll ask.”


“Ivy, may I come with you?”


“…I’ll ask Sora.”


I went back to the tent and woke Sora up.

Was it still sleeping until just now?

Sora’s pace sometimes made me surprise.


“Sora, Rattlua-san said he wants to see you, is it alright?”


Sora bounced while looking at the tent’s opening.

Does it mean Sora agreed?


“Rattlua-san, you can come in.”


Rattlua-san quietly entered the tent.

He looked at Sora…and froze?

I wonder what happened, is there a problem?


“Eh, what kind of color is this.
Semi-translucent slime? Really?”


I thought I just have never encountered them, but semi-translucent slimes are indeed rare, huh.

Even if this problem is resolved, it’s better to hide Sora from public eyes.




“Whoa, ah, sorry.
Um, is that Sora-chan?”


“Yes, is semi-translucent slimes that rare?”


“I’ve only heard about them in stories and legends.”




Well, it doesn’t matter right now.


“Sora, um, do you remember Borolda-san’s comrades?”


It bounced up once.


“Will the 4 from Thunder Emperor bring problems to me?”


Sora swayed and bounced.


“Seems like it’s alright.”


“Hmm~ does it really understand, though?”




“Sorry Ivy, I’m gonna test it for a bit.
Sora-chan, I am a member of Thunder Emperor.”


Sora only looked at Rattlua-san closely.

It didn’t bounce or sway.

Sora understands after all.


“It seems to think that you’re not a member of Thunder Emperor.”


“Hmm~ wait a minute.”


What is it this time.

Slime being aware of its surroundings is a strange thing indeed huh.

But…I think it understands.


“Excuse me.”


Rickbelt-san entered the tent.

Then he saw the slime and got surprised.

Everyone’s surprised after all.


“I may call it Sora, right?”




“Sora, I am Saizerg.”


Sora didn’t respond.



“Sora, don’t sleep.
It will be over soon.”


“Fufufu, sorry, just one more.
I am Rickbelt.”


Sora glanced at Rickbelt-san and swayed.

However, it sulked a little.


“Sora seemed angry we did a trial on it.
Sorry, Ivy.
This is the first time I see a slime like Sora.”


Rickbelt-san made a racket when he exited the tent.

Somehow Sora’s reaction was interesting for him.


“Thank you, Sora.”


Sora leaned against my hand and swayed.

I patted it gently, Sora was feeling better afterwards and bounced around me.

…The sulky Sora was cute.

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