oo degraded.


I saw the village road.

After thinking a little, in the end I decided to continue walking along the animal trail.

This time I am going to walk while keeping a close watch on my surroundings.

My pace is going to be slower, but my life is important.


I walked while nibbling on dried meat.

I’m afraid the smell will lure the monsters, but I can’t help it, I’m hungry.



I was chased for many times, but I could escape at the last moment.

My injuries are increasing, but it’s okay because I’m still alive.

There seems to be more violent animals and monsters in the forest than what I had imagined.

I must be able to notice their presence even sooner.


On the eighth day, I finally reached a place where I could faintly hear the bustling of people.

It seems that I finally came near the next village.

But since I had decided to avoid this place, I took a detour around the village.


I took a little detour around the village so I didn’t get caught, and arrived in a spacious place.

I looked around and I was certain that this is a dumpster.

I examined the trash while taking notice about the presence of people and monsters.

There are magic bags.

They were certainly degraded version, but I’m going to take these.

I confirmed that there are 10 magic bags dumped here.

I want to take them all…but they are going to be a burden.


After I fished around the trash for a while, there were people’s presence closing in.

Since there was a rock I could hide behind nearby, I hid myself to see the situation.


“I said to hurry up!”


“I know!”


I heard clattering sounds, and after a while, their presence faded away.

It was a kid’s voice, perhaps they came to throw away something they practiced on.


I’m glad I didn’t get caught.


What they just threw away seemed to be potions.

I put in a few bottles of potion into the bag hanging on my shoulder.

Although I had hesitated before, I’m continuing my journey bringing 10 magic bags.

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