As the end of subjugation was declared, a lot of tents were cleared and disappeared one after another.

I cleared my tent while watching this scene.

Nouga-san to Cival-san were clearing up their tent on the side.

I could hear cheerful voices of being able to return to the town and finishing the subjugation uninjured.

I could see groups that had finished their preparations returned to the town one after another.


“We didn’t have any chance to chat comfortably, huh.
Too bad.”


Meira-san approached me.

I was a little nervous seeing her.


“Thank you for all your help so far.”


I bowed and said my thanks, while being careful to not do anything strange.

Nouga-san and Cival-san were somewhere nearby.

It’s alright.


“I’ll show you around Otorwa Town once you arrive there.”


“…I’ll take up your offer, if you have spare time.”


What should I do?

I’ll be alone after we arrive in Otorwa Town.

Should I leave the town as soon as possible?

But, they said someone might have their eyes on me.
I wonder what I should do.


“Ivy will stay with us for a while.”



What did he mean by that?

I looked at Nouga-san, but he was still busy preparing for the journey.


“Is that so…well, please contact me when you are free.
You can drop by the guild.”




I could hear someone calling Meira-san.

Turning to the direction of the voice, Meira-san’s brothers was waving their hands from far away.


“See you later, Ivy,”


See you later.”


I waved my hand to Meira-san who waved cheerfully.

I was relieved since she’s going away.

Somehow I managed to avoid being alone with her until today.

After the dinner on that day, someone from the Sword of Fire always accompany me.

Lou-san and Maarleek-san also accompanied me.


“Sorry to make you wait.”


Rattlua-san, who was forced to take part in the subjugation team’s work had returned.

Saizerg-san and 4 members of the subjugation team were behind him.



“Thank you for your hard work.”


“Leader is sure a slave driver!”


“I see you still have a lot of energy, there are still a lot of work to be done, you know.”


“Please spare me!”


“Hahaha, Ivy, since we’ll go back to the town together, please take care of us.”


“Please take care of me too.”


I’ll be safe since the members of subjugation team also stay with me.

I bowed my head since I thought they were doing it for my sake.

For some reason, everyone took their turns patting my head.

I combed my hair this morning, but now it’s messy.
Lou-san fixed it for me.

I noticed that he is very good at this.


“Lou-san, you are very good at this, aren’t you?”


“You think so? Well, because I always fix my son’s hair.”


I didn’t know that he has a family.


“Do you have a son?”


“I have 2 sons, they are so cute, you know.”


When Lou-san talked about his family, his voice sounded even warmer.

That’s kind of nice.


“I think we’ll have to leave soon.”


We started moving after Leader said so.

I have to keep up with them because they are all adults.

I feel bad for Sora, but it have to stay in the bag for the time being.

I patted the outer side of my bag softly.

I’m sorry, Sora.





The two-day journey to the town went smoothly and we would soon arrive there.


“Ivy, that’s Otorwa Town where we live.”


Following Rattlua-san’s gaze, I turned my eyes toward the town.

The town I saw from top of a hill was larger than I imagined.


“Amazing…it’s a big town, huh?”


“I know right! I’m proud of my town!”


Rattlua-san took my hands and we ran a little faster to the town.


“If you run too fast Ivy will fall down, you know.”


I heard Saizerg-san’s voice coming from behind.


“Ah, sorry, am I running too fast?”


“A little, but it’s alright.”



I feel that we grew closer during this 2-day journey.

By the way, Leader and the others are members of a group called Thunder Emperor.

When I said to them that I thought subjugation team was their group’s name, Leader became really disgruntled.

Leader seemed like he was so attached to the name Thunder Emperor.
I thought I did something unforgivable.


Otorwa Town also has a huge gate and gatekeepers.

When the gatekeeper saw Rattlua-san, he raised his hand in greeting.


“Good work on the subjugation.
Where did you kidnap this kid?”




“I did no such thing! Anyway, you have to do some procedures here.”



What are you talking about?

I was dragged into a small room.

They handed me a sheet of paper there.

There are sections to fill in your name, birthplace and purpose on the paper.

What should I fill in for my birthplace?

By the way, I haven’t told them I ran away from Latomi Village.

Should I fill it in?


“Ah, you can’t read, huh.


“No, it’s alright.
Um, must I fill in the birthplace section?”


“Hmm?…that reminds me, I have never asked.
Where is your birthplace?”


“…Latomi Village.”


“Latomi, huh?”


I heard a voice other than Rattlua-san’s, and I hurriedly looked towards that direction.

There stood a man who wore the same outfit as the gatekeeper.

While I was wondering if he is a member of local security, he looked at me and nodded.


“I see.
Do you have a guarantor?”


Guarantor…is it about Captain Argud?

But how do I prove it to them?


“Um, Captain Argud from Latome Village.”


“Did you set up something?”


“I have an account in the Merchant Guild.”


“Can you show it to me please?”




I took the small bag I use as a wallet from my waist bag, and took out the white slate.


“Can you please bring it near this stone, please?”


…is this alright?

Will the contents be displayed?


“Hm? Ah, it’s alright.
I just want to make sure this is genuine.”




As I bring it near the stone, the stone glowed white and dimmed.


“There’s no problem.”




What’s going on?

I have no idea, so I looked towards Rattlua-san.

He looked a little surprised.




“You have Captain Argud as your guarantor, huh.




“You don’t know? Captain Argud was a wonderful adventurer.”


“I heard that he used to be an adventurer, but I didn’t know he was that great.”


“Yeah, he have a lot of fans.”


Can you please write down just your name and purpose?”


“Ah, sure.”


I wrote down my name and purpose…what’s my purpose again?

The dumpster?

There’s no way I can write that, right.
I guess I’ll write traveling as my purpose.

He laughed a little when I handed him the paper.

I wonder why?


“This is the first time I see someone writes traveling as their purpose.


He handed something to me.

It looked like a permit made from a wooden stick.


“You will need it to gain access to the town.
Return it when you leave the town.”


Thank you.”


I guess a permit is needed because more and more people are going in and out of this large town.



“You’re done, huh~”


I looked towards where the voice came, and Leader was standing at the room’s entrance.


“We’re done.
Let’s go, Ivy.”


Thank you.”


“No problem.”


For some reason, the man who gave me the permit looked surprised when he saw Leader.

Do they know each other?

I had no idea, but since Rattlua-san urged me to hurry, I bowed once and left the room.

The others were waiting outside the room.

Apparently I had made them wait for a while.


“I’m sorry for making you wait.”


“Oh, turns out Ivy knows Captain Argud from the neighboring village.”


“Is that so?”


He is my guarantor.”




“Because I ran away from Latomi Village.”


“Latomi, huh.
I heard about it.
It was horrible, wasn’t it.”


Leader patted my head softly.

They looked a little gloomy when they heard the name Latomi Village.

I don’t know about the village’s condition now, but perhaps it’s in a terrible condition.

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