!!TW!! mentions of pedos


“Sticky glance…why would they…”


I shivered a little hearing Rickbelt-san’s quiet words.

His words contained no emotion at all, and I only felt strange dread from it.

The other three looked away from Rickbelt-san a little awkwardly.

This place was filled with indescribable atmosphere.




Rickbelt-san suddenly exclaimed loudly as he scratched his head.

I let out a squeak in surprise.


“Ah, sorry.
Sorry, Ivy, you must be shocked.”


“No worries…are you alright?”


I was a little worried since yesterday.

I’m not very sure, but I guess they are thinking about Meira-san and the gang.


“Meira was together with her brother, Marma, yesterday.”




“Marma is my childhood friend.
He was also my savior.
…where did things go wrong?”


You won’t find the answer here.

It was a question nobody can answer.

My heart broke when I saw Rickbelt-san smiled while looking as if he was about to cry.


“Rick, you can leave this matter to us.”


“No, I want to catch them with my own hands.
And yet… I still want to trust them.”


“I see.”


Borolda-san patted Rickbelt-san’s shoulder lightly for a few times.

Rattlua-san and Saizerg-san looked sad.

They thought of them as important friends.

Meira-san, Marma-san, and Tort-san.

How painful.


“Phew~ we have to continue our conversation.
I think we’d better tell Ivy the whole story.
You have questions, right?”


You bet I have questions.

What happened yesterday, and what you saw.

I calmed myself down and turned towards Borolda-san.


“You remember the talk about the failed crackdown before?”


That was because someone leaked the information.”


“That was it.
Only a few people knew about that information.
In other words, we know that the traitor is someone among those people.”


“The Leader of the vigilantes, the vice leader, and Gilmas have investigated those people independently.
However, they weren’t able to find any proof.
They were able to make sure that the traitor is among those people, the day before the subjugation, though.”


“Only the 4 of us know about that.
We had a chance to drink together with Gilmas.”


Borolda-san and Saizerg-san continued their explanation.

It must be hard for them to have to investigate their comrades.

Must hard as well for the 4 of them who know about the information.

I get it now, so the 4 of them accompanied me because they knew about this.


“I went to greet Gilmas after the meeting yesterday, and he asked me for a favor.
He found out the proof that a particular trader was dealing with unique goods.
Since it was still too weak to call it a proof, he asked me to gather more information.”


“That trader is dealing with human beings, uh…well.
It’s a bit hard for me to tell you.”


What did he mean?

Borolda-san suddenly stuttered.

Saizerg-san also frowned deeply.

Is it really that hard to say?

I can more or less guess that the trader was dealing with human beings.

Kidnapping people and selling them out, perhaps they are illegal slave traders.

Was it something even crueler than this?

And why were they so reluctant to tell me?


“Ugh, I mean…please tell me to stop if you fell sick, okay?”




I feel even more nervous because Borolda-san said it very seriously.


“They are dealing with human beings, I’m talking about children here.
Especially boys.
Um… …adults with fetishes, that… those people with warped love towards children, they do business with such people…are you okay?”


I see, pedophiles…perverts.

So I was targeted by such trader…they are lusting over children?


“Are you alright?”


Rattlua-san asked out of worry when I was deep in thought.

Perhaps he thought that I was silent because I feel sick.


“I’m alright.
Um, it’s really alright.”



No, I’m not alright.

I feel sick and my head is muddled.

I was targeted for such purpose…

Let’s calm down by thinking of other things.


“Um, Sword of Fire and Thunder Emperor are top-ranked adventurers, right.
What is their reason for dealing with such business? The risk is high, isn’t it?”


“Should be money.
That, and confidence they nurtured until now.”


“Money and confidence?”


“Because it’s a fetish you can’t show to just anybody, the targeted children are sold in high price.
Mainly because the government’s control is getting tighter and the punishment is heavier, their prices are soaring.”


Borolda-san sighed deeply.

It’s good that the control is tighter, but instead, their prices increased and it became a profitable business.

It somehow felt miserable.


“Also, the top-ranked adventurers didn’t know about the organization, so they didn’t act on it.
They think there’s no problem if they do work as usual.”



Saizerg-san voiced his thought with disgust.


“This time, Verdant Wind should have gotten the information about the traders, if not for the traitor.
The traitor would soon wiped out the traders, and we can’t get closer to the organization.”


I see, so information from the guild is relayed to the top-ranked adventurers.

They have so much trust in them.



“Is Verdant Wind included in top-ranked adventurers?”


“No, but due to their achievement, the same information is also relayed to them.
They have the nobles’ backing after all.”


I have some questions.

Why did the nobles meddle in this matter?

Did they have a good relationship with each other?


“Is Verdant Wind close to the nobles?”


“Nah, I’ve never heard of them being close.
It will be a problem if they meddle because they are close.”



So they don’t have good relationship with each other.

Then, did they share the information because there are only a few number of top-ranked adventurers?


“…Is the number of top-ranked adventurers low in this town?”


“Hm? Nah, there are seven groups including us, so not a low number.
Could it be, you are suspecting the nobles?”


Saizerg-san looked surprised.

Borolda-san and Rickbelt-san also looked surprised.

I wonder why?

If this matter revolves around money, the suspicious ones must be the rich.

The nobles are the richest ones here.

The nobles are also the ones who backed Verdant Wind.

They might have their reason, but I think that’s suspicious…huh?

Why did I think like this?


I was a bit…”


“Nah, that’s no problem.
The noble we mentioned earlier a person you can trust.”


“I wonder.
Are you sure we can trust them?”




Rattlua-san and Borolda-san glanced at each other.

What’s going on?

Borolda-san’s mood suddenly changed.


“Borolda might be grateful to them.
However, can you really trust them in this situation?”


“Of course.”






“Can you still say the same, after taking Meira into account?”




“Calm down, both of you.”


Rickbelt-san hit their shoulders.

His voice seemed to become a little louder.


Are the people around here able to hear our conversation?

I looked around, but the adventurers around here don’t seem to mind about us.



“Huh? You just realized it now? I used a soundproof item.
A magic item dropped by monsters.
Isn’t it great?”

Rattlua-san pointed at the soundproof item on the desk a little proudly.

I didn’t notice at all.

Drop item from monsters, huh…just like a game…hmm?


What was it just now, ah, knowledge from my previous self, huh.




I switched over my consciousness as soon as I heard Borolda-san’s voice.

He had an indescribable expression on his face.

Like he wanted to trust the noble, but wasn’t sure if he can trust them.

With the fact that Meira-san is a traitor, we don’t know any more who are our allies and who are our enemies.


Remind me how did they know that Meira-san was the traitor again?

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