“What’s wrong?”


I desperately controlled the tension in my body and tried to appear calm as I heard Meira-san’s voice.

I took a deep breath quietly to hide my distrust and looked towards Meira-san.

Meira-san was smiling gently.

I feared that expression, although yesterday it calmed me down.
Somehow, I managed to return her smile.

I repeated over and over again in my head that I hadn’t found any proof that Meira-san was a part of the organization yet.


“Slimes are strange.”


Perhaps because I was nervous, my words didn’t come out well.

What should I do?




“We were talking about how slow their digestion speed was~”


Rattlua-san’s voice came from beside me.

Yeah, it’s alright because I’m not alone.

As I looked towards Rattlua-san, he winked to me and said “Right?”


“You’re saying that their digestion speed is so slow? Then, my slime is the slowest one.”


“The slowest one?”


“Yeah, I have a rare slime that can digest swords, it can even take a day.”


Rattlua-san said that slimes that can digest swords are rare ones.

Even if they are rare slimes, do they need that much time to digest?


“Ivy, if you are interested about slimes, you may come here and take a look.”


Meira-san held a slime in her hand and showed it to me.

I should take a look so she doesn’t get suspicious.



“Sorry, Meira.
Since the subjugation is almost over.
I was asked to clean up.”


“Clean up?”


“Yeah, request from Leader.
He said I should clean up during my day off.
What a chore~ I’m going to do it together with Ivy.”



I hadn’t heard anything about that.

Did he forget to tell me?


“I see.
The subjugation will end in one more day, it seems.
By the way, you can distribute Mou’s meat today, right?”


“Yeah yeah.
We were able to get a good one during the Ogre subjugation.
There’s enough meat for everyone.”


“Shall we eat dinner together?”


“…I don’t mind, but what about Leader? I thought your brothers don’t like him?”


“Eh, well, you’re right.
They might not agree.
Too bad.”


“Hahaha, it is really too bad.
We’re going to start cleaning up soon.”


“Got it.
See you later, Ivy.”


“See you later.”


What is it?

A lot of things were decided before I realized.

I heard that we’ll get Mou’s fresh meat, but I didn’t hear anything about dinner with Leader.

I see, then one more portion to prepare today.

I’ll do my best to cook.

Besides, thanks to Rattlua-san, I could avoid being alone with Meira-san.

Thank goodness.




I let out a sigh involuntarily, then hurriedly looked towards Rattlua-san who was standing nearby.


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


…He did not seem to notice.

I quickly shook my head as Rattlua-san patted my head lightly.


“Ah~ sorry.
I decided about cleaning up and other things without asking you first.”


“That’s alright.
You have helped me a lot, so I’m glad if I can help with anything.”


“I see.
If you say it like that, then alright.”


We laughed for a bit, then started to clean the entire area.

We picked up the trash that fell between the tents.

Even though we picked up trash every day, there were still a lot of trash we failed to notice.

When we finished picking up the trash, a mound had formed.

However, perhaps because a lot of the adventurers liked to keep things clean, the amount of trash we picked up was not as much as I imagined.

Honestly, the adventurer area in the villages are way dirtier.


“It’s clean, right?”


“I guess so.
I was surprised because I imagined it to be dirty like the adventurer area.”



“One of Leader’s mate likes to keep things clean.
If you make it dirty, he’ll turn scary.
What do you call that? Silent threat?”


“Silent threat?”


“Yeah, he will hide his presence, stand behind you and whisper ‘How dirty.’ It is only a short moment but you can feel his murderous intent…how scary.”


Somehow, Rattlua-san looked a little scared.


“He also did that to you?”


“Yeah~ when I was just a newbie adventurer.
I still tremble if I meet him out of the blue, even now.”


A person who could make Rattlua-san scared just by seeing his figure?

Somehow, I want to meet him, but not really.

By the way, will we have dinner together with that person?


“Will he join us for dinner?”


“Hm~ maybe?”


He’s not answering clearly.

However, I kinda understand.

Will I meet him today…let’s clean around the tents before everyone comes back.


“It’s alright!”


Looking at me, Rattlua-san was flustered.


“He’s not that scary.
He’s just absurdly strict towards untidy people.”


Is that so?

Then, it should be alright?

I don’t make this place dirty anyway.

…for now, let’s clean this place a little more thoroughly.



“Ah, they’re back.”


I looked towards Rattlua-san and saw the adventurers returning to the open space.

Somehow, they looked like they had a busy day.


“Looking at them, looks like they were able to finish all the Ogres.”


I see.

So everyone was smiling.

Coming back to town after finishing a subjugation would make everyone smile, right.

What about me?

If I am really targeted, had I better not go to town?


“Good job.”


“Thank you for your hard work.”


“Yeah, I’m so tired.
Besides, this place is much cleaner, huh?”


Cival-san removed the magic bag from his shoulder and placed it besides the tent while looking around.

We had cleaned the area around the tents carefully.

And because I was concerned about the tent, I also wiped and cleaned it.

That’s why I’m happy that he said it was clean.


“I know, right! Ivy worked hard.
I’ll go to Leader’s place for a bit so please take care of Ivy!”


Besides, did you perhaps also cleaned the tent, Ivy?”


I asked for permission from Rattlua-san.”


“Thank you! I was concerned because we are sloppy.
After a long time, it’s now clean again, I’m so happy.”


I’m happy that he likes the result.

By the way, Rattlua-san was quite in a hurry just now, I wonder if he’s alright?

Now that you mention it, he’s been quite restless since the subjugation team returned.


“What‘s wrong?”


Is the subjugation over?”


“Yes! We have finished all the Ogres reported! We still have to survey the surrounding area tomorrow, though.”



“Is that so? You really have done a good job.”


“This is nice~ I‘m healed.”


He said that while patting my head.

My neck hurts a little because Cival-san is quite strong, unlike his impression.


“Cival, please control your strength.”


Nouga-san caught Cival-san’s wrist and stopped him.

I’m a bit grateful he did that.


“Nouga-san, thank you for your hard work.”


Ah, here.”


He handed me something wrapped in a huge leaf.

I opened it and found a huge slab of fresh meat.

Perhaps this is Mou’s meat.


“I’ll leave the seasonings to you.”


Nouga-san entered the tent after he said that.

I see, not herbs but seasonings using medicinal herbs?

It will take some time because this slab is huge.

I cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and slathered them with seasonings.

Is it alright to use them for the soup as well?

Alright, I guess I’ll start preparing dinner.


“Ivy, please cook this as well.”


He brought one more slab of Mou’s meat.


I looked at Rattlua-san who brought it here.


“For Leader and the others.
There are 4 of them.”



…Let’s get started right away.

I have to prepare dinner for 9 people.

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