“Well, let’s dig in!”


Borolda-san poured alcohol into his cup and drained it while telling us to eat.


“Ah~ It’s good to drink after a while!”


“That must be because you became the team leader.
As a result, we couldn’t drink as well.”


Rickbelt-san complained to Borolda-san.


“I have no choice, at that time there wasn’t anyone else in this town.
I wouldn’t do it if there was anyone else.”


Borolda-san and Rickbelt-san both drank vigorously.


They were drinking alcohol just like drinking water.


“You both, please drink like proper adults.”


Saizerg-san snatched the alcohol bottle as if exasperated.


“Ah~ my alcohol.”


The others laughed seeing those two reached their hands towards the snatched alcohol bottle.


“Saizerg, return it to me!”


Borolda-san filled his cup with alcohol again as soon as it was returned to him.

Saizerg-san looked exasperated.

My impression of Borolda-san changed little by little.

Truly a unique person.


“Ivy, you don’t have to worry about them.
Here, this town’s specialty.
Mou soup!”


The soup on the plate was rich and had a lot of huge chunks of mou meat in it.

I felt like I have tasted this before.

What was it…it should be my previous self who tasted it.

The word beef stew came to mind.

Apparently the taste is similar to a dish called beef stew.


“It doesn’t taste good?”




It seemed that they had a wrong idea when I was thinking hard about the taste.

Rattlua-san looked at me worriedly.


“No, it’s tasty.
I just think it tastes similar to a dish I know.”


Ah, no good.


“You have tasted this before?”


A long time ago.”


It was impossible to explain.

We only have wild mice in Latomi Village.

Furthermore, most of them are made into dried meat.

However they didn’t seem to find any issue.


“I see~ do you like it?”


I like it.”


“I’m glad.
This is my favorite food.”


“I also like this very much.”


“Hehe, that’s great then.”


Rattlua-san smiled a little awkwardly, however that smile looked a little sad.

Sometimes he made this kind of expression.

He would quickly change his expression, but it made me sad seeing him.

Adventurers must have faced all sort of things, huh.

Difficult things included.


“Ivy! You drink this too!”




Rickbelt-san, with his eyes glassy, held out a cup without hesitation.

What is it all of a sudden?

And you do realize that I’m a minor, right?


“Stop it! Geez.
Sorry, Ivy, he’s drunk.”


Saizerg-san took the cup he held out.

Rickbelt-san looked dejected.

I just saw another side of him.

However, his eyes were so glassy it was scary.


“Geez~ Rickbelt-san is on troublesome type today.”




“Yeah, he has 3 different types of drunk.
Giggly drunk, quarreling drunk and prideful drunk.
Today it’s the most troublesome one, the quarreling drunk.


Rattlua-san explained with a strained smile.


“I think we should go back to our tents after we finished eating.
He will be like that for a long time.”


I looked at Rickbelt-san, who was quarreling with Saizerg-san.


“Look, I worked real hard this time.
But who got away with my achievement~!”


Rather than quarreling, you can say he’s complaining non-stop to the person beside him.

I guess nobody wants to listen to that kind of thing, huh.

Alright, let’s clean up and return to my tent.

I quietly tidied up the dirty dishes and other things.

Then I’m going to return to my tent quietly so Rickbelt-san doesn’t find out.


“Good night.”


Saizerg-san waved his hand, noticing my whisper.

Will everyone be alright tomorrow?

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