I opened my eyes a bit.

I should be dawn now since faint ray of light is seeping into the tent.

I searched for any malicious presence, but there’s none around here.

I sighed in relied and extended my arms to stretch my body.




When I got up and looked to the side, Sora was sleeping soundly.

I suppressed the urge to go back to sleep again, and reached out for change of clothes.

I went to the dumpster yesterday for potions, but I also to confirm something.

Whether I was really targeted or not.

The uncomfortable feeling I felt again and again in the adventurers’ area didn’t come out at all during our 2-day journey.

I thought that maybe I was mistaken and actually I just hadn’t adjusted to the presence of the subjugation team.

I trust Sora, but I kind of also want it to be a mistake on my part.

However, I also sensed trailing gaze aside the uncomfortable feeling from yesterday,

Honestly, I didn’t expect things to escalate this fast.

But now that I understand, I have to think.

If I’m really targeted, what should I do?

And about Meira-san…

Rattlua-san and Meira-san seems to have a very good relationship.

Will he believe me?

I’m worried, but it’s better if I tell him the truth, right?

Even if he hates me and abandons me later.




I opened the tent’s opening after I made sure that Sora is still under the blanket.

I stretched my body once again outside the tent.

I looked around…and saw Rickbelt-san and Borolda-san sleeping on the table.

Seems like they drank themselves silly and fell asleep.

Hmm, for breakfast, I should make simple soup that’s good for your stomach.

I think I still have some medicinal herbs left.

They have to be awake if I want to tell them my story.


I started a fire, added water, thinly sliced dried meat, and root vegetables, then stewed them.

After the vegetables turned tender, I only need to add medicinal herbs and the soup is finished.

After that…


“Something smells good.”


Borolda-san got up from the table as if enticed by the aroma.

Rickbelt-san also got up and looked around in confusion.


“Huh? …why am I here?”


Borolda-san sighed deeply and scratched his head.


“You picked a fight with me then completely forgot about it…you’re really annoying.”




I couldn’t hear them clearly because their voices sounded scratchy.

Do they have sore throat?


“Good morning, Ivy! Sorry I overslept.”


“Ugh…your voice…”


Although Rattlua-san spoke with his usual volume, Borolda-san and Rickbelt-san were gripping their heads.


“Are you two all right?”


“Good morning, Ivy.
Don’t mind them.
They’re just hangover.”


Saizerg-san came out from the tent and handed a paper bag to Rattlua-san.


I warned them yesterday, though.”


“Please lower your voice.
Too loud.”

Rickbelt-san looked really suffering.

He looked really desperate.


“I’m sorry as well.
I also overslept.”


I shook my head at Saizerg-san’s apology.

I divided the soup into several containers, and Borolda-san placed them on the desk.

Rattlua-san took out black bread from the paper bag and sliced it.


“Let’s dig in.”


The hangover duo was confused for a moment and then started eating their soup.


“Ah, this is really refreshing.”




I was relieved since even the hangover duo could eat it.

We had tea after breakfast.

Should I tell them now?

Or after we calm down a little bit more?


“Ivy, I have something to talk about, is it alright?”




Just the right time since I also have something to tell you all.

Saizerg-san’s face looked so serious, I wonder what it is about…

And Rattlua-san looked somewhat sullen.

Borolda-san also had an indescribable expression on his face.

Rickbelt-san was looking down so I couldn’t see his expression.







“You can refuse if you can’t do it.
But please listen to my explanation first.
We would like to ask for your help to capture the organization…by acting as a lure.”


“…That’s all right.”


I can’t keep running away.

That’s why I keep thinking of what to do.

Thinking about my current situation, the word ‘lure’ came to mind.

Honestly, I’m scared, but I think this is the best way to solve the current problem.


“Ivy, you can’t! Don’t agree so easily!”


Rattlua-san grabbed my shoulders looking about to cry.

I feel guilty to see his expression.

But if there’s any other way, Saizerg-san would never suggest this way.

There’s probably no other way.


“I was actually going to ask for your help as well.
I can’t do anything at this rate.
That’s why I need your help.”




Everyone looked surprised.


“And then…”


My heart was beating so loudly.

If I say this, they might not want to help me anymore.

However, I must say it.


“Meira-san and the others from Verdant Wind might be part of the organization.”


I made eye contact with Rattlua-san, but I looked downward in the end.

They might not believe me.

They might think I’m a liar.

I’m scared.

But I can’t keep this from them anymore.


“…I know you had suspicions.
And…we just found out yesterday that Meira is a traitor.”




I looked up when I heard Rattlua-san’s sad voice.

He had an indescribable look on his face.


“You tried hard to hide something when we were staying in the adventurers’ area with the subjugation team, right? I didn’t realize at first.
But I noticed later, that you were scared of Meira.”


Since the subjugation, that long?

But what happened yesterday?


“When Rattlua invited us to have dinner together, I more or less heard the reason.
But I didn’t believe it at that time because Meira was our comrade.
However, we realized who the traitor was when we saw Meira and the others yesterday.”


I had some questions about what Borolda-san said.

When did this dinner together happen?

Then, they knew that there was a traitor among them?


“I was so shocked.
When we returned to the adventurers’ area after the subjugation, Rattlua suddenly bowed down.”


Borolda-san said that in a cheerful tone, perhaps to change the atmosphere that’s getting too grim.

Saizerg-san and Rattlua-san also laughed.


Dinner during subjugation period…ah, was it the day Rattlua-san took a leave?

That day Meira-san invited me to have dinner together, and when I was at a loss, Rattlua-san said that we already agreed to have dinner together with Leader…or I might be wrong.

I see, so he noticed my uneasiness and helped me.


“Rattlua-san, thank you.”


“Nah, I didn’t believe you 100% at that time.
But after I talked a lot with you, I believe you are not trying to fool us.”


I bowed deeply.

Honestly, I didn’t expect them to believe me.

Meira-san and the others were their comrades who stick together through thick and thin until now.

And yet, even though they didn’t fully believe me, they always protect me.

My tears spilled.

He patted my head gently.


I should have talked about it earlier.
But…I wanted to trust Meira.”


I shook my head.

That’s a given, since they were comrades.

That thought made me cried harder.

I somehow managed to stop the tears by taking a deep breath.

As I looked up, Borolda-san gently wiped my face with a towel.

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