Sora stretched vertically for two times in the bag, but it made no sign of coming out.

Even though normally it would leap out from my bag.

I wonder if Sora understand my situation right now?

I petted Sora gently, and it bounced cheerfully.


“I’m relieved that they are all nice people.”


After hearing my words, Sora stopped bouncing and stared at me intently.

…What is it?

Sora’s reaction was different than usual.

When I was about to talk to Sora, I heard a slightly loud noise from outside the tent.

I was curious, but let’s check it later.

I put some potions inside the bag containing Sora.

I wonder when the subjugation will be done.

I’m running out of potions for Sora.


“Sora, I will cook some dinner and then come back here, alright.”


Sora was bouncing and stretched vertically.
After I petted Sora, I closed the bag and covered it with a blanket.

I took out some seasonings from the bag and left my tent.

Rattlua-san had already lighted a fire and prepared a pot and some water.


“I’m sorry for being late.”


“Don’t worry about it.
Are these alright for the ingredients? Oh yeah, we will get some fresh meat tomorrow.
They said they will distribute the Mou we killed today.”


Mou’s fresh meat.

That’s great.

I sliced the food ingredients I received into proper size and put them in the pot.

Today’s meat seemed to be Kokko’s salted meat.

Kokko…what is it, something came to mind but I don’t know this animal.

Anyway, because the meat is salted, if I don’t pay attention to the seasonings, it will become too salty.

I put some of the herbs I brought here into the pot and boiled them together with the meat.

I suddenly felt something uncomfortable around my neck

I hurriedly looked around.

Since there were a lot of adventurers around here, I couldn’t find out who was it.

Besides, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared when I looked around.

I wonder who it was…

Someone plopped their hand on top of my head.


“It’s alright.
Because we are here with you.”


Rattlua-san patted my head with a smile.


“Thank you.
Soup will be ready soon.
I will go and grill the Kokko meat.”


I had removed the salt content from Kokko meat.
I then sprinkled some herbs over it and grilled it.

This herb had slightly unique smell, I wonder if it’s alright?

Nouga-san came out from their tent and sat next to the now grilling meat.

Cival-san, who went somewhere before, suddenly was sitting beside the soup pot.

I didn’t sense Cival-san’s presence at all, as expected from a top-ranked adventurer.

…there’s something different about him.


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


“Not at all, please wait a bit before we eat.
Saizerg-san isn’t here yet.”


“We can forget about him.”




“Cival, what did you say?”


I turned around since I heard Saizerg-san’s voice.

He was looking at Cival-san with a tired look on his face.


“Ah, welcome home.”


“Your earnestness, without any evil intent is what makes you scary, you see.”


“No way~ I’m not scary, alright.”


“How shameless.
Even though you plan to eat my dinner.”


“Not coming back for dinner is worse.
It’s wasteful to have leftovers.”


“Wait a minute, you’re not planning to set aside some dinner for me?”


“…Just because it will be a waste if it gets cold.”


Cival-san is actually quite different with his first impression.

I thought he had somewhat gentle image.

What is it…like going his own way?

Is it correct?

Well, he’s a bit eccentric.


“Let’s eat.”


I called out to them to stop Saizerg-san and Cival-san who were arguing with each other the whole time for some reason.

I noticed Nouga-san, who was staring at the meat became increasingly sullen as well.

…Not only Rattlua-san, perhaps all members of Sword of Fire are unique.

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