“Good morning.”


Nouga-san was preparing breakfast outside their tent.


“Good morning.
Thank you for the soup.”


“You’re welcome.”


Yesterday, apart from the soup for dinner, I made some extra soup for next day’s breakfast.


Nouga-san cut up some dried meat while heating up the soup pot.




I heard the voice of a certain someone who was so cheerful this early in the morning, then my head was patted lightly.

I noticed that Rattlua-san touched me more often after he knew I was targeted.

Perhaps he was worried about me, but I kind of felt that there was other different cause.

However I didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Because the feeling was really faint, I couldn’t figure out what that was.


“Good morning.”


Saizerg-san and Cival-san also came out from the tent soon after, then we started eating our breakfast.

I felt off as I accepted the black bread they handed out.

I think of myself as someone outside of their group, but all members of Sword of Fire accepted me comfortably.

We ate our meals together as if we had been doing that all our life, and naturally I had my share of bread.

…I stared at the black bread in my hand.

I’m scared when I think about the organization, but I also feel a little relieved like I have some comrades.


“Oh yeah~ Saizerg.
I’m taking a day off today.”


“Haa~ well, it can’t be helped.”


What is it?

Rattlua-san is taking a day off today?

Can you take a day off during a subjugation?

I’ve never heard of that though…well, I also have never been involved with top-ranked adventurers before, so maybe you can?


“Yay! I can stay here together with Ivy!”


Is he perhaps doing this for my sake?

I’m glad because there’s this thing about Meira-san, but I don’t think he needs to do this.


“Um, I’m alright, so you don’t have to worry.”


“It’s fine, you know~ Saizerg gave his permission anyway.”


When I saw Saizerg-san, he just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t seem to withdraw his permission.

Is this really okay?



“You don’t have to worry about it.
Rattlua, we’ll get permission from the leader later.”




Rattlua-san seemed happy hearing Nouga-san’s words.

I turned to Saizerg-san and bowed to him.

Saizerg-san smiled wryly and raised his hand lightly.

To be honest, I’m afraid of Meira-san, so it’s reassuring to have Rattlua-san accompanying me.

I felt relieved and lost all the tension in my body.

Seems like I was more nervous than I thought when thinking about what will happen in the future.

Shortly after we finished our breakfast, Nouga-san and Rattlua-san went to the subjugation leader to ask for permission.

I wonder if it’s really alright as I saw them off.


“I’m sorry, Ivy.”


“Not at all, I’m the one who feel sorry.
I made Rattlua-san take a day off.”


“That’s not it.
The day off is for his sake.”



For Rattlua-san’s sake?


“…Well, it’s complicated.”




Somehow, Saizerg-san’s expression turned painful although he always looks calm.

I was surprised and ended up staring at him.

Perhaps because he noticed my stare, that expression disappeared and he smiled bitterly.


“Well, how do I say it….
He’s a bit cranky since he knew you’re being targeted.
I’m sorry but please stay with him today.”


“Is that so? It’s very reassuring to have him accompany me.
It really helps.”


…I sensed that there might be something wrong, judging from Saizerg-san’s expression.

However I’m just a kid they met a short time ago, so it won’t be nice to butt in.

I don’t know if he’s being cranky, but he patted my head more often.

Perhaps that gives him a peace of mind.


“Oh, but if he gets bothersome you can hit him.”


“Hit him?”


“Yeah yeah.
It’s alright, he won’t mind if you hit him.”


Saizerg-san had a serious expression on his face.

Although you said he was cranky, it’s alright to hit him?


“Ivy, what, you’re talking about me?”


“What did the leader say?”


“He took a real deep breath, but there’s no problem!”


That easy?


“Ivy, we’re together today!”


“Yes, I’m so happy!”


We saw Saizerg-san and the others off and cleaned up after our breakfast.

Like yesterday, I collected the trash and headed down to the processing place.

I collected the trash from other adventurers along the way.

Thereupon, I felt uncomfortable around my neck.

Today I tried to find out the direction it came from before checking out my surroundings.

…it’s so hard to figure out.

The uncomfortable feeling disappeared as soon as I checked around my surroundings..


Someone squeezed my hand tightly.

I got surprised and looked up.
Rattlua-san looked at me and laughed.


“It’s all right.”


I felt relieved seeing his smile and hearing his words.

As I smiled back, Rattlua-san looked forward again.




“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing, thank you for helping me.”


“No problem.
I have nothing to do anyway.”


“If Saizerg-san hears this, he’ll get mad, you know.”




What was it.

For a moment, seeing his expression, I thought that Rattlua-san would cry.

Is it just my imagination?

He’s back to the usual him now, though.

What is it?

When I looked forward, I saw Meira-san waving with a smile.

For a moment, I gripped Rattlua-san’s hand tightly.




I felt that Rattlua-san was looking at me in confusion.

But because I didn’t know what to say, I quickened my pace, pulling our interlinked hands.


“Let’s ask her to process the trash.”


“Ah~ yeah.
Right, Meira’s slime is a little special.
Have you seen it?”


The moment I heard Meira-san’s name, my body trembled.

I pretended to not notice and continued our conversation.


“She showed me the sword processing slime.”


“So you saw it.
That’s the one.
Amazing, right? It is quite rare.”


“Is that so? How amazing.”


I looked downward and took deep breaths again and again.

I was trembling just by seeing her face and hearing her name.

I must calm down, or else he will notice.

Calm down, it’s alright.

I recited it in my heart again and again.

I took a deep breath and turned my eyes towards Meira-san quickly.


“It’s all right.”


“Hm? What’s wrong?”


The words I repeated in my heart seemed to spill out a bit.

I shook my head and headed towards Meira-san.

It’s alright.


“Morning, Ivy.
Why is Rattlua here?”


“I’m taking a day off today~”


“What? Who would allow that?”


“Hahaha, I’m taking a day off, really.
I also got permission from the leader.”


“Did you? Well, then that’s fine.
That aside, please put the trash in front of the slimes.”




I put the trash in front of the slimes.

All of them…did not digest vigorously like Sora.

Perhaps they are full?


“What’s wrong?”


Rattlua-san called out to me, perhaps because he was concerned that I was staring at the slimes intently.


“They are digesting the trash so slowly.”


“Hm? It’s normal though?”


Huh…so this is normal?

This relaxed digestion speed?

Slimes that digested empty potion bottles with a speed about 5 times slower than Sora.

Sora seems to be too special after all.


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