potions as well.




“Please be careful.”


He patted my head lightly as I nodded.

The other 3 seemed to have finished setting up their tents and were going to leave for the meeting place.

Rattlua-san turned around repeatedly while waving his hands.

My heart felt warm seeing his figure.


I went back to my tent, shut its opening tightly and fastened the metal lock, then let Sora out from the bag.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t let you out for a long time.”


Sora was bouncing.
I petted Sora.


“Someone out there is still targeting me.
Please bear with it for a while longer.”


I’m glad I could set up my tent here.

We didn’t use our tents during our journey.

I can let Sora out of the bag inside the tent.

I watched Sora doing its stretching movement.

As expected, it’s cramped inside the bag.


“Sora, let’s go grab potions once you finished your exercise!”


I want to grab as many potions as I can.

I’ll bring the bag with the largest capacity.

This is the first time I’m doing something alone since I know I’m being targeted.

I breathed out deeply and paid attention to the presence outside.

I didn’t sense that anyone was watching me.


“Sora, let’s go.”


Sora leaped towards me; I put it in my bag and I hung the bag on my shoulder.

I shut the tent opening firmly when I got out.

I looked around, and left the adventurers’ area.


I constantly watched for presence, but it’s hard to find anything because the main road was crowded.

However, that doesn’t mean you’d be better off walking in a deserted road.

Rattlua-san warned me to stay alert even in the town.


I showed my permit at the town gate and left the town.

I checked my surroundings and took a guess where the dumpster should be.

It should not be so far from here.

There must be a lot of trash in such a huge town.

If the dumpster is too far, people might just throw their trash in different place.


“There it is.”


As expected from a huge town, its dumpster is huge as well.

It’s about the same size as Latome Village.

Perhaps it has a lot of tamers working here.




Honestly, I’m more tired than usual since I was walking in the forest while repeatedly checking for presence.

I couldn’t let my guard down either.

In this situation, I couldn’t let Sora out of the bag.

Let’s quickly grab some potions and return.

I entered the dumpster and put whatever potions I could find into the bag.

I only grabbed red and blue potions that Sora needs.

I don’t need other types at this point.

I crammed a lot of potions into the deteriorated magic bag that I brought along.


When I left the dumpster, it was a little dark already.
Must be because I picked up a large amount of potions.

Let’s return quickly.

As I headed towards the town, I sensed a presence approaching me.

I quickly hid behind a tree and watched the situation.

As expected, someone was approaching.

My hands and feet were cold from nervousness.

I took deep breaths, forming a harmony with nature so they don’t sense my presence.

I matched my breathing with the wind blow, quietly…quietly…


After a while, I heard a sound of someone dumping things into the dumpster.

After that, the presence returned to the town.

I’m relieved that person didn’t seem to be the one targeting me.


I took a deep breath, and checked for any presence once again.

Everything seems alright for now.

By the way, was I able to hide my presence well?

Saizerg-san told me how to hide my presence during our journey.

The best way to hide your presence in the forest seemed to be forming a harmony with nature.

Borolda-san said that it is the most effective way to conceal yourself.


I ran a little faster towards the town.

I searched around for any presence, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

As I entered the town after showing my permit, all the fatigue rushed out.

I’m tired…

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