ring our journey, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I thought perhaps it was just my imagination.
So I thought if I’m alone I might find out about something.”


“Oh, so that’s the case? We…”


I was a little puzzled hearing Borolda-san’s panicked tone.




“See, I told you Ivy is rather shrewd for her age!”


Ah~ in other words, you weren’t just recklessly playing around, right?”


I was surprised by Borolda-san’s words.

I didn’t expect them to see me like that…but well, I was doing things alone although I was being targeted.


“I’m sorry for acting recklessly.”


Borolda-san listened to my apology and….


“Are you really 8 years old?”


I was asked like that.

I’m eight, but is there any problem?


But certainly today is the start of August, then…


“I turned nine.”


“…That’s not what I mean, though.
Huh, 9? A few days ago you were 8, right?”


“Since yesterday.
I heard that I was born on end of July.
So perhaps I turned nine.”


“You said it so lightly….
Well, congratulations!”


Rattlua-san wished me a happy birthday with a bitter smile on his face.

I feel like it has been a long time since I heard those words.

The last time I heard it was on my 5th birthday.

In these past few years, I only realized that it was my birthday when it was over.


“I’m so happy.
Thank you.”


I was soothed by Rattlua-san’s words.

I was actually a little surprised by this.

Only by this single word, my heart felt so warm.

For some reason, Rattlua-san who saw my surprised face, patted my head gently.

He is really kind.


“When the problem is solved, let’s have a huge birthday party.”


“Eh, there’s no need, really.”


“I insist.
Oh right, Borolda and Saizerg’s treat because they didn’t trust you.”


“Nah, they apologized.
And I am also in the wrong since I acted recklessly.”


I was flustered hearing Rattlua-san’s words.

I’m very happy, but it isn’t nice to force them.


“There’s no problem.
Thanks to your action, seems like we will be able to solve the problem.”


My actions?


“Did I do anything?”


Saizerg-san hit Borolda-san silently.

Borolda-san held his head.

I wonder what happened.


“My god.
Please choose your words wisely.”


“I chose my words though.”


“Your choice was awful.”


Saizerg-san had no mercy on Borolda-san.

I felt that Borolda-san was respected during the subjugation.

But seeing this, somehow that’s not the case?

Must be because at that time he was the leader of the subjugation.




“This isn’t it, not your act.
How should I phrase it… you felt it yesterday on the road, right?”


He must be talking about the discomfort yesterday.

I nodded quietly.

Borolda-san looked a little sad.


“At that time, Meira was on the other side of the street.”


“I see, so Meira-san was…”


“The problem is the person who was together with Meira at that time.
Well, thanks to that, we are able to determine who the traitor is.”


The people who was together with her?

Was it that person, the one with sticky glance.

If it was just Meira-san, I should only felt discomfort.


“What’s the matter?”


“Eh…um, I didn’t only feel discomfort yesterday, I also felt someone was watching me closely.”


Those 4 people gasped after hearing my words.

And they looked at each other.

I wonder if I said something weird.


“What is the problem?”


“Do you have any other skill besides Tamer, such as mind reading?”


“Mind reading? No, I don’t have.”



What do they mean with mind reading?

I’ve never heard of it.


“I see, then perhaps that was your intuition.”


I’m not sure.

But my skills are Tamer, and one more unknown skill.

I’m pretty sure that one isn’t mind reading.

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