Together with Rattlua-san, I somehow managed to prepare dinner for everyone.

I cooked 15 portion of soup in case they want another helpings.
It was troublesome because I had to use 3 pots.

When I seasoned the meat, I didn’t have enough medicinal herbs, so I cheated by making 3 types of flavors.

I want to believe that they taste okay.


“Smells good.
However, it smells somewhat funny?”


“But it looks delicious.”


“I can guarantee it tastes delicious.
Because Ivy is a good chef, right!”


Even though Rattlua-san guaranteed it, I’m not so sure myself.

We almost didn’t have enough ingredients.

Especially the medicinal herbs.


“Ah, Ivy.
I’ll introduce you to my comrades.
Rick, Lou, and Maar.”



What short names, are they nicknames?

The 3 of them sighed dejectedly hearing how Leader introduced them.


“Why did you introduce us using our shortened names? I’m Rickbelt.
Nice to meet you, Ivy.”


“You don’t have to be concerned about that, do you?”


“Please use your common sense.
That was rude.”


“Is that so?”


“Good grief.
By the way, you called me and Loucreek wrongly today!”


“…ah, it caused us no problem so no big deal, right.”


I wanted to greet them, but they kept bantering.

However, Leader’s image is a bit different from when I met him for the first time.

He was a little more steely before.


“Leader is so careless.
He also forgot his spare sword today.”


So Leader is the careless type, huh.

He got that reliable image when I first met him.

I wonder if his true nature comes out when he’s with his comrades because he feels safe?

But how can you even forget your spare sword?


“Nice to meet you, I’m Loucreek.
You can call me Lou.
I got used to it already.”


“Nice to meet you, I’m Ivy.”


“I’m Maalreek.”


“…Nice to meet you.”


The same ‘Reek’?

Are they brothers?

I compared both of their faces.

They don’t look similar.


“They are not brothers.
Their names are indeed similar, though.”


Rattlua-san noticed my confusion and told me quietly.


“Are we not going to eat?”


Nouga-san said irritatedly, while staring at the meat.

Apparently, the meat is grilled just right.

I quickly dished out the soup, and Rattlua-san dished out the meat.

Since Leader brought bread with tree fruits in it, I cut and shared them.


“Let’s dig in.”


The deliciousness of the meat spread out in my mouth when I drink one sip of the soup.

The medicinal herbs also brought out the rich flavor well.

I’m relieved it tastes delicious.



They are somehow very quiet…perhaps my cooking tastes awful?

I looked around.
They were drinking the soup silently.



“Um…does it taste alright?”


“Hm? Yeah, very delicious.
It’s too delicious I’m surprised.”


Rattlua-san replied to me with a smile.

Thank goodness.


“You’re certainly quite good at cooking, huh.”


Maalreek-san stood up holding his empty soup bowl.

How fast!

He had finished eating.

…I wonder if I should have made extra soup.

Ah, Cival-san also went for more.

Hmm~ perhaps I made too little.


“Will it be enough?”


“Don’t worry about it, Ivy.
You cooked more than usual, so it should be enough.”


I was relieved hearing Leader’s words.

But I wonder if it is really all right?

I think I saw Maarleek-san and Cival-san glaring at each other in front of the soup pot.

…Ah, they are fighting for the meat pieces in the soup.


“Whoa, this meat is tasty! …perhaps you used medicinal herbs?”


Lou-san ate the meat and asked me.

I was worried about the seasoning, but it seemed alright.


I rubbed in medicinal herbs to season them.”


“Rub in herbs? To season?”


Perhaps they were not familiar with rubbing in seasonings as cooking method.

I thought it was normal to rub in seasonings, but probably not?

Well, I don’t have to worry about it right now.


“Yes, by doing that, the taste will soak into the meat.”


“Hee~ huh? This one tastes different.
Oh, this one is good as well!”


Some pieces taste different because I thought I didn’t have enough herbs.
I guess he liked it, though.

Thank goodness.

By the way, I noticed that Nouga-san had eaten quite a lot of meat.

Aren’t you eating a little bit too much?


“You’ve eaten too much, Nouga!”


“…Don’t mind.”


“I mind! Share it with us too!”






Argh, following the soup incident, Nouga-san and Rickbelt-san started a struggle.

Is it not enough after all?


I was worried about a lot of things, but they seemed somewhat content about the amount.

They ate more than I expected, though.


“Sorry, Ivy.
You were busy, right?”


Saizerg-san asked me full of concern.


“No, it was alright.
Because I love cooking.”


“I see.
Then there’s no problem.
By the way, you plan to go to Otorwa Town after the subjugation is over, right?”


“…about that…”


“Hm? A change in your plan? However, you’d better not travel alone while being targeted.
They might be waiting for you to be alone.”


I see, even if I don’t go to Otorwa Town, being targeted is the dangerous thing.

Then, what should I do?


“How about going to Otorwa Town with us?”


“Together with you guys?”


“Yeah, it will take around 2 days from here.
What do you think?”


“Will I be a burden to you?”


“Not at all.
We’ll be able to eat good food as well.”


I still have some herbs to cook soup.

If I can be useful for them, I guess it’s okay?

Honestly, I’m afraid to be alone.


“Then, please take care of me.”



“You’re really sincere, huh.”


Saizerg-san lightly patted my head.


“Huh, what’s up?”


Maarleek-san squeezed himself into our conversation in excitedly.

And he reeked of alcohol.


“Huh, isn’t it too early for alcohol? We still have tomorrow, you know!”


“What are you saying! Alcohol after a good meal is the best! Alcohol~”


“Geez, Leader.
Maarleek is drunk!”


“Huh? I didn’t bring any alcohol, though.”




Cival-san’s voice boomed from inside the tent.

Then he leaped out from the tent with an extreme expression.

I was so terrified that I grabbed Saizerg-san and Rattlua-san’s arms.

Cival-san looked around, and he grinned so widely when he found Maarleek-san

The excited Maarleek-san suddenly turned pale when he saw Cival-san.

His smile turned into a blank look.


“So it was you!”


Maarleek-san ran away as soon as he heard Cival-san’s voice.

Cival-san chased after him.

What is happening now?

Besides, will he be alright running around after drinking alcohol?


“I’m sorry, how foolish of us.
He seemed to have drunk Cival’s alcohol without permission.”


Leader sighed and apologized.

Saizerg-san shrugged with a bitter smile.



“I’m sorry to you too, Ivy.
We made you experience something scary.”


When I followed Leader’s glance, I noticed that I was gripping Saizerg-san and Rattua-san’s arms tightly.


“Ah, I’m sorry.”


I quickly loosened my grip on their hands.


“Don’t worry about that.
It was scary, right, Cival?”


He nodded in agreement to Rattlua-san’s words.

At that time, a scream was heard from somewhere.

It sounded like Maarleek-san’s voice.


“Ah~ seemed like they had a brawl.”



Was it Maarleek-san who lost?

He screamed really loudly, is he alright?

After a while, Cival-san came back.
He seemed to be having fun.

His smile wasn’t scary, rather, it was a refreshing smile.

Is Maarleek-san really alright?

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