I headed to the adventurers’ area while listening to explanation about this town.

Loucreek-san went with his family, and Cival-san went with his partner.

Nouga-san and Maarleek-san went to meet their friends.


Saizerg-san, Rattlua-san, Borolda-san, and Rickbelt-san stayed.

They said that they would stay with me in the adventurers’ area, however they actually live in this town.

They surely have home they are living in here.
Is this okay?

There were numerous adventurers in the area.

I should be okay by myself here, since there are people patrolling this area?


“You don’t have to worry, Ivy.
Leader and the others have nowhere to go.”


I guess he understood what I was thinking by looking at me.

Rattlua-san said cheerfully.


“Both of them were kicked out from their girlfriends’ houses before the subjugation started.
No problem at all.”


Rickbelt-san continued by cheerfully adding more information.


“You guys…wait, how did you know about that?”


Borolda-san asked Rickbelt-san miserably.

However he only shrugged his shoulders and refused to answer.

Anyway, there is no problem with these 2, but how about the other 2?


“What about you, Rattlua-san?”


“No problem, since I don’t have any family.”


He looked sad for a moment, but he got back to his usual smile after that.

I guess I should not touch this topic then.


“Is that so.
I’m glad to have you here.”


“No problem with me either.
Since my family kicked me out from the house.”


…Can you really consider that as ‘no problem’?

I think he has a whole different problem.

Rickbelt-san was grinning.


“Um, thank you.”


It’s very reassuring to have them accompany me.

That’s why I have to thank them properly.


We arrived at the adventurers’ area; it was a spacious one, just like the city.

Seems like we don’t need a permit to enter, but a guard was standing at the entrance.

Saizerg-san and the others raised their hands to that person, and I bowed my head; then we entered the adventurers’ area.


“Wow, this area is so spacious.”


“I know right~ There are 4 more adventurers’ area other than this one, so 5 in total.
I think all of them are as huge as this one.”


5 adventurers’ areas, how amazing.

Borolda-san pointed out towards an empty space.


“I think there’s enough space for us around there.
It’s also a little far from other tents.”


“That’s right.”


Since Saizerg-san also agreed, we set up our tents in the empty space he found.

The tent they took out looked different from the large tent I saw during the subjugation.


“I see you’re using different tent.”


“Different from when we camped with our comrades, yeah.
This is personal tent.”


“I see.”


Even if you said it’s a single-person tent, it’s bigger than my tent.

They set up 4 single-person tents.

I hurriedly set up my own tent as well.

I pondered a little as I arranged the inside of my tent.

I want to grab some potions for Sora in the dumpster.

But I need to go there alone.

What should I do?

I only have enough potions until tomorrow morning.

I need to somehow go to the dumpster within today.

When I got out of the tent, an adventurer I saw during the subjugation was talking to Borolda-san.


“I understand.
Please tell them to assemble here.”


“Very well.
Then, I’ll leave it to you.”




The adventurer seemed to be in a hurry and left soon.




As I was looking at their retreating figure, Borolda-san called out to me.

Borolda-san had a serious look on his face.

I approached him while feeling a little worried.


“Some things came up.
Will you be alright by yourself?”



I haven’t been alone for a long time lately.

So I feel a little nervous, but I can’t be like this forever.

I need to go grab some potions as well.




“Please be careful.”


He patted my head lightly as I nodded.

The other 3 seemed to have finished setting up their tents and were going to leave for the meeting place.

Rattlua-san turned around repeatedly while waving his hands.

My heart felt warm seeing his figure.


I went back to my tent, shut its opening tightly and fastened the metal lock, then let Sora out from the bag.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t let you out for a long time.”


Sora was bouncing.
I petted Sora.


“Someone out there is still targeting me.
Please bear with it for a while longer.”


I’m glad I could set up my tent here.

We didn’t use our tents during our journey.

I can let Sora out of the bag inside the tent.

I watched Sora doing its stretching movement.

As expected, it’s cramped inside the bag.


“Sora, let’s go grab potions once you finished your exercise!”


I want to grab as many potions as I can.

I’ll bring the bag with the largest capacity.

This is the first time I’m doing something alone since I know I’m being targeted.

I breathed out deeply and paid attention to the presence outside.

I didn’t sense that anyone was watching me.


“Sora, let’s go.”


Sora leaped towards me; I put it in my bag and I hung the bag on my shoulder.

I shut the tent opening firmly when I got out.

I looked around, and left the adventurers’ area.


I constantly watched for presence, but it’s hard to find anything because the main road was crowded.

However, that doesn’t mean you’d be better off walking in a deserted road.

Rattlua-san warned me to stay alert even in the town.


I showed my permit at the town gate and left the town.

I checked my surroundings and took a guess where the dumpster should be.

It should not be so far from here.

There must be a lot of trash in such a huge town.

If the dumpster is too far, people might just throw their trash in different place.


“There it is.”


As expected from a huge town, its dumpster is huge as well.

It’s about the same size as Latome Village.

Perhaps it has a lot of tamers working here.




Honestly, I’m more tired than usual since I was walking in the forest while repeatedly checking for presence.

I couldn’t let my guard down either.

In this situation, I couldn’t let Sora out of the bag.

Let’s quickly grab some potions and return.

I entered the dumpster and put whatever potions I could find into the bag.

I only grabbed red and blue potions that Sora needs.

I don’t need other types at this point.

I crammed a lot of potions into the deteriorated magic bag that I brought along.


When I left the dumpster, it was a little dark already.
Must be because I picked up a large amount of potions.

Let’s return quickly.

As I headed towards the town, I sensed a presence approaching me.

I quickly hid behind a tree and watched the situation.

As expected, someone was approaching.

My hands and feet were cold from nervousness.

I took deep breaths, forming a harmony with nature so they don’t sense my presence.

I matched my breathing with the wind blow, quietly…quietly…


After a while, I heard a sound of someone dumping things into the dumpster.

After that, the presence returned to the town.

I’m relieved that person didn’t seem to be the one targeting me.


I took a deep breath, and checked for any presence once again.

Everything seems alright for now.

By the way, was I able to hide my presence well?

Saizerg-san told me how to hide my presence during our journey.

The best way to hide your presence in the forest seemed to be forming a harmony with nature.

Borolda-san said that it is the most effective way to conceal yourself.


I ran a little faster towards the town.

I searched around for any presence, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

As I entered the town after showing my permit, all the fatigue rushed out.

I’m tired…

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