After we finished eating, I returned to my tent bringing some hot water.

I closed the entrance tightly, and fastened the metal clasp so it couldn’t be opened from the outside.


“Well, it should be alright.”


I opened my magic bag and examined Sora’s condition.

When Sora saw me, it bounced and leaped out from the bag.

As expected, Sora seemed to understand my situation.
It concluded that it was alright to come out now.

I always think that Sora is actually reliable.


Speaking of which, is Adandara alright?

I hope it stays in a place far away from the forest around here.

There’s no information about its sightings, so they probably haven’t found Adandara.

But I’m worried.


I looked at Sora, it was doing its usual up and down movement.

I somehow can’t calm down unless I see Sora doing this movement at least once a day.

…How strange, I wonder if it’s because I’ve been seeing it all this time?


As I wiped my body, I recalled what I talked about with Saizerg-san.

Honestly, I’m very scared.

When my life was targeted for the first time, I felt more frustrated rather than scared.

When I was in my tent, I still felt scared, but I felt way more confused.

But this time, generally speaking, I’m scared.


“Haa~ Sora, what should we do? Seems like I’m being targeted.”


To put it into words, this awful feeling somehow had increased.

As I trembled, Sora stopped its movement and snuggled against my feet as I sat down.

It seemed to be worried about me.


“It’s alright.
Because everyone from the Sword of Fire will stay with me.”


Somehow, I calmed down.

Sora bounced and swayed.

I laughed a little seeing Sora’s usual antics.


“And besides, Meira-san the tamer will accompany me as well.”


Should I ask her about slimes?

She might know something about Sora as well.

As I turned towards Sora, it stopped moving and stared at me intently.




The same thing happened this evening.

Sora acts different from usual, it’s looking at me as if judging me.

It should be after I said “I’m relieved that they are all nice people.” This evening.

…could it be, it reacted to the word ‘everyone’?

When I talked about the Sword of Fire, it reacted like usual.

This reaction now…did it react to Meira-san?

From Sora’s standpoint, Meira-san isn’t a nice person?

No way.

Meira-san is really worried about me after all.

But Sora always keeps me away from any danger.

When I almost touched poisonous plants by mistake, it let me know by nudging me.

It also let me know when I met the tree monster.

…Is it serious about Meira-san?


“Sora, are all the members of Swords of Fire nice?”


Sora bounced and swayed.


“Is the subjugation team leader, Borolda-san, nice?”


It bounced and swayed.

It bounced harder than when I asked about the Sword of Fire, but it shouldn’t be a problem.


“…what about Meira-san from Verdant Wind?”


Sora stopped moving and stared at me.

…Did Sora feel something about Meira-san?

What is that?

Considering how Sora reacted, it’s definitely not a good thing for me.

I squeezed my hands tightly.

I thought she was a nice person, am I wrong?

But I didn’t feel any uneasiness or discomfort.


Was it really like that?

I felt like I sensed something…right, it was Marma-san.

I felt a little uncomfortable when I saw his smile.

I didn’t realize at that time, but…I remember now.

He has the assessing eyes.

Latomi Village head also have the same kind of eyes.

The eyes to judge whether something has any utility value or not.

It was only an instant, so I thought I saw it wrong.

I didn’t see it wrong.

If that’s the case, are the guys from Verdant Wind, including Meira-san related to the organization?


…What should we do?

Should I discuss it with Saizerg-san?

But how should I tell him?

Should I say that perhaps Meira-san is related to the organization?

He won’t believe me since I have no evidence.

Since it is only Sora’s intuition.

I trust Sora.

Since we have been traveling together for some time now.

I believe in what Sora felt.

But I can’t use Sora as an evidence, and I can’t let people see Sora.

Who will believe me?

…I don’t know.

I felt something weighing on my thighs.

Sora plopped on my legs as I was sitting down.

Then it stared at me and swayed.


“Thank you, Sora.”


I had promised to meet with Meira-san and the others tomorrow.

I also had said to Saizerg-san that I would be alright because I would stay with Meira-san.

I petted Sora gently.

Should I leave this place right now?

But the ogre subjugation hasn’t been finished.

If I meet ogres in the forest, I will surely be killed.

Besides, there are people watching for monsters continuously here.

It is impossible to leave without being found.

Also, there are adventurers in the forest during the day, and I don’t have the skill to move without them finding out.

Sigh, seems like I have no way to escape from this place without anyone finding out.

If that’s the case, what can I do?

What I can do now is…don’t let them be suspicious about me.

First, I must not let them know that I suspect them.

If they find out that I suspect them, they might do something.

But, is it really Meira-san?

Sigh, I must be careful starting from tomorrow.

Can I deceive them so they don’t find out?

I don’t have any other choice.


Fuu~ how sad.

Even though I was happy to meet her because she cared about me and treated me kindly.

I gritted my teeth to hold back the tears that might otherwise spill out


“As if I’ll cry, I won’t cry, absolutely.”


I haven’t confirmed that Meira-san is a part of the organization yet.


Sora might be mistaken.

However, I couldn’t help but feel that how Marma-san looked at me was the answer.

And I believe in Sora.




Sora was staring at me intently, perched on my thighs.

Right, if something happens to me, it will also affect Sora.

We don’t have any other choice but to overcome this.

They said it was an organization that kidnaps people.

If so, then was their goal to kidnap me?

For the time being, I have to act natural when I’m together with Meira-san.

I hugged Sora tightly.

I’m scared, but I have no other choice.

Let’s do our best, for our sake.

It’s alright, it will be alright.


I woke up suddenly because of people’s talking voice and movement.

Apparently I fell asleep while hugging Sora.

I put Sora on the blanket, and stretched my arms until it made a sound.

I should have slept enough, but I still feel tired.

I took a deep breath and switched my feelings.


“It’s alright.
It’s alright.”


Sora was staring at me intently.


“It’s alright.”


I petted Sora and lined up some potions in front of it.

I heard some noise from the tent nearby.

Someone from the Sword of Fire must have woken up.

After Sora finished its meal, it started doing vertical movement.

I examined its condition for a while and then put it in my bag.


“I’m sorry.
See you later.”


I let out a long breath, switched my feelings, unfastened the metal clasp and got out from the tent.

It’s alright.


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